Would you survive my dreams? Pt. 1.1

War. War never changes. This story revolves around you, caught in an extraordinary situation.

Read, enjoy, and stay tuned for part 2: Angels and Demons!

Created by: AcesAndDemons

  1. You wake suddenly, lying facedown on a street.....
  2. You push yourself up and take in your surroundings. You are in the middle of a deserted town square, buildings are in various states of decay. Thick plumes of black smoke dot the sky. The smell of death hangs in the air. You think for a moment that you are in the past until....
  3. A very modern tank rumbles into the square. You dart to a fallen statue, and curiously watch the tank.
  4. Your gaze diverts to a series of pops behind you. Several shadowed figures are shooting at the tank from an old cafe. With a harsh groan, the tanks turrent spins to engage. The blast shatters your eardrums, all you hear is ringing. The tank fired into the cafe, decimating a portion. You shudder at the thought of those peoples fates.
  5. The tank starts to move again. Your hearing starts to return, and all you hear is a roar above you....
  6. You turn to see a jet, or rather, a silver and blue blur streak in, low and fast. You glance back at the tank, now engulfed in cannonfire, explode. The plane roars past, hunting its next prey.
  7. "It makes no sense to remain here" you think, "I must find a way out of here." You run into the shadows, and keep along side streets. You enter a small garden, and stare at the body decaying in it. You find his discarded rifle, and pick it up.
  8. You leave the corpse carrying your new weapon. Its heavy, but it will work if you must use it. You find a deserted newspaper stand, the headlines reading: WAR IN THE CITY: DELARIOUS POST, 1998.
  9. Odd, you never have heard of this city before. But there is no time, you sprint into a building, and cautiously move out of the city.
  10. You have been walking for hours, and finally you are on the outskirts of the city. You hear a rumbling, another tank, "great, just great" you mutter aloud. Suddenly, a rocket flies down the street, and hits the tank. It was of no effect, but it gives your tired legs incentive to move. You burst through a door, and into a group of 3 people. You raise your rifle, they raise theirs. Standoff.

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