Who will fall for you? Vampire, Angel, Elf, or Werewolf

I love stuff like this and felt the need to make my own. This quiz is a fun roll playing quiz that'll take you on an adventure. By the end you'll see who your most compatible with.

Be yourself and choose the answers honestly. Each guy will develop a relationship with you depending on how you answer. So who do you think will fall for you in the end?

Created by: ColerBear
  1. You just turned 18 and your coming home from a party, mist filled the air. You and two drunk friends are laughing on your way home
  2. There's a stir in the bush and your friend grabs you arm in fear. Despite your fears you keep walking. You drop your two friends off at home; your all alone.
  3. Suddenly, a pair of green eyes apper in front of yours. You stumble back in fear, nearly falling over. The firgure that owned the eyes grabbed your waist; you feel a pair of cold lips on your neck and you pass out.
  4. You awake hours later, unaware how much later it really is. You open your eyes and view a plain white ceiling. As you sit up you see the the room is more eloquent then the ceiling. Your sitting on a soft queen-sized bed, covered with green sheets.
  5. As you stand you make an attempt to fix your clothing. Your head is pounding and you feel weak; you fall to the ground nearly blacking out. You hear the rush of footsteps through the door and your lifted back into the bed. "Told you she would wake," one male voice whispered. "Shut up and check her head," another voice said. "When are they coming back," the first voice asked. "Soon," the second responded.
  6. You open your eyes and see two guys standing at either side of your bed. On the right, a shorter male about 19, with short brown hair and soft hazel eyes, as well as a fit physique. To the left is a taller guy, approx. 20; he had messy short brown hair, a small beard, tan and well muscled. His brown eyes were filled with concern.
  7. There was a crashing in the door and more people walked in the room. One boy stood in the corner of the room just staring at you. He looked older, about 20, with longer muddy brown hair that looked soft. His skin was pale and body was built, but he was no where near as built as the tan boy. The other guy that came in was at your bedside with the other two. He looked the youngest of all, just barely 18. He was fit, and his hair was brown with highlights streaking through it. He also gave the same concerned expression with his gray eyes as the large boy.
  8. "Who are you all," you barely manage to say. "Don't worry, we won't hurt you," the shorter one said. "Just tell me who you are," you demanded."Fine," the grey eyed boy sighed. He gestured to the guy against the wall, "that's Charlie." The man burst out, "it's Charles!" Lucas ignored him, "this guy here," he grabbed the shorter man's shoulders, "this is Alex." "I'm Jack," the tan guy said excitedly. "Yeah, that's Jack, and as for myself? I am Lucas."
  9. "What do you want with me?" The boys all looked anywhere but you. "Well," you demanded again. This time Charles spoke, "I'll explain." He took in a breath and started, "Last night. I bit you..." "That was you," you burst in mid-sentence. "I'm sorry I didn't mean it," he plead and ran out of the room.
  10. Gonna leave off here, thanks for reading. Check out the next one! Soooo, who's your favorite so far?

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