Which book series do you belong to?

in this quiz, i've included three great poplular book series and i'm going to test you and see which one of them you most relate to. easy personality questions too. just take it and have fun! do i have 2 write any more on this paragraph?

oh, there is another paragraph... oh well, i'll just repeat what i said last time. ok, three book series, around 14 questions and a result that will condemn which series you should start reading, buy or read again.

Created by: Fang_girl
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  1. When you go out to eat, where do you go?
  2. If attacked by a mugger, what do you use to fend them of?
  3. Which of these names do you prefer?
  4. What types of guys\girls do you like?
  5. Where would you rather be on a perfect day?
  6. On a usual day, you...
  7. What sorta present would you give a crush?
  8. Which author do you like best?
  9. If you had to choose between two guy/girls, which type would u choose?
  10. What is an essential fashion style for you?
  11. Which out of these colour systems do you prefer?
  12. did you like this quiz? your answer does not effect your result.

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Quiz topic: Which book series do I belong to?