Are You Considered Popular?

I made up this quiz, because so many people think they are cool, popular, and "nice" because everyone likes them. Well, they really aren't. People are afraid of that person because they are scared of what that person would do to them if they were mean. Are YOU like that? Find out now!

Among people who are mean, there are the angels, who aren't perfect, but they seem like angels to whoever that person talks to. They will be popular later in life, because they will have won the admiration of lots of people. You might think "oh, that's me!" But is it REALLY you? Find out now!

Created by: Alexis
  1. A girl trips and drops all of her books in the hallway. You:
  2. You have a plan to go see a movie with your best friend. Then your crush invites you somewhere the same day, same time! You:
  3. An embarrassing rumor has just been spread about you! You know who started it. What do you do about it?
  4. You are going to write in the school paper this week. This morning, you saw something embarrassing happen to a girl in your class. Do you write about it?
  5. Oh. My. Two guys (girls, if you are a boy) have asked you to the same dance! Who do you choose and why?
  6. You are running for class president. What's your opening line on your campaign speech?
  7. You are editing your guest list for your sleepover next week. You can add one more person. Who do you add?
  8. You are just arrived at summer camp. While you unpack your suitcase, a girl's necklace falls on your head from the bunk above you. You:
  9. You just found out that a girl in your class gets her clothes from charity! You:
  10. What did you think of this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I Considered Popular?