What Are You, Angel or Demon

Angels and Demons are two forms out of many that the souls of the undead may appear in. Angels are part of God and Heaven while Demons are part of Satan and Hell. These two creatures themselves have many forms, Arch Angels and Banshees Fallen Angels and Absolved Demons to list them all it would take years and so only a few have been mentioned.

So What Are You an Angel or Demon, None or Inbetween. This quiz will tell you that and tell you were you will go Heaven, Hell, Or even Limbo. So with this I hope you enjoy the quiz and find it entaining. if you dont like it tell me why and i'll try not to repeat it.

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  1. What You Rather Be?
  2. Someone Falls What Do You Do
  3. Do You Believe in God
  4. How Would Your Friend Describe You?
  5. Your Friend Says He's Greater Than You, What Do You Do?
  6. You Argue With You Girlfriend\Boyfriend, How Do You Feel?
  7. You Friend Dies, How Do You React?
  8. What Colour Do You Like Best?
  9. Do You Care About Family And Friends?
  10. Do You Enjoy Life?
  11. Someone Has The New Expensive Phone And You Want It, What Do You Do?
  12. Where Would You Rather Go?
  13. Where Would You Rather Go When You Die?

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Quiz topic: What am I, Angel or Demon