Love Satisfies the Hunger Part 2

Part 2 is here! Hazzah! You will meet a new character in this love sequel. . . btw, a figured out a new character! Hint: He CAN'T EAT, not that he wants to eat you. Muhahahah, I am devious >:D

In this romantic part 2, you find out Bradley has a brother! But will his love be too much? Will you have to choose between Bradley and his brother? What about Jason?

Created by: Jeanette
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  1. You wake up in your bed, remembering that after spending the afternoon with Bradley, but before you can get ready, you hear a mournful groan outside your window. You run outside and go to your window. A boy is clenching his stomach, groaning in pain. His jeans are ripped and his bare chest is bleeding from a large cut. "Ohmygosh." You say. The boy looks up, his face full of fear as well as his emerald eyes. His expression turns from fear to a long stare as soon as he sees you. "W-Who are you?" His voice cracking as he spoke. Instead of introducing yourself, you run to him and get on your knees. He winces and you put your hand on his shoulder. He winced again. "I-I . . .need . . .help." He said before he collapses in your arms. You take him inside your house and lay him down on your bed. He breaths softly and you can't help but notice his gentle face and perfect muscles. You wrap a bandage around his chest and he smiles in his sleep. You smile back. Half an hour later, the boy awakes and you're sitting on the bed next to him. "Thank you for nursing me back to health, precious one." He said with a weak voice. You smile. "It's no problem . . . who are you anyways?" You ask. "My name is Richard, precious one." He says calmly. You giggle. "Actually, my name's Karly. But I don't mind 'precious one'." You say. He laughs, but falls back asleep. In his sleep, he says. "You will be mine Karly."
  2. You watch Richard mumble in his sleep, when Bradley comes into your room. "Karly? Do you want-" He stops and spots Richard on the bed. His face turns into a scowl and he turns to me. "What is HE doing here?" Bradley says pointing to Richard. "He was injured outside my house." You say, startled by Bradley's attitude. He puts his hands on your shoulders. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap. This . . . he is my brother, Richard. He left my family a long time ago, he had lost his love to another and never was the same. He gets aggressive when jealous, and I don't want him to hurt you." Bradley says sincerely. "Don't worry, I'll be careful." You say then kiss his cheek.
  3. You leave Jason at your house while you go into the woods for a walk. After a moment in the woods, Jason comes out from behind a tree, his eyes glowing red. "Karly, would you like to have some fun?" He asks slyly. Why not? I mean, how bad could it be? But you notice his red eyes, which only happens when his vampire powers overwhelm him. "Uh . . . n-no thanks." You nervously say. His narrows his eyes on you. They begin to glow brighter, sinking into your mind, making it go blank. You find yourself saying. "Y-Yes . . .I'll go with you." Jason smiles wickedly and takes your hand. Your body is moving for you, you struggle to fight the trance, but to no avail. He leads you into the clearing and sits you on a log. "Karly, my beautiful rose, you're beauty is worthy of a vampire's." Jason says. He puts his arms around you, while you stare blankly at him.
  4. Jason kisses you passionately, you can move your arms again, and you wrap them around him and run your hand through his hair. He stops and looks at you, shocked. His eyes return to their normal gold color. "Ohmygod, I-I'm so sorry. I got carried away. Your beauty besieged me, I couldn't resist." He said shamefully. You smile understandingly. "It's fine, I know the consequences of being with a vampire." You say. Jason let out a sigh of relief and hugs you.
  5. You leave Jason with a smile on his face and go back to your house. You walk in the door, seeing Richard and Bradley arguing. "Guys?" You say. They turn to you, embarrassed they didn't see you come in. "Karly!" Bradley says, then walks up to you. Richard does the same, slightly pushing him. "What's going on guys?" You ask them. "Nothing!" They say in union. You raise an eyebrow, but fake smile. "Well boys, is there anything else?" You ask. The nodd a "no" and leave.
  6. You have a dreamless sleep, but awake to something warm around you. You feel something breathing down your neck. You look down and see two arms around your waist. You look back and see your body pressed against Bradley's. He yawns and opens his eyes. "Good morning my darling princess." He says groggily. "Bradley, why are you in my bed?" You ask, a bit sleepy as well. "Mm? Oh yes, I couldn't help myself. Your just so warm." He says cunningly. You get out of bed and put your hands on your hips. "You little . . ." You say smiling. Bradley grins and gets out of your bed. He puts his hands on your hips and kisses you. He pulls you back onto the bed and continues to kiss you.
  7. Richard storms into your room and pulls Bradley off of you. "What gives?" Bradley demands. "You are taking advantage of a wonderful woman! Leave her alone!" Richard yells. "No I'm not! You may love her, but she will never be yours! She is mine!" Bradley exclaimed. The boys began fighting physically. You try to break up the fight, but are knocked out (accidentally) by Richard. Before you faint, you here Bradley say. "Now look what you've done!"
  8. You wake up to Richard standing over you, staring. You look in the corner of the room and see Bradley slouched in a chair, passed out by the looks of it. "What did you do to him?" You ask weakly. Richard's smile fades. "I-I got a little . . . too harsh I suppose. I made a blow to his head and he passed out. But now I can tell you what I want to in private." He tells you.
  9. "Karly, the moment I saw you, it was like looking at an angel. You made me forget losing my first love, you made me care again." He says, looking deeply into your eyes. "Me?" You ask. "Yes, when I found out Bradley, my brother, had fallen in love with you . . . I got angry. I didn't want to lose you." He strokes your hair. You put your hand on his neck and pull him toward you. You both kissed slowly, loving every minute of it. It lasts about a minute, Richard pulls away, his eyes still closed and a smile spread across his lips. He sighed tenderly. You sit up, regaining your strength. Bradley awakes and woozily stands up.
  10. Bradley notices Richard and lunges at him like a wolf and sends him to the ground. They begin fighting, but you pull Bradley off of Richard. "Bradley calm down! Richard's nice!" You yell. "No way!" He protests. "Bradley, he won't hurt me!" You convince him. Bradley sighs and extends his hand to Richard. Richard takes it and stands up. "Sorry." Bradley says sheepishly. "It's fine, I would've done the same." Richard says looking at you. Before you get into an argument about "Who do you love more Karly?" you say. "Well boys, I'm a little tired, would you mind leaving?" You ask. They nod and exit through the front door. You go back to sleep and . . . CLIFFHANGER!!!
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