Unatural love story part 2

Ok so this is part 2 to Unatural Love part 1! I actually have a book with like all the stuff I just need to write it. lol well enjoy and part 3 will be out soon!

So you met all the guys..For now anyway.There's one more so keep reading to find him!I hope you;re enjoying my series so far even though this is only part 2.lol well bye for now people!And keep a look out for the rest!

Created by: muzix4evrz123

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  1. Then out of nowhere,a black wolf with a blue stripe pins the girl against the wall.You fall on the grass and the world goes black.
  2. You awaken in green eyes lap.You try to sit up but a sharp pain passes through you.You cry out.He lays you back in his arms."Emily?"he whispers brushing your hair out of your eyes.
  3. "Guys!Emily's awake!"he calls. Immediately 3 boys come in the room. 2 run to you while sapphire eyes just looks at you.
  4. One has red hair with light gray eyes while the other has brown hair and red eyes.They rush over to you.Green eyes helps you up.Sapphire eyes just stands at the door.
  5. I'm Taylor.That's Matt,Jake and Carter."green eyes says pointing to brown hair,red hair and blonde.Matt and Jake say hi.Carter just leans against the wall and stares.
  6. "Think you remember what happened?" Taylor ask. You nod."Someone started choking and dragging me outside.She said if i used my powers she's kill me.Then a black wolf with a blue stripe pinned her against the wall.I passed out after that."you explain
  7. Carter's eyes turn emerald as you mention the wolf.Then they turn onyx. He grabs his jacket,walks outside and slams the door shut angrily.
  8. "Did I say something wrong?"you ask. "Don't worry about it.Carter can be uh..moody at times.You should get some rest."says Matt smiling at you. But as they walk out the room,you see them glance at each other with worry.
  9. In your dream,you're running through the forest.You don't know why.And then you stop.You look to your right and see...

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