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Welcome to the prologue of my second story quiz series! This series will take place in the same "world" as my first one (Don't leave me hanging), but it's not necessary to read my first series as well. The difference between them is that they will be told from opposite sides of a conflict.

This prologue is meant to give some introduction into my story for those of you who have not read "Don't leave me hanging". Background to the conflict and everthing will reveal itself through upcoming parts as well :) Read, enjoy, and tell me your thoughts in the comments!

Created by: xxblutixx

  1. ~I watched with big, innocent blue eyes as the world as I knew it splintered in the chaos in front of me. Noises. Loud noises. I cover my ears. Daddy keeps shaking. His arms move like a fan. Mommy is bending away from him. Almost backwards. But she's the one screaming. Angry. Angry like when I drank from her goblet. One more person is in the room. I know him. He is a picture on Mommy's phone. He showed up there a lot, but never visited here. He is quiet. In the corner. Black hair covering his face like he wishs he isn't here. I want to tell him "me too". I don't like the loud noises. I don't like Mommy when she's mad. I don't like Daddy when he's sad. Or mad.
  2. The man looks up. He has eyes like an apple. Red and shiny. His face is white like paper. I want to go up to him. I want to ask him what's going on. I want to ask if he doesn't like this either. "No, I don't want to be here," I hear a deep voice. It echoes like a song in my head like Mommy's does when she's happy and singing. It's not Mommy's though, and Daddy's voice never does that. It must be the man. But he didn't move his lips. "I don't need to," he says. "Why," I wonder. The man smiles. "I'm special," he says. He has shiny, white teeth. They look different. I count them. 1. 2. 3. 4. He has four, big, pointy teeth. I wonder what it would be like to touch them. "Oh, you don't want to do that," he says to me.
  3. "I'm special too," I pipe up. "Yes. Yes, you are. Very," the man tells me, and repeats, "Very." I like this man. He pays attention. I walk over to him, but Mommy scoops me up. Daddy starts yelling. Mommy yells back. Something flashes. Mommy is crying. Mommy kisses me on the forehead and looks at me with her purple eyes. "Be a good boy, my darling. I have to go." She puts something around my neck. "I want you to wear this. Don't remember me. I don't want you to be sad," she kisses my forehead again, "Good-bye my Theo." She turns away. I know something is happening. Why is Mommy going? I call out to her. She doesn't turn back. The man turns and follows her. She doesn't look at him. I reach for her and grab her skirt. She continues. My hand is empty. All I have is this silver chain around my neck.~
  4. I wake up slowly from a dream with a pounding headache. What is wrong with me? For the past couple of days, I've been having dreams about a kid. A young boy with long, straight black hair and blue eyes, just like me. Except I'm 19 and that boy is 3, maybe 4 or 5, and from what I can guess, he either lives in the Middle Ages, or a very elaborate Medieval re-enactment. Plus, his name is Theo, and he has parents. Messed up parents it seems, but parents all the same. Meanwhile me, I was a foster kid. Parents gave me up at birth. Foster homes never worked out either. Mostly because, well let's see, I could change my eye color from blue to a very light blue and purple mix whenever I felt like it. Oh, and I developed fangs whenever that happened, as well as a taste for blood.
  5. Yep, I'm part-vampire. I can switch between a human or vampire form when I want to. Am I a freak? Yes, but I'm not the only one. I live with a group of some others who I met when I was 15. It was a little past the time when I first discovered that being a vampire had a benefit. I could hypnotize people. Worked nicely for my first couple of "girlfriends", but it got boring after a while. That was, until I met Savanna.
  6. It was my freshman year in high school. I noticed a new girl in my homeroom class who always sat in the back in shadow. She had black hair with purple highlights, purple eyes, and she always wore a lot of black and purple. Normally, I stayed away from people like her because they seemed to speak deep problems without saying a word, and I had more than enough problems myself. However, something about her drew me to get closer to her. Unlike every other girl I had met, she wanted nothing to do with me and flipped me off more times than I'd care to admit. However, once I accidentally tried hypnotizing her, she found out I was one of her kind; she was a part-vampire as well as part-elf. As I soon found out, multiple mixes of different immortal types is normal. She brought me to a guy named Blake, who had just started a group for us half-immortal types. I've been a part of it ever since.
  7. Feeling something warm on my bare chest, I look down to see one of my chain necklaces glowing with energy. It's the gold one, like it is always, since the silver one was just a regular one that I've had for as long as I can remember. The gold one, however, was specially created so that I can communicate with any of the people in this immortal group. It's like a cell phone, but free. I let myself answer the "call" and in my mind I can hear the voice of Blake, "Come early at 6, Derek. I'm having the top people come first so that we can get everything organized." "Yeah, yeah," I think back, seeing as that's the only way to respond, "No problem." "So what girl you bringing?" he asks. "Good question, but the better question is who are you bringing as your date. You know you're only allowed one," I ask him; I seriously have no idea who I'll bring to tonight's maquerade ball party that Blake has planned for our entire group... maybe I could ask Savanna even though we haven't talked for a while...
  8. "Psh, it's my party, I can have as many dates as I want," Blake says, but he adds on, "I do have an official date, though. It's this chick called Savanna. One of those 3 muses, you know, those 3 who almost look like triplets with black hair." "What the he**, man," I think before I can stop myself. Savanna? No, Savanna wouldn't go out with Blake... Besides, he knows we have a past... I need to control my thoughts, but it's so hard when all I want to do is curse at how f***ed up this is. "Ha, I know, she asked me. I figured why not. I'll be surrounded whether I have a date or not, so it's whatever," Blake explains, completely oblivious to my inner turmoil, "Anyway, dude, I have to start preparing, I have a lot of stuff to do." With that, he breaks the communication, leaving me with my thoughts. Savanna... I can't believe it... What a cr**py way to start off my day...
  9. ***intermission hosted by the author, xxblutixx*** Sorry that was short, but it's just an introduction into the "world" of my story, so to speak. As you know, the narrator in this part is Derek, a nineteen-year-old guy who is part vampire and is a member of a semi-immortal group. I'm planning that most of the quizzes in this series is actually going to be told from a girl's point-of-view, but with a few other characters' views mixed in there at times. The reason I decided to do this prologue with Derek is because the scene came to mind, and I thought it would be a good opening :)
  10. (intermission continued) I guess now I'll tell you about the upcoming parts of this series. So, the main character who will handle most of the narrating will be a girl named Vixla (nickname: Vi) who runs a small team of semi-immortals. Her team works with Blake's and is invited to the party mentioned here, so the beginning parts of this series will be about that masquerade ball.
  11. For my "Don't leave me hanging" readers: This series will differ from my other one in that 1. I'm probably going to write it in first-person point-of-view because it makes more sense since the character already has a background 2. This one takes place on the opposite side of the conflict 3. There's probably going to be more romantic drama seeing as, after all, this is Blake's side and there are guys like Quincy and Logan...
  12. (intermission continues) It's probably way past the time that I should end this intermission, but because I don't have anymore Derek content right now, I guess I'll just put in a preview of the next part which will be titled "The Other Side: The Party" which is from Vixla's perspective. ***end intermission***
  13. BOOM ba boom ba BOOM boom The air around me shakes as the loud speakers I somehow failed to notice behind me come to life. I can feel my bones vibrating, and my heart feels like it's pounding hard enough to jump out of my chest... Zeke is now full out laughing. "I love your reaction, Vi!" he shouts. I can only read his lips because we're so close to the speakers even though I do have advanced immortal being hearing levels on my side. "I'm going deaf here and you're laughing?" I shout back to be heard. He just continues chuckling to himself and offers his arm for me to take. I shake my head and get off the stage with him, arm in arm, to the dancefloor.

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