The Hunger Games Trivia

Many people claim to be a hunger games genius but if you want to see if they truely are show them this quiz. This quiz will test your ability to memorize all of Katniss' adventures in this amazing series.

With very advanced questions you will find out your very own hunger games IQ will you score high and have the right to say I passed to hunger games trivia or low and live with the shame. Find out now. Satasfaction garruntied or your money back :D

Created by: Qwerty
  1. Remember there is only one right answear to every question this is your only reminder so don't leave a comment saying sonething shouldn't count What is the second book in the hunger games series called?
  2. What district is petta from?
  3. Which hunger games book is called mockingjay?
  4. Who does katniss plan on saving in catching fire?
  5. Why does katniss search for peeta near the end of the first hunger games?
  6. Who is originally called in the reaping of the first hunger games?
  7. How manny books are in the series?
  8. Have I misspelled something?
  9. Back to the hunger games how many districts are there in the end of book 2?
  10. Who makes the trap with the wire in the quarter quell?
  11. Does peeta give katniss bread when they do t know each other to well ?
  12. Do you think you'll high?
  13. Final question will you tell your friends about the hunger games trivia?

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