Don't leave me hanging part 7

This is the seventh part of my first story quiz. You might want to take the others if you haven't already. The descriptions of all the regular guys are listed in quiz parts 1-4. Sorry I took wayyy too long on this part and that most of it is information stuff.

Recap: You got mad at Jack for not telling you Stella was part of the team. You also are shown your room and get a note from Blake with a meeting time. Now you are woken up in the middle of the night when something jumps through your window.

Created by: xxblutixx

  1. The figure straightens up and with the moonlight coming in from the window, you see the glint of green-blue eyes. "You really should close your window, _______," Cory laughs. "Why are you here... at 4 AM???" you ask, glancing at the clock, then falling back into your bed. "Kris is sleeping and Jack's... doing something, I don't know," Cory says carelessly, "You know what that means, though? It's my turn." He adds a wink after his sentence.
  2. You look at him cautiously, "Your turn for what?" "Guarding your body," he says, grinning at you. "You mean being my bodyguard? I don't need one," you retort. He sits on your bed, "Guarding your body, being a bodyguard, same difference, either way, we don't want you in the hands of evil Mr. Blakemaster, do we?" The mention of Blake makes you remember his letter and you don't respond, getting an uneasy feeling in your stomach. Cory doesn't seem to notice, though, "So, _______, what do you want to do this fine morning?"
  3. "I'M going to sleep," you declare. Cory looks mischievious, "Oookaaayyy I'll be around your room." You shoot up out of bed, "Actually, I'm not tired." Cory laughs, "Go sleep. I'll be a good boy." "Like you could be a good little boy," you laugh. Cory pretends to look offended, "Who are you calling little?" "When you came through the window at first, you weren't, but now..." you tease him, "And you know I DO have a door." "I just finished training and the window is quicker. Kris runs a grueling session, good luck- never mind. He'd go easy on you," Cory says sticking out his tongue. "I have to train?" you groan. "Yeah, tommorrow," Cory explains. You groan again. "Oh, and you get to train with me," Cory adds with a smile. "Even worse," you joke.
  4. "Anyway," Cory says, "Since you're up, let's have some breakfast, I'm starving." Both of you walk down to the kitchen, and you notice the rest of the house is completely silent. After rummaging through all the cabinets and the fridge you decide on a breakfast of orange juice and a chocolate chip muffin. Meanwhile, Cory takes out a pizza box from the fridge and is already eating. You laugh, "Can't wait for me, Cory?" "Sorry," he says, "I swear it's the training." You give him a look, "Are you sure it has nothing to do with the fact that you're part werewolf?" He nods his head, unable to speak because he's back to eating.
  5. You finish your muffin within ten minutes and talk to Cory in the kitchen while he makes omelettes for both of you. While you talk, you notice again how quiet the rest of the house seems. "Cory, why is it so quiet in the house? I thought you said only Kris was sleeping?" you ask. "Well Jack and Kris are the only ones who live here, oh and now you, so, yeah, it probably does get quiet when I'm not around," Cory laughs. "Wait, where do you live, then?" you ask. "At my parents' house, but I'm always here, it's like my second home. Actually, it IS my home because it's not like anyone at my house notices or cares I'm gone," Cory explains.
  6. "Oh" you reply, unsure what else to say. After a slight silence, Cory looks up at you, "_______, is it curiousity that's making your eyes sparkle or is that natural?" "You're not serious, are you? I'm not a magical, winged person like you, you know," you say, taken a little by surprise at the change in topic. "Well, technically he's a werewolf." Both you and Cory look to the back door and see Jack, leaning against the wall. "Morning, _______," he says with a uncertain half-smile. His eyes search your face as if looking to see if you were still angry at him. "Hey." you reply, unsure whether you forgive him or not. "Oh, hi to you too, Jack," Cory says rolling his eyes and taking his food into the dining room. "_______-" Jack begins, but you cut him off, "Save it Jack. I'm fine. You're fine. I was just surprised my best friend can morph into a winged, magical person and no one told me."
  7. Jack walks over to you and gives you a hug. "I'm sorry," he says, "We aren't supposed to tell who the others are under any circumstances. However, _______, I decided that you should know everyone, so I assembled the whole team in the living room. Well except for you and Cory. They're waiting for you." You smile to yourself at the mention that you're a part of the team. "Well why are we keeping them waiting?" you ask. Jack grins, hugging you tighter then letting you go to walk you to the living room. As you and Jack pass, Cory tags along, finishing the last of his breakfast while he walks.
  8. The first person you notice in the living room is Kris. His head is propped up on his hand and he looks tired as if he just woke up (which he probably did XD). As you walk further into the room, you can see the people sitting on a long three-seater sofa across from Kris's recliner. The first person you notice is Stella. She's still back to her magical form and is talking to another girl who you've never seen before. You take an educated guess that the girl is in her magical form because you can see her light gray wings folded in behind her. She looks about 13 years old, with reddish-brown hair and bright red highlights in a long braid down her back. When you walk in, she gives you a quick glance with uninterested gray and purple eyes and turns back to Stella almost immeadiately.
  9. You notice she isn't sitting on the sofa; she's sitting on a guy. The guy turns to look at you and watches with his hazel eyes as you take a seat on the loveseat sofa. From there, you examine the guy a little more. He has brown hair gelled into messy spikes and doesn't seem to care that it falls into his face every so often. He also doesn't seem to care that the girl is sitting on his lap, though they whisper to each other every so often. You can't exactly tell, sitting down, but he looks tall and very muscular, possibly more so than Cory.
  10. You can also see, to your surprise, to the other side of Stella is her mother. Cory and Jack take the same seats they did yesterday.Once he sits down, Jack clears his throat, "Hey, everyone, I brought you here because as you all know, we have a new member to our team, and I thought it would be a good idea to introduce ourselves, properly, who we really are." No one responds, but you think you hear the guy you don't know mutter something sarcastically like "A good idea... right" and the girl on his lap giggling. "Looks like you're up, newbie," Jack says looking at Cory. "Hey, I'm not the newbie anymore, _______ is," Cory complains. Jack laughs, "Sure, but I think she already knows herself, so you're still first."
  11. Cory turns toward you. "Hello, I'm Cory and I love cute girls," he reintroduces himself, winking at you, "Oh, and I'm a werewolf, but you should've sorta seen that this morning when I came through your window at first." "Actually, I didn't," you say. "Then I guess I'll just have to show you, later tonight," he grins. The other guys in the room all seem a little annoyed at the last reply, but Cory doesn't seem to notice. "Next... I choose... you, Jack, since you made me go."
  12. "Pass, you go Kris," Jack says. Kris raises his head sleepily, "What am I doing? I'll pass too." The girl you don't know whispers audibly to the guy she's sitting on, "It's your turn, come on, man up." He give her a look while he says, "Hey _______, I'm Owen. We actually haven't met before, _______." "Um, no we haven't, nice to meet you, though" you say, wishing you could just leave because you feel awkward that everyone is staring at you.
  13. The girl on Owen's lap nudges him saying, "Don't think you're done yet, come on, tell her what you are." Owen rolls his eyes and says, "I'm a centaur..." The girl giggles, "Isn't that sooo unique. You should see him, actually, come on, Owen, show her." Looking annoyed, he stands up and closes his eyes. After a couple seconds, you can see his shape changing and, where his legs normally would be, is a tan horse body. Owen opens his eyes and you see flecks of gold and bronze colors within his hazel eyes. They seem to reflect the light so that when he looks at you, the glance seems so much more intense, "Since it seems like I have to tell everything about myself, if you wanted to know, my main ability is to communicate with animals."
  14. He looks back at the girl who was on his lap, "Happy? Your turn now, Emmy." She sighs dramatically, "Fine. I'm Emilia and I'm an angel physically and mentally unlike most people here. If you're wondering, I don't ever change back, I hate not being magical, it's sooo dull. My ability is controlling the elements." You jump as the spot in front of you bursts into flames and Emilia giggles. She motions with a finger towards the fire and it goes out leaving singe marks on the carpet. "You're such a scaredy cat. We should have sooo much fun together training tomorrow. Your turn, now, Stella."
  15. "Just because I'm an angel and elf mix and I'm traing to be a fairy sorceress doesn't mean I'm not still Stella, your friend, _______. I mean, you accepted THESE weirdos immeadiately," Stella says, teasing the guys, "But not me?" You shift uncomfortably in your seat, "Sorry, Stella. I guess I'm still overwhelmed, it's stressing me out." "Apology accepted!" she grins and gives you a flying hug (literally). "I'm glad you two made up, we are going to need a unified team in the the battle ahead," Stella's mom comments, "_______, you're probably wondering why I'm here?"
  16. "I have three reasons," Stella's mom explains, "One, because I'm a self-taught sorceress and anything in the magical world affects me. Two, even though I don't have a magical form like you do, I help to organize groups worldwide who want to oppose Blake and his fighters. Last, and definitely not least, I will not let my two children run off and fight a supernatural army alone." "Wait, TWO children?" you ask because you've never seen any evidence or heard that Stella had a sibling. "Yeah, I'm Ellie's brother," Jack states, "And I guess it's my turn now."
  17. "Well, since we're related, I'm also both part angel and elf. My ability is I can sense things about other people. You've seen me use it sometimes, like how I always know who's in the room. Kris, you're up," Jack says. "I'm telekinetic and a healer. And... I'm an angel and vampire mix," Kris mumbles. "Well, that's cool," you say encouragingly. "No, it isn't," Kris replies almost immeadiately with a hint of steel in his voice. "Touchy," Emilia comments with a singsong voice. "We done here? I'm off," Kris announces, leaving before he gets an answer.
  18. "He needs to get over himself," Emilia comments, "And I guess the meeting is over. Come on, Owen and Stella, let's go shopping." "Ok," Stella agrees, "_______, do you want to come?" Emilia glares a bit at Stella before she covers her facial expression with a overy sugary smile. Even if you had wanted to, that look Emilia had makes you want to stay far away so you decline the offer.
  19. "Actually," Cory says, "Owen and I planned to have a little competitive training with Jack." "But Owen is my shopping buddy," Emilia whines, "Fine, I don't need him, Ms. Lumini would you like to come?" Stella's mom agrees and they leave the room. The guys hang around a bit longer before they leave, Cory leaves with a wink and Jack gives you a small hug while Owen waits by the doorway. When they leave, you're left alone in the living room. Looking at the clock, you see its 4 in the afternoon, 1 hour until Blake will be at the park. If you wanted to meet him you would have to leave in 15 min. since you have to walk. It's time to make your decision...
  20. Who do you like? (Sorry, Blake isn't a result in this part, so if you choose him, it won't affect your result)

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