Don't leave me hanging part 34

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Welcome to the thirty-third part of my first story quiz! If you haven't already read the others, you might want to, so you can understand the story. I apologize for the late release! My thanks to lovelifelive for keeping me on track!

Recap: Quincy and Layla, the black-haired girl with green eyes, were waiting for you at the foyer, and Layla injected you with a paralysis-causing venom, the same she gave to Kris and Lacey. Cory and Stella fall into the same trap, but are still fighting, and you alert Jack. While you wait helplessly, you have the idea to contact Lacey for help, in hopes that she will know magic to heal. Instead, you witness a flurry of golden butterflies that draw you into golden light.

Created by: xxblutixx

  1. You open your eyes to see reality again. Lacey is lying next to you, as she was before. The only thing changed is that the erratic beat of her heart is the fluttering of butterfly wings. You look up to examine what has happened while you were conversing with Lacey and are surprised to find that you actually can lift your head. Getting into a comfortable position as inconspicously as possible, you observe the scene in front of you.
  2. It seems that Quincy and Layla were not able to subdue the others of the team while you were away, something that makes you quite proud of your team. Both sides, however,have brought in reinforcements. Oceana and Jack are here for your side, while supporting Quincy is Oliver (the other centaur guard), Roxy (the girl in the light-up dress who Cory was talking to), and the third black-haired girl from the stage who you haven't seen around as much.
  3. You look at the members of your team to see how they're faring. Kris seems to be sleeping by the side of the staircase with Stella standing protectively near him, shooting out bursts of the elements and magic interchangeably. Nearby, Cory is taking on Oliver and the black-haired girl in his werewolf form. The fighting there looks intense and physical, and the girl keeps changing her form, going from human to bird only to change to a panther later in order to pounce on Cory. Cory seems to be holding his ground fairly well, but he looks a little tired out.
  4. Near the middle of the room is Oceana, riding on top of a wave of white water. It seems she's a mermaid, and she almost seems to merge with the water. Her eyes look cold and hard like frozen sapphires with intense concentration and, you guess, anger as she calls upon the water to attack the two flying figures of Layla and Roxy. The last fight is between Quincy and Jack. Because they're the farthest away, you can hardly tell what's going on through the darkness, but occasionally you see the glint of Quincy's silvery knife or the flash of Jack's golden wing. Enough watching, you feel you need to go help. You shakily push your self up to your feet, and with just that action, the 9 people fighting abruptly stop and stare, their eyes widening as they look at you.
  5. You don't get their reaction until you see a slight reflection of yourself in the glass of the bell jar over the necklace. You're glowing, literally glowing gold like Lacey did when the "butterflies" landed on her. Quincy recovers first, saying nothing, but whipping out his arm to stab Jack, taking advantage of the distraction. However, the knife and his hand stop midway before completing the distance; both are glowing gold.
  6. Quincy narrows his eyes at you. "Let go of me," he demands. Until now, you hadn't realized that you even were doing anything. All you were aware of before was hoping that Jack wouldn't get stabbed. Everyone is looking at you as if you grew another head or something. The blade shatters without warning, and the sound of metal pieces hitting the ground echoes in the silence.
  7. Hardly after the pieces settle, the bell jar begins to glow with a golden light. It starts to shake, and, suddenly, it too shatters into a hundred tinkling shards of glass on the floor. Even from back here, you can see the pulsing purple light of the amethyst in the middle of the necklace as it increases in strength and intensity. It glows on everyone's faces, casting them in a mysterious light. You start to feel cold, and, to your amazement, golden light detaches itself from you and begins migrating across the room in a stream of golden particles of light.
  8. Everyone in the room is rooted to the spot, transfixed by this otherwordly display. You watch at the particles start to gather in front of the pedestal, swirling around to form a vague outline of a human-like form. It turns its faceless head toward you. "Human," a voice that you assume belongs to the golden creature says. The voice is one, but multiple at the same time. There isn't any easy way to describe it. The deep richness of the voice is not due to a low tone, but multiple layers of voices, all speaking, whispering, calling at once. Though it doesn't speak loud, the word penetrates under your skin, and you feel the letters traveling through your very bones, fusing their meaning into your body.
  9. The golden figure beckons you, but you stay put, afraid. "Who are you?" you ask. The voice laughs, a jaded, rolling laugh made up of as many types of laughter as the voice had inflections. "You should know US, human. You ARE responsible for entrapping us in this miserable, unworthy piece of rock in the midst of a crude imitation of a flower. Hundreds of years," the voice bemoans. You're starting to have some inklings as to who this voice is...
  10. "It wasn't me... and you know that," you add on. "One of you is the same as all of you. There is only ever one of you. There is ever always more of you," the voice replies cryptically, "True, though that our quarrel lies within the past one, but you here means the other has been long gone. You must right his wrongs or face our wraith. And what wraiths we are." The voice laughs bitterly.
  11. "But now. Will you not at least come to us? Meet the legacy you carry on?" the voice croons. You'd really rather not get closer to the figure now that you're sure of what it is. It seems to be the voices of the spirits trapped inside the necklace. To support your conjecture, the golden figure does seem to be tethered to the necklace with an embilical cord of golden light. You're afraid what it will show you if you approach, afraid that it might overtake you, afraid of the unknown powers these spirits could possess.
  12. Suddenly, the figure's head snaps to the right to look at the left staircase. "You," it hisses, and its arm stretches across the room, going through several people, to reach for something on the staircase landing above. There's the sound of something heavy falling to the ground before the arm returns, grasping a guy in its fist. The guy stuggles and pushes, kicks and bites, all to no avail. He might as well have been fighting air. You recognize him as the black-haired, blue-eyed guy from the stage who you had thought looked a little familiar. "Derek!" the third black-haired girl exclaims with concern and surprise in her voice. Her tone quickly changes when she growls, "Let him go. Stop it, you freak." To your surprise, she's not looking at the gold figure; she's looking at you with her eyes that flash from purple to a reddish violet with anger.
  13. "Derek? Is that what you're going by, now?" the voice muses, "We are quite sure that your mother's nickname for you was Theo... shortened from the name of your disgraceful, shameful human father. Theodoric. Don't try to decieve us. We know all about Dominic and your mother. Afterall, it is what landed us here. Between you and the Milia, we cannot decide who is most at fault."
  14. Your eyes widen in surprise as you realize why the guy looks familiar. Theodoric. That was the name of the last Milia, the one you with straight black hair and blue eyes who you saw in that history book. This guy looks so similar to that guy, except that he looks younger, less stern, taller, and some of his facial features look a little slimmer. How could it be though? The book had said the last Milia died hundreds of years ago, and, as you found out, the book seems scarily accurate and up to date.
  15. "I don't know what's going on right now, but I don't like it," Stella suddenly says, looking apprehensive and backing away. Her breaking the silence seems to be the trigger that shakes everyone out of their inaction. Everyone seems to move at once, some edging to the door, like Roxy, or even flat out running, like Oliver, while others jump right back into the fight as if there had been no interruption. You, meanwhile, are determined to get answers, so you cautiously make your way over to the golden figure. You're only halfway across the distance when the figure seems to explode into millions of little golden dust particles, dropping Derek on the ground.
  16. Everyone in the room except for you and him is touched by the gold dust, and, once they are, they're inexorably pushed against the wall, a separate golden figure appearing in front of each of them, holding them back. Of course, each of them try to fight back, but one by one, they drop to the ground. "What did you do?" you exclaim, running over to the nearest person, Cory. To your relief, he's still breathing and seems only to be unconcious. "Let's talk," the voice announces, and another golden figure materializes in front of you, except that this one takes a more definite form. It looks like a young man in his twenties, with long, shoulder-length hair that covers one of his eyes, a long, angular face, and eyes that seem mysterious and cunning. The man grins, showing four pointed fangs, "So do you remember me now, Theo?"
  17. Derek's mouth opens and closes without sound as if he can't decide what to say. Finally, he manages to say, "You... I... saw you last night." The man has an "I told you so" expression, "I believe you mean 500 years ago. That does happen to be the first and last time you've ever met me." "I never have met you. It was a... vision of a family," Derek protests.
  18. "Ah, a vision," the man says with mock surprise, "I did tell you you were special." "I don't know if you blind or not, but I'm not 500 years old. I think you're mistaking me for someone," Derek says, sharing a confused look with you. The man scoffs, "You're in denial, but you should just face it. You're the son of that traitor Milia, Theodoric." The proclamation seems to hit both of you like a hammer. Son of a Milia? This just got more complicated.
  19. The figure's eyes flick almost inperceptibly (even in your immortal form) to the right, in the direction of the ballroom. "Security's coming. We should wrap this up. I really would rather not having to disable them too." "Who ARE you and how do you know all this," you interject. "I am Dominic. I have been chosen to speak for the imprisoned today," he replies. "And why you?" you ask. Dominic laughs, "Because I know very well about the story of the Milia. After all, I was a player in it, but we come here not for chatting. Our concern is our imprisonment. Will you or won't you seek to extend the punishment your predessor sought so strongly to deliver?"
  20. "Punishment?" you ask, purposely avoiding the question so as to avoid making any promises you might not be able to keep. "Yes, punishment. Are you that ignorant as to not know your history?" Dominic answers impatiently. "It's hardly even been a month," you defend yourself, "What do you expect me to know?" "Everything. Being the Milia is not a leisurely position. We do not need another incompetant Milia," Dominic's eyes stray once again in the direction of the hallway. This time, you can slightly discern the sound of approaching footsteps.
  21. "This must be continued later. We will await your answer, _______," Dominic disappears in a burst of golden dust as well as the other golden figures in the room, and everyone affected starts to stir. You and Derek make eye contact, sending equally perplexed vibes, united as you are by the information you just learned. Sounds of the approaching people rise in volume, bringing you back to the immediate situation. You're exposed and in Blake's territory.
  22. Hardly after you realize this, the approaching people arrive. It's Logan and his security force. Of course. However, they run into Quincy's forcefield, giving you much needed time to collect your wits. The first thing you do is dash over to the pedestal and grab the necklace. It warms to your touch. Derek meanwhile seems to have recovered as well as he's heading your way, fangs out. However, you react quicker, and spin around with an arm extended, swinging the necklace in your momentum, and noticing out of the corner of your eye that one of Logan's men has his hand on the force field, seeming to be concentrating hard.
  23. The necklace connects with Derek's head, and he collaspes, unconcious, instantly. You blink in surprise at how effective that was, and examine the necklace. Not even a scratch or the slightest dent mars its perfect form which is good because you don't know what you would have done if it had broken and whatever magic or spirits were inside got loose. You clasp the necklace around your neck so that you don't lose it, even though you don't like the thought of all that unknown energy so close to you. Surveying the area around you, you see that most of the people are stumbling to their feet now, and to your dismay, the forcefield separating Logan's people from this room seems to be dissolving.
  24. They enter the room leisurely, and Logan's focus is upon Quincy immeadiately. You wonder why that is until you realize that Logan must not know who the rest of you are or what's happening. It's only time though before he does because, as you look around the room, you notice that the floor is littered with masquerade masks, discarded in the fighting. Trying to be inconspicuous, you retreat into the shadows where you were laying with Lacey. You're surprised to find her standing up, as bright and awake as ever she might be. "Lacey, how?" you whisper-ask her. "You just have to put faith in the butterflies," she replies enigmatically, "Now, enough talk, we need to get out of here. Kris should be up too if all went right. Out past Logan, up the stairs, and through the windows is the only way without Quincy's forcefields now. Go first, _______, I'll get the others."
  25. "But-" you protest, but Lacey cuts you off, "Now. We won't get out any other way." You swear for a moment that her eyes glow gold. As much as you dislike being ordered around and want to figure out Lacey's new attitude, you sprint for the hallway. It's a chance, but there was something extremely strong about Lacey's order that makes you think she somehow completely knows how things will turn out.
  26. As sure as you are of Lacey's judgement, you're going to make a slight deviation to find Justin, Emilia, and Kalia and to make sure they haven't been made as well. Leaning into one of the recesses in the hall, you catch your breath and try to contact Justin in your head. With the adrenaline going through you, it's hard to think of anything else but survival mode, but you have to make sure.
  27. This time, the scene is that of the ballroom's bar, with Justin behind the bar, except it's void of the other guests. "Hey, ______, how's it going?" Justin asks casually. You can't believe how odd it is to see him so calm when you just left such a tense scene. "Horrible," you exclaim, "Quincy knew. He was waiting. Are you still fine? Have you seen Kalia or Emilia?" Justin looks somewhat stunned, "But I thought this was all planned, so we wouldn't get caught?" "I don't know what happened, Justin, but, please, we need to leave right now," you plead, "Logan's just caught wind of us. where are you, Kalia, and Emilia?"
  28. "I'm still at the bar. I was just talking to Kalia because she was anxious that she hadn't seen any of you. Emilia is hanging out around here. How are you and the rest of the team? Did anyone get hurt?" Justin adds in a concerned voice. "It's complicated. It really really is, but everyone is getting on their feet. Oh shoot! Except for Kris. I don't know. Quincy's people were getting up, and Logan arrived, and Lacey told me I need to go," you inform him rapidly.
  29. "Stairs and windows and split Emilia and Kalia?" Justin suggests. Justin knows you so well. "That's what I was thinking. Kalia or Emilia," you ask. "I guess I should bring Emilia," he says, albeit with reluctance in his voice. You feel bad for leaving him with Emilia when she seemed not to like him so much, but it is the best option in the interest of time. You nod, "Okay, I'll contact Kalia." He hugs you, "I'll see you there." With that, the scene disappears, and you go on to contact Kalia.
  30. Because you don't know much about her, it's more difficult and time-consuming to contact her, but eventually, you get through. You brief her as quickly as you can about the situation and your plan to escape. She listens attentively throughout, keeping a composed demeanor, but you can tell that she's distressed by the news. She agrees to meet you as soon as possible upstairs in the closest lounge area, but before you head upstairs, you quickly relay the message to Lacey since she had seemed the most alert when you had left.
  31. Opening your eyes, you return your senses back to reality. Thankfully no one has walked down this hallway, or, if someone had, at least they didn't notice you. You walk farther along the hallway, reaching the back of the building where there's a skinny staircase built alongside the wall. It was probably only meant to be an emergency staircase with its awkward placement and its size, and you wouldn't have known about it had you not explored the building earlier. Hopefully most of Blake's guests don't know about it either. You're about to walk up the stairs when you hear people coming toward you from the hallway on your right, so you shrink into the shadows at the side of the staircase.
  32. "What does it matter? Well, why..." Emilia sputters. Her voice takes on a softer tone now, "I just don't want us to get caught." "Everyone wants that," Justin replies, and now, they're close enough that you can see rough shadows of them approaching. You edge out of the shadows and start walking toward them. "No, you don't understand," Emilia says, and you see the shorter figure, who must be Emilia, walk in front of the taller one, who must be Justin, to stop him. "I don't want US to get caught," she repeats, putting extra emphasis on the "us".
  33. "Okay... isn't that the same thing?" Justin replies, and, now, you're close enough to see his puzzled facial expression. "No, it isn't," Emilia says, and to your utter surprise, she goes up on the tip of her toes, puts a hand on either of his cheeks, and plants a kiss on his lips.
  34. Before we end today, I want to throw in some shout-outs... My first is to Aria. She's to have a wedding to Oliver soon. Good luck and stay strong, girl. Love you like a sister! Secondly, I want to have a shout-out to Fairygal! She has amazing writing abilities, but few fans! It's just not right, so when you get a chance, I advise you to check out her stories (My Tears are for you is my personal favorite) you won't regret it! Angelic4 and singin234 also suffer the same problem of lack of fans, which is a shame considering their long lists of story quizzes. Pop in and check out a few of them sometime :) Now a shout-out to Missy Prissy Cat and posion_rain. Both are great writers, but GTQ almost never show their quizzes on the new quiz list. It's so aggravating! Definitely check them out as well.
  35. Now a shoutout to Calypso1315! I have yet to check out her Percy Jackson series, but I've checked out her high school one, and boy... it's made me love realistic fiction series again! Translation: it's awesome, you must read it XD Now last but not certainly not least, Dannica. She's a legendary author, yet none of her stories have hit front page? That's just something wrong with the world! Her most recent triology (Beautiful Secrets, Beautiful Lies, Beautiful Endings) are so different from anything else. They're SO addictive! Like pistachios! XD You. Must. Read. Them. It's a wild ride of a story and so enjoyable. She's about to end the story soon, so if you want to be part of history, TAKE THEM and tell all your friends to too! I'm quite long-winded, aren't I? Anyway, one more thing: Flight, I need you to submit your answers to the tiebreakers if you still want to compete in the competition. Oh! One more thing...
  36. Who do you like? ;)

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