Rappelz Cleric Class

I made this quiz for fun, which clerics can boast true leadership and the best healing style? What is a Rappelz cleric? A Rappelz cleric is a player, sometimes a leader.

Are you a Rappelz cleric? Are you good enough to take the Title Arch-Priest or Arch-Bishop and claim the glory and fame? Or are you just another fourth-class nobody, are you ready to find out?

Created by: Diana
  1. When I am the only cleric in a party and I need to do buffs I...
  2. When I am the only cleric in a party that is actively attacking monsters and I need to do buffs. What is the first thing I say and do?
  3. Find your Average for the following skill levels for each Major Cleric Buff. If you do not have a level in a skill yet it counts as 0. You are dividing your raw total by 6 to find the average. Cleric Cards on buffs add a +1 for each plus after you find th
  4. I am the only cleric in the party doing heals. I use the following techniques.
  5. When someone in the party dies because I failed to heal I...
  6. What is your strategy for Saving Mana?
  7. What is your strategy for Mana Recovery?
  8. The next questions will involve your personal skills as a leader. You are the cleric of the party, how often are you carrying the Star of Leadership?
  9. Continuing with Leadership. Thinking about the past 2 months, how well do you know the people you party with the most?
  10. How important is it to carry the star of leadership in a party as a cleric?
  11. Situational response. Your party is 6/8 full, one of your party members is telling you or the party leader repeatedly to invite a certain name. Certain name has on many occasions led to the death of the party you?
  12. The party you or your friend is leading is getting into trouble. You know if this continues you will be facing a mana crisis. What do you do?
  13. How do you get your cleric cards?
  14. How often do people you if you are available to lead a party whether you are or not?
  15. How many people ask you to join their dungeon party every day?
  16. You are in a party. Your primary tank just pulled 10 mobs. What do you do?
  17. A few more questions on cards. How many cards do you have for active skills you can and do use? A +2 card counts as 2 cards, a +3 card counts as 4 cards.
  18. How many cards do you have for inactive skills plan to have but cannot use yet? A +2 card counts as 2 cards, a +3 card counts as 4 cards.
  19. Back to a dire situation where someone pulled too many and half the party died. What do you do?

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