Just Another Love Story... Part 1

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Yup, this is just another love story, although this one has a twist. I'm not going to tell you just yet, or else that'll just ruin the surprise.

In this quiz you will meet all four boys, Caldre Cyrince, an old friend, tall, pale, grey eyes, and hair that falls over one of his eyes. (Your typical emo) Felix Fisher, flirtacious, medium hight, light tan, blue eyes, and red hair. You can see the rest of the boys later...

Created by: Bella.. not from Twilight
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  1. Its a bright sunny Monday morning and you are waiting for your friend Caldre to come and walk with you to school. You aren't surprised that he's late. Probably still reading Harry Potter or Percy Jackson or whateves 'Sheesh!' You think. 'He's taking longer than ever! When he gets over here I am going to rip that book right out of his hands and tear it to peices!'
  2. Finally, Caldre arrives, reading his book. "Caldre!" You yell. "Finally! How could you be so-" You pause when you see he's looking at you with those grey eyes of his, tears streaking down his cheeks. You're surprised because he never cries. "Let's go.." He says between sobs. You completely forget about murdering his book as you head to school.
  3. When you reach school, (Thank goodness you aren't late) you and Caldre go your seperate ways, heading to first period. You're fidling with your binder and you aren't watching where you're going and suddenly SLAM! You are sprawled on the floor due to the impact. You rub your head, as you look for the person who you bumped into. All you see are jeans, and you look up to see the person who bumped into you is now standing, smiling down at you. It's Felix. You mumble thanks under your breath, gather your things, and stand up. "Hey _______!" He says mischeviously. "I liked the view of you down there, your underwear was showing."
  4. Your face goes red and you shove him aside. "You have no right to look at me like that!" You scream. (Just in case you are wondering, you have the type of school uniform that they have in Japan... and you wear a mini skirt type thing.) Then you run over to first perod.
  5. The rest of the school day passes quickly, and Caldre and Felix seem to have dissapered. You saw Caldre during first perod, but it was computer class so he didn't pay any attention to you, as usual. Although he did seem to be kind of stressed. You saw Felix later, during third period, and he seemed normal.. flirting with you, talking about how cute you looked when you did a face plant on the floor. But after lunch, they dissapered completely.
  6. At the end of the school day, you end up walking home alone. Then, all of a sudden, some huge animal pounces on top of you. When you hit the ground, you almost immediately get knocked out. The last sound you hear is a heavy panting, like a dog's.
  7. When you wake up, you are in a huge king sized bed. You look around and see the room you are in is like, 12 times bigger than the bed and its rainbowy, with red walls, an orange dresser, yellow doors, a blue ceiling, green floors, and a purple carpet.
  8. You get up and walk to the yellow painted door. As soon as you touch the doorknob, the door burst open. It hits you right in the face. "OW!" You scream. Four boys walk in. Its Caldre, Felix, and two more boys. One boy has brown hair and deep brown eyes. The other has green eyes and blonde hair.
  9. "What is going on here!?!" You yell. (Lol your yelling a whole lot in this) "Calm down, _____..." Green eyes says. "You don't have to be afraid... " "I don't have to be afraid?" You ask, annoyed. "What do you mean? Some random dudes kidnap me and bring me over to some excessively coloured room and you're telling me not to worry?!" You look over at Caldre and Felix but Caldre is still reading and Felix is looking at anything but you.
  10. "'Kay, ____!" Brown eyes demands. "You probably have no clue what-so-ever why we brought you here, right? Well to start things off, my name is Dane Darly. My friend over here," He gestures towards green eyes, "Is Varik Viper. Then you already know Caldre Cyberioux, and Felix Flaginfisher. And the room was Varik's idea, 'cause he doesn't know what colour you like." "Cyberioux? Flaginfisher?" You ask. "I thought it was Caldre CYRINCE and Felix FISHER. Where'd the other names come from?" "You didn't even tell her your real names?" Dane shouts. Felix cowers and shakes his head. "Okay fine." Then Dane and the others start to shiver. Then a blinding light explodes from them.
  11. When the light clears, infront of you now stands a Great Dane, a Viper, a Siberian Tiger, and a Flagfish in a little fish bowl. "Woah." You say, surprised. "Wait," You point at the Great Dane, "You're Dane," You point to the Viper, "You're Varik," You point at the flagfish, "Felix," you point to the huge Siberian Tiger that has just crushed his book, "..Caldre?" Another flash of light and the boys are standing infront of you again. "You got that right, kid." Dane says after he storms out of the room. "Oh, do not mind him." Varik says in a soft tone. "He is just a bit upset... although I thought Great Dane's were friendly creatures...but then again, we were cursed." "Cursed?" You repeat.
  12. "Yah,____, cursed." Felix says, stepping back. "Cursed to be animals until we find true love." "And you brought me here because..?" "You are the only person who could love us..." Varik explained. "ME? LOVE AN ANIMAL?" Varik continued like you weren't even there. "Because you are, too, an animal like us.. you are a bird." "WHHAATTTT!?!?!" You scream. "We will leave you to think about this.. and.. I really hope you will choose to stay," Varik says. "Because we are giving you the choice... if you truly love us, we will turn back into humans.. goodnight I guess, dinner is in fifteen minues." "B..b..bye, ____" Felix stammers. "I hope you make the right choice.. or else i'll make you.. do another face plant on... th....the floor..." Then they leave, closing the door behind them, Caldre still reading.

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