Can you write a book??

One day Victoria found a cool stone in her garden. It felt smooth like a marble, and had this lovely blue shine on one end. Tucking it into her pocket, she went inside as her mother called her for lunch. Then Victoria found out that she could do magic! It must have been the shiny stone!

The bowl of pasta lifted into the air, and the glass of water tipped over! Then Victoria found out that she could fly!!! But she soon lost concentration, and fell. Poor Victoria! She meant to have a day of fun, but ended up spraining her ankle instead. Maybe she shouldn't have taken the stone!

Created by: Dummy who can write
  1. The teacher asks you to do a creative writing assignment. You...
  2. How many stories have you written? (Also only for your family)
  3. Your writing a mystery story about two kids named Nick and Linnie, How does your story go?
  4. What story topic would you choose from these?
  5. A story should have....
  6. Are you good at English?
  7. You read_____bookS A day:
  8. Do you like writing a story?
  9. Do you think you'll make an author someday?
  10. What do people say about your writing?

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Quiz topic: Can I write a book??