Love Satisfies the Hunger Part 3

Meet our new boy in the series: Daniel!!! Son of Tantalus, cursed by the gods to never eat again. Daniel has died, but has returned for the Underworld and wants to satisfy his eternal starvation.

Who will you choose? Who will you end up with . . . more importantly . . . WILL YOU COMMENT ON THIS?

Created by: Jeanette

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  1. You left of when you go back to sleep and. . . hear a knock at your door. You groan, now unable to get some sleep. But your frustration melts away when you open the door. A boy(ur age of course) is standing in the doorway. His hair is golden blonde and his eyes are caramel brown. He is wearing a black-and-white striped shirt and blue jeans. The boy smiles sheepishly. "Hi, my name's Daniel. I've been traveling and prefer not to sleep in the woods. Would you mind if I stayed for one night?" He asks. You're a bit confused. He has no backpack with him, so how was he traveling without food? He's cute though, so you let him in. "Thank you so much." He says. "No problem, I'll make some dinner for you." You say. "No!" Daniel says suddenly. You turn around and give him a suspicious look. "Why not?" You ask. "Sorry, I mean. . .I already ate." Daniel says nervously. You can tell he's lying. "But you have no food with you, or water." You observe. Daniel sighs and sits on your couch. "I. . .can't eat. My father was cursed by the gods that he could never eat again, his name was Tantalus." Daniel tells you. "But Tantalus got cursed because he fed his children to the gods, what about you?" You ask. "I was spared by my father, I am ashamed to say I was his favorite son. I was cursed along with my father." Daniel says. "That's so sad." You say compassionately. Daniel looks at you and smiles. You decide not to eat, because you don't want to make Daniel feel bad. You set blankets and pillows on the couch for him to sleep on. He thanks you and you go to your room and dream about:
  2. After your dream, you wake up to Daniel in the middle of kissing you. His eyes are closed, but open when you push him off of you. Daniel looks shocked, realizing he woke you up. He blushes. "I-I'm sorry, I should be heading off now." Daniel turns to leave, but you yell "Wait!". Daniel turns around, not smiling, but you can tell he's happy you wouldn't let him leave. "It's . . . okay, I guess. Just um, WHY were you doing that?" You ask him. Daniel blushes brighter. "I think your beautiful, Karly. I couldn't stop myself." He says embarrasedly. You giggle and get out of bed and hug him. Daniel's face looks shocked, but smiles and hugs you back.
  3. You tell Daniel your going for your daily walk. Daniel stays at your house while you walk through the field. After about ten minutes of walking, Richard runs up from behind and tickles you. You laugh and push him away. "Whatcha doin?" He asks you. "Oh Richard, can we make a date later? I have a guest at my house." You tell him. (stupid you) Richard narrows his eyes. "Who?" He asks. "Just a guy who came to my door." You tell him. (again, STUPID!) Richard makes a growling noice in the back of his throat. Instead of yelling at you and tackling you like you thought would happen, Richard pulls you against his chest and kisses you. Only for a few seconds, just long enough to make it clear that you are his.
  4. "I intend on meeting your guest some time." Richard tells you. He kisses your cheek one last time and heads into the woods. You return to your house, seeing Daniel chasing a carton of milk around your living room. He spots you, stops, and the milk flies back into the refridgerator. You crack up and Daniel stands up, brushing his pants off. "Sorry, I may be dead, but I'm still hungry!" Daniel says, blushing.
  5. Someone knocks at your door. "Karly, are you home?" Jason's voice asks. "Who's that?" Daniel asks you. You answer by opening the door and Jason steps in. "Hello, I didn't realize you had a guest." Jason says, a little dissappointed. Daniel studies Jason for a moment. "You're a vampire." Daniel claims. "Yes, I am. How did you-" "I've been to the Underworld." Daniel interrupts Jason. "Oh, I see. I was hoping I could speak with Karly in private, actually." Jason tells Daniel.
  6. Daniel stiffens and nods his head. Then he exits the house and sits on the lawn. You look at Jason, his eyes glowing red, then they turn back to their normal gold. "Jason!" You exclaim. "What?" Jason asks. "You MADE him leave?" You ask, already knowing the answer. Jason reddens. "S-Sorry, I needed him to leave." Jason says embarrasedly. He takes your hands in his and looks at you. You look at him and smile. "Karly, you're so beautiful, you make me feel alive again." Jason tells you sincerely. You kiss him, but pull away just as quick. Jason closes his eyes. "Karly, would you like to go out tomorrow?" He asks shyly. "Why are you closing your eyes?" You ask Jason. "Just in case. . . you know." Jason says. "Yes, the red eyes. . .I'll go out with you tomorrow." You tell him. He opens his eyes, red for a moment, but they fade into gold. He smiles. You decide to meet in the forest clearing for dinner.
  7. Jason leaves and Daniel comes back in, putting his hand on his head. "Did he just...?" Daniel asks. "Sorry, he does it on accident sometimes." You tell him. Daniel nods. "Hmmm...well, I'm going to make my own camp in the woods, thank you for letting me stay." Daniel says smiling. "Will you visit?" You ask. "Most definately." Daniel replies. He leans over and kisses you softly, then leaves again. You flop into your bed and sigh. "So tired." You mumble to yourself. You fall asleep(a dreamless one). You wake up to your door creaking open. It's dark, so you can't see who it is. You figure they can't tell your awake, so you watch the figure. It walks over to you and touches your face. Then it reaches for its pocket and pulls out a dark ball of dust. Your thinking that's gross, but the figure blows it into your face. You start coughing. "Why did you . . . why. . .?" You say and fall asleep. You wake up pressed against someone behind you and someone's left hand over your shoulder and the right hand on your hip. You look behind you and see(shockingly!*sarcasm*)Bradley. "Bradley, do you ever ASK?" You say sleepily. Bradley wakes up and yawns. "Mm? What did you say?" Bradley asks, his eyelids drooping. "You should ask nextime, kay?" You ask him, but he already fell back to sleep.
  8. You accidentally fall back asleep. Hours later, you awake, with Bradley still next to you. You look at your clock and see that it's 5:37p.m. You jump out of bed, shocked how late you slept in. "Bradley!" You yell. You startle him and he falls off your bed. "What? What?" He asks. "We slept in so late!" You tell him. Bradley chuckles. "Yes, I used sleeping powder for a good night's rest." Bradley says smiling. "Well, I want some alone time right now, okay?" You tell him. "Sure." Bradley says, then leaves. You shower, do your hair, and wear:
  9. You meet Jason in the clearing. He set up a black laced picnic blanket, red candles(lit of course), a chicken for dinner and red velvet cake for dessert. Jason looks at you. His eyes turn red, but he shakes his head and they turn back to normal. He smiles apologetically, then pats to his side. You sit next to him. An hour later, after you finished dinner and dessert, you and Jason lay back on the blanket and look at the stars. Jason takes your hand, brings it to his lips, and kisses it. You squeeze his hand tighter and Jason sets it on his chest, still holding it. "The stars are beautiful." Jason says. "Yeah." You reply. You sit there in peace for twenty minutes, when you spot a shooting star. "Jason, make a wish." You say. Jason closes his eyes, then opens them again. "What did you wish for?" You ask. "Can't tell you, it might not happen." Jason says. You close your eyes and wish . . .
  10. You go back to your house and climb into bed, exhausted. You fall asleep immediately. You wake up(it's midnight btw) and feel something pressed against you and holding your waist. "Bradley, I said to ASK." You say sleepily. "Bradley?" Richard's voice asks. "Richard?" You ask, shocked. You get out of bed and turn on the lamp light. You see Richard in your bed. "Sorry, just thought I might give it a shot." Richard says nonchalantly. "Richard. . .you NEED to ASK." You tell him sternly. "Okay, may I sleep in here with you?" He asks. "No, it's too late for that." You say crossly. Richard gets out of your bed, faces you and kisses you. You push him away, but he pulls you back. He's too strong, you can't get him to let go. It was a long, long, LONG kiss, you were actually enjoying it. Richard finally lets go of you and waits for your reply. "*sigh* You can sleep in here, I guess. (Why'd you say that?)
  11. You wake up the next morning with a note on your dresser. It says: 'Dear Karly, I left early this morning for my hunt. I'll talk to you later. -Richard.' You shrug, shower, ect. then go for your morning walk. You enter the forest and see Daniel sitting under a tree. He sees you, gets up and walks over to you. "Hey!" Daniel says. "Hiyah." You reply. "What are you up to?" He asks you. "Walking." You reply again. "May I join you?" Daniel asks. "Sure." You say. You and Daniel walk through the woods, out in the field, then back to your house. Daniel and you enter your house and sit on the couch. Silence fills the room for a moment until Daniel breaks the stillness. "Karly? I have to ask you something." He says. . . .CLIFFHANGER!!!
  12. Okay. . . which is your favorite food?
  13. Kay, bye now!

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