Don't leave me hanging part 3

This is the third part of my first attempt at a story quiz. You might want to read the other 2 if you haven't already. You get to meet another guy in this part *cheer*

The characters: Justin- a friend, brown eyes and hair; Stella- your best friend, platinum blond hair, dark blue eyes; Cory- greenish-blue eyes, black hair, a flirt; Kris- mysterious, gray eyes, jet black hair; Jack- dirty blond hair, blue eyes, older, laidback

Created by: xxblutixx

  1. When you come back to consciousness, you are on a large four-postered bed in a room painted midnight blue with dark wooden floors. A dresser, a nightstand, and a bookshelf, all in a dark wood are the only other pieces of furniture in the room. The only door in the room is to your left and the entire wall to your right is covered in a curtain. You get up feeling groggy and confused.
  2. Looking down at yourself, you see your clothes are torn and have some dirt on them. By looking around, you see a couple outfits laid out, as if for you. You choose the:
  3. After dressing, you start to pace, trying to decide what to do. You decide to at least open the curtains because the room seems so dark. You find out that the curtains are hiding an entire wall of windows and a glass door that leads out to a balcony. The sun is shining and you see a landscape of trees, as if you are in a forest. Distracted by the scenery, you pull on the curtains wrong and the entire rod falls down with a loud clang.
  4. You hear quick steps up stairs and see the handle of the door turning. You pick up the rod and try to hide behind the curtains, but they aren't cooperating and the rod ends up dropping on your toe. "OWW!" you scream. "What's wrong, are you ok?" It's Kris, running into the room.
  5. "KRIS???" you shout in surprise, "What the (insert choice curseword here) are you doing with me? Where am I and why?" "Sorry we keep meeting like this. You're at my house. I'll explain more later, but first, are you okay?" He looks geniunely concerned for you. You feel slightly embarassed as you explain that all you did was drop the curtain rod on yourself.
  6. Kris looks instantly relieved. "Don't worry about it, I'm glad you're okay. Since you're up, you can come down for lunch." "Wait, lunch? What day is it?" Suddenly you're feeling a lot hungrier since the last thing you ate was that poptart. "It's Tuesday, _______, you've been out since last afternoon. I was worried you might've needed medical help, but now that you're up, you seem okay, so... I'll bring you downstairs and explain some things."
  7. You nod since you can't do anything else anyway. He leads you down a long hallway to a large, curved staircase. You walk silently alongside him since he doesn't seems deep in thought. At the base of the stairs is what seems to be a large living room. "Kris, what were you doing alone in your room with Ellie? I knew something was up" a guy's voice cuts through the silence. Kris looks like a kid caught with his hand in a cookie jar. "You know I know you're there" the voice continues.
  8. Kris sighs. "It'll just be a minute," he whispers to you and motions you to follow him as he walks to the front of a sofa with its back to the entrace. You follow him and see a guy who looks in his late teens or early twenties with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. He's hanging upside down off the sofa. "Oh," he exclaims, suprised, "you're not Ellie."
  9. "No, I'm _______," you reply. "Nice to meet you _______, I'm Jack." He turns to look at Kris. "You can bring home girls now?" he laughs, then he stops and becomes serious, "Wait, Kris is this isn't the girl from yesterday is it? I thought you said you brought her home after the fight." Kris looks to the side, "Well I wanted to make sure she was okay. Anyway Jack, she needs some lunch, so I'll talk to you later." With that, he leads you into a dining room.
  10. On the dining table you see an empty plate with crumbs. "It looks like Jack ate the last of the sandwiches we had for lunch, so what do you want to eat? I'll make it." He smiles at you. It seems like he is less tense now that you've talked to Jack.
  11. Kris cooks what you request and you eat it quickly, happy for the food. Kris says, "So I know you're wondering how you ended up here." You nod because you're still eating. "Well... yesterday... this guy who we know tried to kidnap you because, well remember I told you about the trouble that's coming?" You nod again. "Well he works for the man who is... creating the trouble. Me, Jack, and some others are a team organized to fight against him and we fought to save you yesterday."
  12. "Who are the others? What is this other guy doing? How do I know you're not lying? Why aren't you telling me what exactly is happening?" you burst out since you're now done eating. "I'll have to leave it up to the others to tell you who they are, I can't without their permission. And I'd rather not overload you with information until you actually need it, the trouble still might just bypass you."
  13. "Anyway," Kris takes on a lighter tone of voice and stands up, "I'm not keeping you captive at my house. You can go back to yours, preferably before school ends because your parents think you were sleeping at Stella's." "Wait, how do you know Stella?" You ask him. "I sit behind you two, remember? It's not like I can ignore you two talking" he laughs, "I have to go on some errands, so when you want to leave there's a door in the kitchen" He points to a door, waves a little awkwardly, and leaves the room.
  14. You decide to bring your dish to the kitchen, just to clean up a bit because you haven't made up your mind if you want to leave yet. As you push open the door, you hear the sound of things being moved around. In the kitchen, you see the fridge door is open, and whoever is moving the things in the fridge is hidden by the open door. "Hello?" you call out.
  15. The person stands up quickly and looks at you. It's Cory. He half chokes on the soda he was drinking, "_______! What are you doing here?" "Cory! What are YOU doing here?" you shout back at him. "Taking Kris's soda like I always do? Wait, he brought you here after the fight didn't he?"
  16. "Yeah... he did, but now I'm leaving," you reply, making up your mind to go home to avoid the awkwardness. "Well I was just leaving too, so I'll drive you home," he grins. "No thanks, I'm not supposed to take rides from suspicious strangers," you say, sticking your tongue out at him. Somehow you end up in his yellow Mustang convertable anyway 15 min. later.
  17. The drive to your house takes less than 5 minutes, even though you're pretty sure you live nowhere near Kris's house and its surrounding mini-forest. You suspect that Cory's blatant violation of speed limits had something to do with it though. Cory parks in front of your house and reaches over you to open your door. "I'll see you soon," he says while grinning as if he knows something you don't.
  18. Exhausted from the strange events and information of yesterday and today, you go up to your room and collapse on your bed. The last thought you have before falling asleep is:

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