Magic Love Part 3

Please Suggest a boy name in the comments if you want the name in the quiz.I don't think I need any girl names because I think I will need some later.Please comment which boy you like best.I now think one bot is enough and sorry if you suggested too late!

If you wonder do you have any brothers or sisters yes.You have 2 sisters and 3 brothers.I will be changing a few things.You have a pet cat.I hope you like this better then part 1.

Created by: Sheng

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  1. You suddenly feel weak then you faint.But before you faint you see you,Molly and Anna breaking up as best friends.
  2. You wake up in your room but you see that all the boys were whispering.Max said Cody found you on a side walk when he was coming back here.You tell them that you had a weird vision right before you fainted.
  3. So the next morning you had eggs and bakin. and you wear:
  4. You went to school and when you come home you found a note that said Come down to the basement.
  5. As soon as you close the door you see fire go from wall to wall from the top of the stairs to the bottom.
  6. You suddenly stuck out your hand and water put out the flames.Then you see shadows and Max,Cody and Caleb walked in.Max explaines that you need to learn to use your powers.So they set this up to help.
  7. So the next day was a weekend and Caleb's Birthday was tommrow and you need to get a gift for him and a choclate cake.
  8. You know he loves sports so you get him a baseball bat and ball.So you go wrap the present and go see if the boys need help.
  9. So at 2:30 pm You guysthrow a big party.(Im not going to tell you what happend at the party.)After the party you find a note on your bed:We have a person we want you to see on tuesday. -The Boys.
  10. On Monday You go to school and when you get there,you see something hiding in the bushes and it was a.....Cliffhanger!

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