Are you popular

Many people dont know if they are popular but follow these 10 questions and you must tel the truth no one likes liers popular or not the truth will not show if you lie.What is popularity its a showing of knowing.

Are yo popular? DO you have the skills to qualify for that title until now you could only wonder. but thanks to this great quiz in just a few steps you will know

Created by: Lexus
  1. Are you popular
  2. how many friends do you have?
  3. Does everyone know you
  4. Do you know everyone
  5. Do you know all your teachers well enough?
  6. How many boys asked you out Be Honest
  7. do you have fun at school
  8. What is your grade average Please be honest
  9. How mant times have you lied to your friends
  10. Am I getting to personal

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Quiz topic: Am I popular