Love Satisfies the Hunger

The world is full of love, you just have to look for it. Love comes your way when you meet two boys. Jason: Vampire Bradley:Werewolf

Love satisfies both of these boy's hunger for human flesh or blood. Will a new love come into your life? If you have an idea, please comment. Btw, it has to be something that either eats flesh or blood. Otherwise, it wouldn't match the title. Thanks!

Created by: Jeanette
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  1. You awake in the woods. You're lying in the hard ground, not knowing how you got there. "Hmmm, must've slept walked." You say. You get up and look around. (BTW, ur name is Karly, ur 14 and u live in a cabin by the forest) The woods seem dark around you, so calming you want to stay, but you fear for your mother. She must be worried sick! You run back to your house and see your mother has slept in. You crawl back into your bed and got to sleep. Soon after, your mother awakes and tells you she has to visit her sick sister for a week. You're excited and help her pack. After that's done, she drives her truck down the dirt road and out of sight.
  2. Curiosity overcomes you and you enter the forest. You find its beauty and tranquility relaxing, so you sit and shut your eyes. You hear a sound, like the crunching of leaves. You look up and see that a boy was trying to walk past you, thinking you were asleep. His jeans were black just like his muscle shirt. His hair was black and long. His eyes startle you, they're golden and sparkle. You find yourself staring at him. "Um, who are you?" He asks, his voice lifting you off your feet. "I . . .uh, I'm Karly." You stutter. "Why are you in the woods?" He asks.
  3. He laughs to your answer, which gives you butterflies. "You're very pretty, Karly. Would you like to go for a walk." He asks, extending his hand towards you. You reluctantly take his hand and he pulls you up. Not knowing how light you really are, he pulls to hard and he falls backwards, you now on top of him. You both stare into each other's eyes, completely mesmerized by each other. He smiles and you get off of him. You can feel your face getting red. He chuckles. "I didn't realize how light you are, sorry." "No, don't be. It's . . . fine." You respond. He leads you into a clearing in the forest where you both sit down. "What's your name anyways?" You ask him. "My name is Jason." He replies. "Cool." You say. You and Jason sit there in silence,when you can't help it anymore. You place your head on his shoulder and sigh. He looks at you, a bit shocked, then his golden eyes turn red. He licks his lips. You are frozen somehow. You can't move. He leans over to your neck, revealing his long, sharp fangs. His hot breath down your neck and his eyes glowing red, he prepares to bite you. Then, his eyes widen and they turn back to gold. He backs away from you. "I-I almost . . . please, leave. I'm a monster. Please go!" With that he runs away, leaving you in the clearing.
  4. You walk back to your house when something pounces on your back. Your back is toward it but it turns you around. You see a boy in tattered jeans and no shirt. His hair is short, shaggy, and brown. His eyes are blue and the examine you with interest. His face turns from "I will eat you" to "Ohmygosh what have I done?". He gets off of you and stares at you. You get up and face him. "Why'd you tackle me?" You demand. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were . . . were. . ." He stutters. "What? A girl?" You ask. "Yes, the shadows covered you, I didn't realize, please forgive me." He bowed his head. You're in shock. This guy has manners. "It's cool, just, why did you attack anyways?" You ask curiously. He lifts his head and smiles weakly. "Well, werewolfs have to eat, you know." He says.
  5. He smiles. "What is your name, beautiful one?" He asks, making you blush. "It's Karly." You respond. "Karly . . . beautiful." He muses. "You're not going to eat me are you?" You tease. He laughs. "No no, I wouldn't eat such a gorgeous young women . . . oh! Where are my manners? My name's Bradley." Bradley says. "Nice to meet you." You say. Bradley's eyes turn red. "Meat?" He asks. You giggle. "No I meant. . . ah nevermind." He say. His eyes turn back to blue. You both sit and admire the forest. You rest your head on his shoulder, but can't help thinking about Jason. Is he alright? Should I look for him? Will he come for me? You ponder theses thoughts and get up. "I should go back home." You tell Bradley. He nodds and you leave. On your front porch, you get the eerie felling your being watched.
  6. You have dinner and get into bed. Before you can fall asleep, you hear a Creeeeaaaaak! You sit up, knowing it was the front door. A shadowy figure enters you room. Scared, you turn on the lamp light. You see Jason, squinting from the light of the lamp. "Jason!" You exclaim, getting out of bed and hugging him. "I thought you left for good." You tell him. You look up at him, his golden eyes full of sadness. "I thought I accidentally put a spell on you, that you didn't like me, just what was happening." He looked away in shame. You touch his face. "You did put a spell on me, but not in the bad ways." You say. Jason turns back to you, a compassionate smile plays on his lips. You both share a kiss. If you've ever kissed a vampire, you know that it's hard to put into words. It's like, when you close your eyes, you're spiraling down a never ending whirpool and your body feels like Jello. The kiss is soft, passionate and loving. When you open your eyes, you realize you had been kissing him for a little over a minute. You both blush and kiss again.
  7. The next morning, you awake remebering after the kiss, Jason left. You smile and get ready. You have breakfast and walk around your yard. Something covers your eyes from behind and says. "Guess who?" "Jason?" You ask. "Who's Jason?" The voice asks. You turn around and see Bradley. Oops. "Just messing with you." You lie. He locks his fingers with yours and looks deeply into your eyes. A sudden feeling washes over you. You feel like you both are the only ones in the world. He smiles and you smile back. "Wanna hang out?" He asks. "S-Sure." You say, blushing.
  8. You and Bradley sit in the field by your house. He points out clouds in thesky and tells you what they look like. You close your eyes for a moment, but hear a crunching noise. You look at Bradly, crunching on something, and feathers hanging out of his mouth. He looks at you with red eyes, he gulps and they return to normal. "Sorry, I couldn't help myself." He says smiling. You laugh, basically saying it's fine. You spend the rest of the afternoon watching the clouds when he sits up and you do the same. "Karly?" He asks. "Yes?" You respond. "May I kiss you?" He asks, serious. You are shocked. He's actually asking? How sweet is that? "Uh . . . s-sure." You say. He leans in and kisses you, I was half-expecting to taste birds, but I actually tasted chocolate. Ironic because dogs can't eat chocolate. The kiss was exciting. He got on top of me and we began rolling in the grass. I tried not to smile, but I couldn't help it.
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  10. One last question . . . WHO DO YOU LOVE???

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