How Well Do You Know The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead isn't just zombies. It is actually much more than that. There is just this, humorous, fantastic story behind it. It makes you realize what you take for granted, and if you have watched the door, you yourself might personally grow into it, like I did.

You think that you know the Walking Dead? Let's find out. You'll see your remembrance skills are. Hopefully they are good. Good luck. But just remember, KEEP ON WATCHING THE WALKING DEAD!

Created by: Natalie Tomlinson
  1. What is the man's name that Rick meets in Season One?
  2. In what season does Rick find his family?
  3. What is Rick' s best friend's name?
  4. What were Rick and his best friend's job?
  5. What does the group call the zombies?
  6. What is the farmer's name in Season 2?
  7. Who gets seriously injured in the premiere of Season 2?
  8. (Follow up question) What happened to him?
  9. In Season 2, which lady gets pregnant?
  10. Who Laurie's son?
  11. Who is Andrea's sister, and how did she pass away?
  12. Where does the group go in Season 3?
  13. What is Carol's daughter's name, and how did she die?
  14. In Season 3, the pregnant lady gives birth where?
  15. How does the pregnant lady pass away?
  16. In Season 2, What happened to the farm?
  17. In the Season finale of Season 2, who dies? (For any reason)
  18. Who saves Andrea in Season 2?
  19. In Season 1, season finale, where specifically do they think is safe?
  20. In Season 3, where is Andrea?
  21. Who wants to take over the refuge in Season 3?
  22. In Season 4: Part 1, where is the group?
  23. In Season 4: Part 2, What is the last sentence said?
  24. Who said that last sentence?
  25. In Season 4: Part 2, where is Beth?
  26. Joe (The leader of the group that Daryl had been saved by) died how?

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