The day that love cursed your name

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READ THiS OR DIE! Hello, and welcome to my new story quiz, 'The day that love cursed your name'! It's not about magic, or boys kidnapping you, but about everyday life!!!!!

So, you're name is _____, and you have just moved from California to New York because your mum has a new job. Youf first day is a bit weird, but you meet lots of new people. *Cough*boys*Cough*! Please comment and rate!

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  1. [Date; 01 July, (The year now)... Place; New York City... Time; 9:00 am] Late, on your first day as well! Typical first impression on the school! Why did you have to move to New York? You missed your old home, in California! You run up the steps and through the main door. You run to your first lesson, out of breath. You walk in, trying to make being late look a fashion. The teacher see's you. "Oh, _____! I'm glad you made it! Just in time!" she says, and walks up to you. "Right class, this is ______. She's new here. So, go on _____, tell us about yourself," she says. You look at the class, nervous.
  2. "Well, hi everyone! I'm ______ _______, like Miss said, and I'm new here," you say, and the teacher nudges you to continue. "Well, I like swimming, and ridding my bike." The teach seems more please with this, and then asks, "Any questions people?" Instantly lots of people put there hands up, most of them laughing boys. "Right, Abby?" the teach says, pointing to a girl at the back of the class. She has blonde hair in pigtails, and bright green eyes. "______, where did you move from?" she asks. "California," you say, and most of the boys start whistling.
  3. "Children, please quieten down," the teacher says, and then points to a boy. He was one of the laughing ones, who also whistled. "_____, do you have a boyfriend, cause my friend Darren here need a girl in his life, even if it's a b***h like you," he says, and you instantly get angry. "KANE! GET OUT NOW!" the teach says, and Kane stands up and walks out, winking at you as he walks out. "Sorry about that ______," the teacher says. "Right, Ned," she says. Ned was sat next to Abby. He has blonde hair and blue eyes.
  4. "Hi _____, if you came from California, and i'm not meaning to interupt your buisness, or anything, but why did you move here? I'm sure everyone in this room would love to live there," Ned says, making you smile. He likes, like you do, California! "Well, my mum got a job, so i have to move," you say. Finally, the teach lets you sit down. You sit next to Abby and Neb,, since they're the only people being nice to you.
  5. They both smile as you take a seat. You have to sit next to Ned, because there is someone sat on the other side of Abby, and she is sat next to Ned. Ned smiles at you. Something in his eyes make you smile back. "Hey ______, im Ned," he says, holding out a hand. You shake it. "Nice to meet you," you say. Abby smiles. "Hello ____! I guess you know I'm Abby, hiya!" she says. You feel happy! You though you wouldn't get any friends! You and Ned talk throughout the whole lesson, and the teacher doesn't mind. Abby is less talkative, but joins in once in a while. Ned is very kind, and even invites you around to his house, though you can't, becuase you've got to help your mum unpack.
  6. The lesson goes really fast, and you go to your new locker. Or should i say, old locker? It was battered really badly, and when you try and open it, it wouldn't. You were going to be late for class if you didn't open it soon. Just then, someone reaches over your shoulder and opens it for you. You turn around to see a boy stood there. He has dirty blonde hair and very very very dark brown eyes, almost black. "Hiya, sorry! That locker always gets stuck. Normally i would ignor the person opening it, but i could see that you don't want to be lat, and i just had to help you, and..." he says, looking very nervous. He stops when his eyes meet yours. "Thanks," you say. You hold out a hand. "_____," you say, and he shakes your hand. "Mike," he smiles.
  7. Jut then, the bell goes. Mike quickly scrambles in his bag and pulls out a piece of paper. He hands it to you. "Here, call me," he says, and walks off. You look at the paper to see his number on it. You sigh, and walk to your second lesson, history. You sit down in class, looking for Ned and Abby. They must be in a different class. You sit next alone. Someone comes and sits next to you. It's a boy. He's got Black hair and Green eyes. "Hello stranger," he smiles. You ignor him. "Oi, lady! I'm talking to you," he says, waving a hand in front of your face. You push his hand away. You face him. "Why is this school full of loonys?" you say. He looks hurt. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to be like that! I was just going to say hi," he says, looking even hurt. You feel really bad about taking his 'hello' the wrong way, and hold a hand out. "_____," you say. He smiles. "Beck," he says, shaking your hand. "I'm sorry about that! Its just i'm new, and lots of boys have been a bit mean to me!" you say. "Yer, there is a lot of jerks in this school! At least i'm not one of them!" he smiles!
  8. You find the history really hard. "Hey, need some help with that?" Beck asks, and shows you his paper. The teacher gives Beck detention for helping you cheat, but lets you off because it's your first day. "Sorry!" you whisper to Beck. "No worries! Anytime you need me, just ask!" he says, smiling!
  9. You feel really bad about making Beck have detention, even though he's been nice to you, helping you. So, you do somwthing daring. You stand up and walk out of the class. The teacher comes running after you. "Where do you think you're going?" he asks. "I don't want to do history!" you say, and the teacher gets outraged. "DETENTION!" he shouts, and pushes you back into the room. You sit back down, Beck slightly smiling.
  10. The day goes really fast, and then, at the end of the day, you've got detention with Beck. You both get to the class. The teacher has left a note of his desk. '____ ____ and Beck Sanders, i will not be in for a couple of minutes for your detention. Do not leave, or i will know and have you both expelled. Don't talk. Mr. Raddles.' You both look at the note. "Should we leave?" Beck asks, and you laugh. Funny joke! You both sit down next to each other. "Is this all we do, talk?" you ask, and Beck nods. "Most people would do other stuff when the teacher's not here, like make out." Beck smiles at the last part, which kinda creeps you out. "I saw how you walked out of the lesson because you felt bad about giving me detention. Or, did you do it because you just wanted to spend time with me?" he jokes, making you laugh. "Shut up! No, i just elt really bad. I cant let someone take detention because they helped me!" you say. Beck smiles. You finish your detention and walk home. On the way past the local park, you see a boy sat on a bench, waving to you.
  11. You walk over and see it's guy. He's got Brown hair and Hazel eyes. You sit next to him. "Hiya!" you say. He smiles. "Hi! Sorry! I saw you, and i just couldn't let you walk off without saying hi to you!" he says. You're confused. WHAT?! "Oscar," he say, holding out his hand. "____," you say, shaking it. "So ______, you're new, arne't you? You live next door to me, don't you?" he says. You remember seeing him the other day. "Oh yer! I thought i knew you from somewhere!" you smile. Just then, your phone rings. It's your mom. She wants you home! You tell Oscar. "Oh... Do you want me to walk you home?" he asks. You both stand up and walk to your house. Oscar tells you that he's lived in his house for ages, and he knows all the best places to hang out, and the people not to mess with. You finally get to your house. He walks you up to your front door. "So then ______, i'll see you around!" he says, and kisses you on the cheek and walks to his house. You can't help but watch him walk down your path and up his. You walk inside.

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