The Mysteries of Magic (part 2)

Magic, adventure, and love all mix in this quiz. There are two sides to every story, light and dark. what happens when you are suddenly thrust into this battle with no warning at all?

There are many people you will meet in this series. Here is an explanation of them. Raven: Black hair with green eyes. Dark side, Jade: Blonde hair with blue eyes. Light side, William: Red hair with red eyes. Dark side, Zac: Brown hair with hazel eyes. light side, Andrew: Black hair with blueish-grey eyes. Light side, Selena: Auburn hair with brown eyes. Dark side

Created by: elf maiden
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  1. Recap: Two guys, Zac and Andrew, came to tell you that you have magic powers and you begin training today.
  2. "Wake up _______." "The time for training has come." You wake up to find that the guys have woken you up before Dawn!
  3. After you've woken up, got dressed, and did all that stuff you went outside to begin training. "Here's how this portion of training will work, I will ask you a question and you will give me your response." Andrew explained. "Simple enough for you?" he asked. *As you have probably figured out by now your working with Andrew.*
  4. *First scenario* "It's late at night and you run into a pack of angry and very hungry vampires. What you'd you do?"
  5. *Second scenario* "There are some guys following you. They look like trained assassins trying to kill you. How do you get rid of them?"
  6. *Last scenario* "You are at a party and someone tries to poison you. How do you react?"
  7. "That's all for today ______." (fast forwarding) "What was that?" you wondered as you heard a strange noise coming from outside. "it was probably just my imagination." Just then, someone put their hand over your mouth and blindfolded you. You try to scream, but no one can hear you.
  8. "Silence you insolent little girl." said a cold, cruel voice. "Who are you and where am I?" "To answer your first question my name is William. As for your second question you are being held captive in this unplottable prison."
  9. After an uneventful night you hear someone tapping on your cell bars. "Get up! Now!" "Yeah, Yeah, I'm up, I'm up." When you opened your eyes you saw the red hair and red eyes of William. "Come with me."
  10. He led you to a large circular room with two chairs. One was occupied, the other wasn't. "Master, I have brought you the girl." "Thank you William, you may go now." With he the left you and whoever the person sitting in the chair was.
  11. "Sit" said the voice, which you now determined was female. "Who are you?" you asked. "My name is Selena. No need to ask yours, you are ______, the one who has caused so much trouble lately. I already know everything about you _______." When Selena said this you wondered what else she knew and if she was even human.
  12. All of a sudden you heard a large crash! You instantly wondered if it was the guys trying to rescue you. When the dust settled you saw that it was Zac and Andrew standing there smiling at you. "I'll let you go with these losers this time _____, but next time you won't be so lucky!" and with that she just vanished into thin air. "_____, we are so happy that your okay! Come on, let's get out of here!"
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