Are you popular?

You may think you're a popular guy/girl, but you may not! Try 20 and you're popular if you get them all right! This is one you can try of your 20. You can use others, but this is 1 choice that only YOU can make. Go for it and try to be popular.

Are you popular? You can try by getting the best you can by taking twenty popularity quizzes and this you can take in your twenty. It's your choice; will this be a quiz of your twenty or will it not be in your twenty?

Created by: Popularlar99

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you think you're popular?
  2. Do you hang out with nerds or dorks or geeks?
  3. How many friends do you have?
  4. Where do you sit on the bus? If you don't ride the bus, on a field trip.
  5. Do you ever get pushed around?
  6. Do you have a gf/bf?
  7. If so, how many?
  8. Do you play laser tag?
  9. Now do you feel popular?
  10. Well would you take more of these quizzes?

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Quiz topic: Am I popular?