another love story part 1

this is another story about love and all that blah blah blah it is only for girls if ur a boy and take this quiz i think u need special help hope u like my quiz.

you may think u know all about the type of boys that are right for you u may be more into shy boys than bad boys hope you rate and comment on all my quizzes.

Created by: girliegirl14
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  1. your about to go to a new school what do you wear
  2. you go to class and your teacher is there with a boy that is skinny,tall,he has dark brown hair,and black eyes your teacher says class this is John albertstack he sat next to you and said hi my name is John u said hi my name is ~~~~~~ thats a beutiful name he tells you_
  3. you go for your 2nd class but on your way there you bump into a blonde boy with green eyes "oh sorry" he says its ok you say he tells you his name is brian you also find out he loves music and plays guitar
  4. you and your friend Kelly go to the mall after school you guys go into Old Navy you see the boys that you met at school there with 2 other boys you tell your friend you know to of the boys and suddenly you feel a sharp pain suddenly every thing goes black as you scream in pain
  5. you wake up in a purple bed and dont recanize the place you start to feel even more scared when you see 2 boys sitting next to u "hi my name is Freddie and this is Carlos i know ur confused but let me explain u are in great danger" he tells u.You then say "i must be dreaming"you then pinch ur self and nothing happens
  6. the boy starts to talk again "so as i was saying u are in great danger and u interrupt "oh let me guess u guys are here 2 protect me and have special powers or im the chosen one i stoped beliving in that stuff a long time ago
  7. "you will soon belive again"said Carlos "for now u have to live with us"said Freddie then the boys from school walk in how u feeling ask john you answer how
  8. john goes down to u and his lips meet urs welcome to the house he then leaves
  9. u then ask the boys to leave u alone u call ur mom and tell her ur fine and then get ready for bed who or what do u dream about
  10. did u like my quiz

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