Which "Hunger Games" District do you belong to?

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The Hunger Games. A worldwide amazing phenomenon inspiring everything from cookbooks to two more books in the Hunger Games series,to a major motion movie, and now, this quiz.

There are 12 Districts described in the series. Each one has its own product, and personality. If you lived in Panem, where would you live at? This quiz will assign you your very own district!

Created by: TheCapitolOfPanem
  1. You are a tribute in the Games. You are in the arena, which seems pretty normal-thick woods to the right, a lake to the left with marshy reeds, a large field behind you, and the Cornucopia right in front of you. When the gong sounds, what is your first move?
  2. What would you want to do on a warm summer night?
  3. What would your main strategy be in the Games?
  4. Pick your favorite thing.
  5. Pick your favorite color.
  6. In the games, which item would you want most?
  7. What do you want to be when you get a job?
  8. Which quality do you value most in a person?
  9. How much money do you think you need to be happy?
  10. Which is the worst kind of pain? (In your opinion)

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Quiz topic: Which "Hunger Games" District do I belong to?