Vampire Wars: Part 1

This quiz is about you being protected by vampires. This quiz is for entertainment purposes only, and you can see who you truly love in this vampire wars quiz!

Do you love Vampires? What about love? How about both of them in 1 quiz? That's cool, huh? Take this awesome quiz to find out which person you truly love in a series of romantic, action and other events!!

Created by: Sydney

  1. "Ding Dong!" the doorbell rings. You are doing your homework and your parents are at work, what do you think?
  2. It's your friend Nicholas. "I need to tell you something." he says. You come with him, what do you think?
  3. "Some people want to meet you- vampires." he says. "They won't suck your blood or anything, but you need to have a talk with them." he says.
  4. He drags you there. There are three vampires- Jonathan, Eric, and Seth- the leader. They say that horrible vampires are after you and they're going to protect you.
  5. They tell a little bit about themselves. Then suddenly, a vampire comes crashing through the ceiling. You scream, and Seth pushes you out of the way.
  6. You go to Seth to thank him. "Go away! I'm not becoming close with you, so beat it!" he yells.
  7. They finally let you leave and your parents come home. You have dinner, and then you go to your room. What do you think about?
  8. You go to sleep, wake up and get ready for school. You catch up with your besties, Tiffany and Courtney. You decide not to tell them what happened. Then, from a distance, you see Seth staring at you. What do you do?
  9. You finish school, and Jonathan calls you. He wants to go bowling with you. You accept and have so much fun.
  10. The same vampire that crashed from the ceiling is behind you. He attempts to bite you, but one of the vampires come. You don't see who it is, who do you hope it is?
  11. Well, come to Vampire Wars: Part 2 to see more! Who do you love?

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