Don't leave me hanging part 8

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This is the eighth part of my first story quiz. You might want to take the others if you haven't already. Recap: Because he felt bad about lying by omission, Jack set up a team meeting so that you could meet everyone.

The team: Ms. Lumini, Stella's mom and a sorceress and leader against Blake; Jack the angel/elf; Kris the vampire/angel; Cory the werewolf newbie; Owen the centaur; Stella the angel/elf and training fairy sorceress; Emilia the angel

Created by: xxblutixx
  1. You've made your decision. You want to see what Blake has to say. After all, seeing as how last time you weren't killed or anything, it can't hurt to go now. You upstairs to your room to change. The day is cloudy and looks like rain might be coming. What do you choose to wear?
  2. Once you are dressed, you decide that sneaking out the back door in the kitchen will be the easiest because of the forest. You step quietly down the stairs and in the hallway. One of the steps creaks as you step on it and you freeze, hoping that Kris is in his room, listening to music or something. After a tense minute of trying to control your muscles from moving, you decide you better start moving again. You're relieved when you make it through the living and dining rooms without incident and relax a little when you get to the kitchen. Feeling confident, you reach for the door handle, only to tense up again when you feel something land on your shoulder.
  3. You flinch and have to quickly prevent yourself from screaming. Your can feel your heart beating hard, as if it's trying to get out of your chest, as you look to your shoulder. To your relief, it's that squirrel again and it looks up at you with large, pleading eyes as if begging to be taken. Laughing to yourself about how scared you were of the little squirrel, you decide to take it with you and let it go in the park.
  4. You reach for the doorknob again and suceed in opening the door without difficulty this time. Using the surrounding trees for cover, you sneak out to the main road and begin walking to the park. It feels good to be out and not sleeping the day away. You're just at the entrance of the park when you hear someone call your name. You turn around, expecting Blake, but instead seeing...
  5. Justin. "_______, wait up, I just want to talk to you," he shouts. You look back, weighing your options. You have some minutes until 5 and you haven't exactly left gracefully everytime Justin comes so you decide to talk to him. "Talk away, Justin," you say.
  6. "_______, truthfully, I'm worried. You haven't been at school since Monday, but I've seen you around with those guys. It just isn't like you. Your parents even called the cops." "What?" you screech, "The police shouldn't be involved in it, get them to cancel it. You KNOW I'm absolutely fine, Justin." "Do I really?" Justin sighs.
  7. "Well I'm telling you I'm completely fine, I just need to get some things done and things will go back to normal," you say, even though you're unsure if things ever will be back to normal. "_______, you better be done with those things quick, since Stella's absent too I have no one to tease me at lunch," Justin tries to joke. "Oh, you don't need me... you have your wives, the 400 page ones from the library," you joke back. He laughs. "Well, I have to go now, Justin. See you," you say and walk off before you can feel anymore guilty for leaving him out of the loop.
  8. You're troubled, wondering what other things have been going on while you've been basically absent from the outside world. However, you won't let yourself think of those thoughts and instead turn your thoughts to the meeting with Blake. You get to the same bench, but there is no sign of Blake. You decide to sit down and wait for him, since there are 5 more minutes until 5 anyway.
  9. While waiting, the squirrel seems hyper, so you pick it up off your arm and put it in a tree. It clambers up the tree almost instantly. Each minute that passes adds a new weight of anxiousness to you. You don't know if you made the right decision in sneaking away from the house to meet a guy everyone tells you is dangerous. Suddenly, just as the time turns 5, you feel a light touch on your shoulder.
  10. "Frighten you?" Blake asks as he sits next to you, moving his cool fingers from your shoulder to your hand. You laugh, a little shakily, "Who? Me? Never." "Of course not," Blake replies, "So, shall we get down to business?" You nod. "Where should I start..." Blake murmurs to himself, "Actually, ______, what do you know about me?"
  11. "Um just that you're trying to release immortal inhumans and take over the world, typical bad guy stuff, you know?" you laugh, trying to turn lighten the mood. "That's all? Well I can't say I'm very surprised," Blake says, "Anyway, I guess I should start by apologizing. I am part inhuman, I'm sorry I did not tell you earlier. I'm part vampire and part angel."
  12. "I'm actually the cousin of Jack," Blake continues, "He probably did not tell you that, he's ashamed he's related to me." "Does that mean you're Stella's cousin too?" you burst out. Blake's eyes seem to darken as he replies, "Yes. And their mother is my aunt, but they all dislike me now." "Well, why is that?" you ask, risking Blake getting more upset.
  13. "We were fine until eleven years ago," Blake begins, "That was when the headaches started. They kept me crippled in corners for hours, and, When my aunt heard, she came to get me and brought me to her house. There, she told me Jack had been going through the same, and she would try to help us because she guessed what we were becoming. She would do all these fortune teller things and make potions which both Jack and I were told to drink. After a year, Jack was fed up, so he ran away. She was broken-hearted, and one day, after an afternoon at her crystal ball, she yelled at me telling me to leave because I was a curse on her family. So, I left, without aim. I hated those following years, coldness, loneliness."
  14. "I wasn't until 5 years ago that I found my aim. I wanted to find Jack. So I began concentrating and found that in my magical form, I could sense others with magic. I began talking to others like me and found an enriching world of heightened senses. I learned about the secrets the immortals left behind before they fell. They had a tremendous empire, Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, the Aztecs, all have nothing on them. During this, I found Jack. I shared my thoughts and information, but he wanted none of it. He wanted to be normal and that combined with his reunitation with his mother 2 years ago has cemented their idea that I am here to overrun the world with immortals."
  15. "I'm sorry," Blake apologizes, leaning into you and lightly resting his lips on your neck and begins whispering, "I got carried away venting, when I should be enjoying this time with you." His cool breath and soft lips on your neck distracts you from making a reply. Suddenly he sits back up, holding something brown in his hands. It looks strikingly similar to the squirrel you released. "Hi there," Blake says seriously. "Your pet?" you ask. "No, my personal messenger," Blake says mysteriously, "Anyway, _______, I've taken too much of your time, allow me no longer. You should head back. Before you leave, I want to give you something to remember me by."
  16. Blake takes out a necklace from his pocket. It's a clear glass heart pendant dangling on a fine silver chain. He puts it around your neck where its cool presence lays by your heart. He touches it and it glows, colors beginning to swirl within it. "It senses your mood," he says, "Watch." He leans into you and you watch as the colors begin to swirl more rapidly, in time with your accelerating heart. He kisses you on your lips and you blush as the heart's colors shift to red and pink tones. "I hate leaving, but I have to, see you around, _______," he whispers in your ear before he's gone, leaving in less than a heartbeat.
  17. You get up and wander through the park, not wanting to leave yet and reflecting that Blake seemed fine after all. Then, the rain finally comes through with a slight drizzle. Since you don't have an umbrella or anything, you want to make it back to the house before it starts pouring. As you near the edge of the park, you feel hands on your shoulders...
  18. You turn around, expecting Blake yet again, but it's not. You're sure you've never seen this guy before because if you had, you would've remembered his bright red hair with its bold streaks of black and his cold, dark gray eyes. You're also pretty sure his threatening smile, showing overly large and sharp fang-like teeth, would've haunted your dreams if you had ever seen it before. His grip is firm, and, judging by the size of his biceps shown by his tight, black muscle tank, you know you don't stand a chance fighting him, especially as a human when he is so definitely somewhat inhuman. "Well look who it is... _______... 'member me?" he asks, danger dripping off of every syllable.
  19. Who do you like? (I put every guy as a result on this one, so if your guy isn't in this question, just choose the last choice)
  20. Who do you like?

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