Arch, Guardian, or Fallen

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We've all heard of angels. Many angels do many things. But they are all messengers. An angel, not only a messenger, is a warrior of God. They fight to keep the peace of the world at a balance. And they are always watching over us.

So which kind of angel are you? Arch? Do you stand forward and lead? Guardian? Do you watch over the mortals who are trapped in the fight between heaven and hell? Fallen? Do you fend for yourself, and search for what you believe is the truth?

Created by: Chris
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  1. These questions will involve weird-like scenario's (if that made any sense) including situations with demons (just cuz it's better) If any of these questions offend you, I do apologize.
  2. Approximately fourteen demons have rampaged a city in Indiana (Lets say) before you have been given orders, you're initial thought is to:
  3. After a several minutes in battle, three of your fellow brethren died(You have nine in you team). Demons are invading the house of a family. Your brothers are out-numbered, and this family's life is at stake...
  4. After the fight in Indiana, you've witnessed things that will haunt you for a very long time. You have seen your own brothers die... Yet, you can't stop to keep the balance of the world. Another mission has been assigned to you. Do you...
  5. Your mission: As it turns out, Lucifer has escaped the cage, he's out looking to plunge this world into an apocalypse. Would you...
  6. If you chose number 4 on the previous question... Well too bad! You're on this mission. On the "Chosen Field", Lucifer has brought with him an army of his demons. Like grains of sand on a seashore. There are only 98 angels. This is where the world hangs in the balance.
  7. Both angels and demons clash. Everywhere you turn, your brothers are being slaughtered. The only way to end this, is to send the devil back to hell. Your plan:
  8. Standing before you is the Lucifer himself. He's set to fight for his freedom. Your sword is well in your grasp and the moment is now. How do you defeat him?
  9. A great light shines in the field. The pit is being opened, but Lucifer isn't going down that easy. He's held onto your wrist and is pulling you down with him.
  10. Finally he's fallen into the pit. All the other demons cease from the battle, leaving just your brothers and you. After what just happened, after witnessing the blood of angels spill, has your view on this whole war changed?
  11. So... That's it. But before you see your scores. What do you think? Arch, Guardian, of Fallen?

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