Where the angels go part 1

this is a story about a girl(that's you!) and a vampire (Jordan),who fall in love. Together you will face many challenages and dangers. Who will YOU face? This is for girls ONLY!!

part 2 coming soon! part 2 coming soon! part 2 coming soon! part 2 coming soon! part 2 coming soon! part 2 coming soon! part 2 coming soon! part 2 coming soon!

Created by: Alexandre
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  1. Gabriel,your advisor, ordered you to befriend a vampire. What do you do?
  2. You go to the dentist where the vampire is. When a 17 year old boy with gray eyes,brown hair,and has white skin,walks up to you,you think...
  3. The boy introducts himself as Jordan. Then, a voice on the intercom says that you need to go to the front desk. what do you do?
  4. When you get to the front desk,you see a girl who is about 16,and has green eyes,red hair with black highlights,and is wearing a school uniform. The girl says "may i help you?" and you say...
  5. Luckily,Jordan comes to your rescue. He says your name;"She's the one you called up to the front desk eariler.Isn't that right, Makeena?" The girl stares at jordan for a min and leaps over the desk and hugs him. you think...
  6. When Makeena says that she has to talk to jordan in private(in a closet!) you say:what? are you gonna make out or something? she glares at you and tells you that gabriel needs you in room 18,you...
  7. When you get to the closet that jordan and makeena are in, you hear makeena say,"are you freaking crazy?" then a crash.jordan says, never,ever call me crazy then suddenly the door opens and makeena stands there. she looks evil. then she throws you in the room and you crack your head on a mirror.you think
  8. Jordan stares at you and tries not to stare/smell at your blood. when he asks makeena to get some bandages,he almost kills you when you wake up. His eyes are lavender and he has fangs and his skin is the same. your eyes widen and you say:
  9. Jordan explains to you how he became a vampire. then he takes you to the library in his house. he shows you a page titled most dangerous people of all time. yours and jordan's face stare back at you. he says that the girl is your great-grandmother bree carter and that the boy is his great-grandfather, James Diangot. james was a warlock and bree was a human just like you. bree and james were boyfriend and girlfriend. you say:
  10. you go to sleep and have a dream about bree and james. you see them hugging in a middle of a barn,bree is wearing a silk white nightgown,and james is wearing shirt and pants. then all of a sudden you see them kiss. then you see black figures in robes grab them and pull them apart. you hear bree shout to james,"what's going on?" and james on the ground on his knees. he says im sorry and then one of the figures drive a pitchfork though his neck. bree screams and then the figures tie bree to a pole and set it on fire. you can still hear bree screaming as you wake up. you think...
  11. Almost done! Did you like my quiz?
  12. the results will tell you if you're most likely to meet Bree or James in part 1. the most will be in part 2. Do you like Bree,James,Makeena,or Jordan?

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