Vampire or Angel

There are many different types of immortals but two of them are constantly fighting for surpremcy.Vampires, the creatures of the night, and angels, your sweetest dreams.Who's side are you on?

Who's side would you be on if you had to make a choice?Do you have what it takes to be the immortal of your nightmares/sweetest dreams?Well, this quiz certainly will help you see which of the two you truly are...!

Created by: Stephanie
  1. What personality descibes you the very best?
  2. If you could have an element, what would it be?
  3. If you have friends, what do you think that they would describe you as?
  4. You want to go out for a night out in the town, what would you wear?
  5. Do you think that you look good as a vampire or an angel?
  6. What does the meaning of a realationship to you?
  7. Do you of yourself as good or evil?
  8. If someone you cared about was in danger would you help them?
  9. Would you have a problem drinking blood?
  10. Do you think that this quiz will help you?

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