The Victoria's Secret Angels Quiz

You think you have what it takes to beat the Victoria's Secret Angel quiz and fly up there with the sexiest Angels known to earth? You have to be tough, beautiful and more than likely a brazilan!

The quiz contains questions about the angels as a whole, and 4 questions on each angel individually. They range in difficulty from the very easy to the very, very difficult.

Created by: Victoria's Secret

  1. How many Angels are there?
  2. Which of these is NOT an Angel?
  3. Which country do a majority of the Angels come from?
  4. Where was Heidi Klum born?
  5. How many sisters does Gisele Bundchen have?
  6. What is Alessandra Ambrosio's favourite sport?
  7. Who is Selita Ebanks currently dating (April 2007)?
  8. What nationality is Karolina Kurkova?
  9. What year was Izabel Goulart born?
  10. In what position did Adriana Lima come in the AskMen Top 99 Women poll of 2007?
  11. In what year was the Angels Across America Tour?
  12. Which of these Angels opened the most segments in the 2006 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?
  13. Who is the longest serving Angel?
  14. Who are the 2 newest additions to the Angels?
  15. Who is the youngest of the Angels?
  16. How many pets does Alessandra Ambrosio currently share with her sister Aline?
  17. What is the colour of the sofa in Alessandra's Florianopolis appartment?
  18. When was Heidi Klum's son Henry born?
  19. What month was Heidi Klum born in?
  20. What tattoo does Gisele have on her wrist?
  21. How many dogs does Gisele have?
  22. How many siblings does Izabel Goulart have?
  23. What is the name of Izabel's current boyfriend? (April 2007)
  24. Which subject had Selita Ebanks planned to study before she became a model?
  25. In which state was Selita Ebanks born?
  26. Which actor has Karolina Kurkova worked with in a movie this year? (2007)
  27. Which photographer said Karolina is a "model who could fit almost into any moment"?
  28. What would Adriana Lima have been had she not become a model?
  29. Which agency represents Adriana in the USA?
  30. Which model retired as an Angel in 2005?

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