Hogwarts love story part 2

K this is a continuation of my previous quiz "Hogwarts love story part 1" so if you haven't done so already please take that one first or this quiz might not make sense.

K this is the second paragraph. Which really has no meaning at all.... you can just skip this k? I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. blah, blah, blah etc. etc.

Created by: Ginger_Person

  1. So here you are second year at hogwarts, first congrats on making it this far. Well here we go, you are in Diagon Alley and you see Draco, Neville, Fred/George, Oliver, Harry and Ron. Who would you most likely go and talk to?
  2. Ok so now fast forward to your train ride on the Hogwarts express and you notice Harry and Ron aren't on the train, so instead you go sit in the compartment with Oliver, Fred, George etc. What are you doing?
  3. You get off the train, to the feast, back to your dormintory, and dream about Harry, for some reason, what would that reason be?
  4. Okay so the next day you wake up and don't remeber who or what you dreamed about, so you continue with your classes and hear that Harry and Ron almost got expelled last night, your feelings?
  5. Ok so another flash forward, it's halloween, and you were feeling kind of sick, when all of a sudden you bump into Harry, what do you say?
  6. He looks at you distractedly, "Oh umm hi, you're _______ aren't you?" "The one and only!" You respond, "Ummmm well I gotts go!!!!!" He yells back, already sprinting away.
  7. "What a flake," comes a voice from the shadows, you practically jump out of your socks. "He thinks he's all special, just because he's famous..." Then Draco steps out from behind a suit of armor. "You're _________ right? I'm Draco, Draco Malfoy." You simply stare at him, not knowing what to say. "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?" He yells, what are you thinking?
  8. "Ummmm, well, ummm nothing." You mutter. And walk away quickly, as you walk away you are thinking
  9. You round the corner and see that the floors are covered in water and Harry, Ron and Hermione staring at the wall. And there is something hanging on the torch you realize that it's a cat and he seems dead what are you thinking?
  10. Thank goodness! The cat wasn't dead just petrified!!! Harry, Ron and Hermione didn't get in trouble!! What are you thinking?
  11. The next day someone comes up behind you, "Hey you're _________ right?" A scottish voice said. You spun around, "You dropped this." He gave you your copy of "A history of magic" "Oh right thanks." You mutter. "Alright bye then..." He turned around, but you thought you saw a slight blush. What are you thinking?
  12. That was weird you thought to yourself and you continued on your way. The next few days were uneventful. Then one history of magic class you realize that someone stuck a note in your "A history of Magic" book. (Oliver sent it) Who do you wish had sent it?
  13. That's all folks! I'm slipting this year into two sections so watch out for part 2.2!!! BYE

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