The life between magic & boys Pt. 2

*IMPORTANT READ THIS* I accidentally wrote PT.2 but this is actually *PART 3*! So i have two quizzes titled "The life between magic and boys PT.2" so don't get confused!

Hope you read that this is actually quiz *PART THREE* NOT PART TWO. just making sure, and the new character from Pt 2 is now a result! Hope you like it! If you have any ideas, or want more quizzes comment!

Created by: TheRecklessBam

  1. **IMPORTANT** This quiz says Pt.2 but it actually *PART THREE* the other one that says Pt2. is the real second part. Anyways: So we left off with you falling asleep outside on the bench right?
  2. After awhile into your sleeping, you wake up to a strange noise. "Who's there?" You ask half awake, half asleep. You hear the noise again. It sounds like someone walking on a bunch of leave. "Max? Alex? Josh? Calisto?" your really awake now. You start to walk towards the house, but the thing is you can feel someone watching you. You just shake the feeling off and walk into the house. "oh my gosh, what time is it?" You look at your watch. "4:13. I have just enough time to get ready." You run up the stairs and into your room. You take a shower, brush your teeth, do your hair and then you walk to the closet. What do you wear?
  3. After changing you hear someone knock at your door. You go open the door. "Hey." You see Calisto. He's standing there, looking super attractive. His hair looks so much nicer. (since he use to live in walls, he didnt look so attractive :P) His smile was glowing, and his eyes.. You felt amazing just looking into them. "Oh, uh.. hey." You smile. "Your ready?" He asks. "Yeah." You walk out and shut your door behind you. "So where are we going?" You ask. "Well theres this place i use to go out here, ill show you, c'mon." He smiles at you and grabs your hand.
  4. You guys are outside now. "Is this place fun?" You ask. "You have no idea, its amazing." He tells you. You start walking on a path. You saw it during training and wondered where it lead, and well your about to find out.
  5. You continue walking down the path. "Are we almost there?" You ask. "Yeah were here." He walks around a huge rock. "Woah.." You guys are at a beautiful lagoon. (If you dont know what it is or looks like, google it :P) "I know huh, I use to come here when i wanted time to myself." He looks at you. You stare back into his gorgeous blue eyes. His eyes are something you could stare at all day. "C'mon." He grabs your hand and brings you down to the shore. "What are we doing." You ask. "You'll see." He smiles at you. You walk up to an old Tiki house. "Who lives here?" You ask "My parents use to.. Before they went missing.." He looks down. "Im so sorry." You grab his hand. "Its okay, its been awhile. Im not going to let this ruin our fun." He laughs and opens the door. You both walk in. The whole place was a Hawaii theme. "Here put this on." He hands you a really cute swimming suit. "Oh, i love swimming!" You laugh. What kind of swimsuit do you have?
  6. He smiles at you. "The bathrooms over there." He points to the back of the room. "Thanks." You walk into the bathroom, its pretty big. You change into the swimming suit. "Wow." You hadn't realized you look really pretty. *knock, knock, knock* "You ready?" You hear Calisto say. "Yeah im ready." You grab a robe and put it on. You walk out and see Calisto at the door. "Lets go." He smiles at you and you guys walk out of the house. "This place is really amazing." You say to him. "I know and i had to show it to an amazing person." He smiles at you. You blush. You guys are on the beach now, the sand is really white and feels soft on your feet. "Wanna go in?" He asks you. "Yes!" You laugh. You see calisto take his shirt off. He is super buff, he has a tan body and a really hot 6 pack. You take your robe off, and kick your shoes off. He turns your way. "Wow..." He says, and you see his eyes shining more then ever. "What?" You say. "How are you not a model? Your so beautiful." He says staring straight into your eyes. You look away blushing like crazy. "Thank you." You smile. "C'mon." He grabs your hand and pulls you into the water. "Oh my gosh its so cold!" You laugh jumping back a foot. "C'mon you'll get use to it." Calisto laughs. "Dont make me get out and get you." He smiles into your seyes. "Yeah right." You stick your tongue out at him and laugh. "Oh, so you think i wont?" He laughs and starts running out of the water. "No!" You laugh running away. You guys run around in the sand and after awhile you catches up to you and hugs you for behind. Your both laughing. You feel right just being in his arms. He picks you up and lays you on the sand. Your both laying on your backs. Watching the sunset go down, shining on the ocean. "You amazing." He looks at you. "You are too." You whisper to him. *splash* you both get startle and stand up. "What was that?" You ask him. "I dont kno- Dolphins!" He laughs. You look over and see a few dolphins splashing around near the shore.
  7. "Have you ever rode on a dolphin before?" He asks you. "Yeah right i wish, where im from, we dont have oceans or anything interesting." You stick your tongue out. "Well then lets go." He gets up and pulls you up. You guys walk into the water. Calisto whistles and the dolphins come towards you. One of them rubs against your leg "Oh my gosh." You laugh and hold on to Calisto. "Dont worry i hang out with these guys, they like you." He smiles at you. "Then again anyone who doesn't like you must be out of there mind." He smiles. "You ready to ride dolphins?" He asks. "Sort of." You laugh. "Here hold on to his dorsal fin, but dont let go." He grabs your hands and puts it on the dolphins back. He grabs on to the dophin next to you. Calisto whistles again and they start swimming. "Oh my gosh! This is so much fun!" You yell. They swim in a circle around the lagoon, after 5 minutes you guys are back. "So what'd you think?" He asks you. "That was so much fun!" You yell laughing. "Good, i hope you had fun." he smiles at you. "Are you kidding me! This was the most fun i've had in my entire life!" You laugh and hug him. He hugs you back holding you tightly. "C'mon its getting dark we should go." He says walking out of the water. You guys go to the house and change. After changing you start walking back home.
  8. While you guys are walking back, you feel your being watched again, but you ignore it... "Where here." He says. You feel a little tired. You guys walk in. He walks you up to your room."Thank you." He hugs you tightly. "I had an amazing time." You kiss him on the cheek and walk into your bedroom.
  9. You walk in and go to the bathroom to take a shower. when your done you walk to your closet to chose your PJ's. What do you wear?
  10. After your done changing, you still don't feel tired so you decide to go out on the deck, which is outside your room. Your on the second floor so you have a good view, during the day. At night its super dark. You hear a noise on your left. Its the same noise you heard before. "Hello?" You feel your being watched, AGAIN. So you try to look around. "Oh my gosh!" You saw a black figure run across the floor. You shut your doors, lock them, and run to the nearest room, Max's. *knock,knock,knock* Max opens the door half asleep. "Alex, how many times do i have to tell you, you cant sleep in here." "Uhm.. its me." You laugh. He rubs his eyes. "Oh Marissa, whats up?" Hes awake now. "I'm scared... I was out on the porch in my room and i saw something move outside." You tell him. "Wanna come in?" He asks. "Yeah." You wake in and he shuts the door behind you. "Its probably just some animal, they get lost around here a lot." He smiles at you, which makes you feel a lot better. He has a really cute smile. Nice lips and straight white teeth. Your both sitting on the edge of his huge bed. "If you want you can stay in here." He says. "No i don't want to bother you." You say back. "No its cool, I really don't mind." He looks at you. "You sure?" You ask. "I'm positive." He smiles. "I'll just sleep on the floor." He starts laying out a sleeping bag. "No.. You can sleep you here too. I don't want to kick you out of your own bed, plus I'm kind of scared..." You laughed. "Are you sure its okay?" He says standing up. "I'm positive." You laugh
  11. He gets up and lays on the other side of the bed. "_____.." "Yeah?" You answer. "Your really pretty.. and im taking about gorgeous pretty." He looks at you. You turn and face him. "Thank you." You blush and look down. He lifts your head and stares into your eyes which seems like forever, but you like it. Finally he leans in and kisses you, His lips feel soft against yours and your heart was racing like crazy, you felt loved. He pulls away and smiles at you. You both lay down again. You talked for house until you both finally feel asleep.
  12. (*The next morning*) "Hey Max! I was wonderi- .. what the hell?! ____?!" To be continued...

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