Hogwarts Part 44

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Find out in this quiz. Starting in your third year, you will get the opportunity to become friends and more with Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, George Weasley, and Oliver Wood.

*Recap* The final Quidditch match occurred after you healed up, and Ravenclaw won. That was literally all there was for the most part. I’m sorry if you prefer longer editions.

Created by: music826
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  1. As I was once again confined to the Ravenclaw common room due to homework, it came as quite a shock to me when Hermione and Ron came bursting into the room. They both looked around, presumably to look for me, and I waved them over to my spot at one of the tables. They ran over, attracting some odd glances from the other Ravenclaws. Ron was holding the Marauder’s Map, while Hermione was clutching the small vial of Felix Felicis that Harry had won in Potions. “What’s going on?” I asked, putting down my quill. “It’s a long story. We’ll tell you everything later, but there are Death Eaters in the castle right now. Harry wanted you to take some of this. Just in case,” Hermione said breathlessly, holding out the vial of Liquid Luck. I took it from her, but didn’t make any move to open it. “Why are there Death Eaters in the castle? Dumbledore wouldn’t-“ “Dumbledore’s not here right now. Just take it. We’ve both taken some, and the others we could get it to. We’ll need all the luck we can get,” Ron urged me. I looked at them both quizzically, but took a tiny swallow after a moment. Even that small amount immediately spread a feeling of confidence and bravery throughout my body. I smiled, feeling as if I didn’t need any more of an explanation. “Let’s go fight some Death Eaters.”
  2. “What? You’re not supposed to go fight!” Ron protested. “I’m not missing out on this!” I replied with a grin, and swept out the door before they could stop me, leaving my homework lying abandoned on the table.
  3. It didn’t take long to find the fight. Shouts and curses were ricocheting around the corridor, amplified far beyond where they were actually taking place. Hermione, Ron, and I were clearly not the only ones joining the battle. Several Order members had joined the fray, along with Ginny and quite a few former DA members and other students. With the boost of confidence I had received from the Felix Felicis, I jumped right into the battle. It was something I never would have done otherwise, but the potion seemed to be working since spells were coming close, but never quite hitting their target. All the same, I took a lucky potion, not a stupid potion. When a spell came my way, I dodged it by a hair. For once, nobody was yelling at me to get out of the fight either. Everyone was playing their part to defend Hogwarts. I just hoped we all got out of it alive.
  4. I successfully Stunned another Death Eater, only to be hit from behind and go sprawling onto the floor. I raised my head slightly to see Harry sprinting down the corridor without so much as an apology. However, considering the situation, I really didn’t care too much. But another person soon showed up that I definitely did NOT want to see.
  5. Before I could get to my feet, my mother had me locked in her familiar steely grip. “Hello, mother.” “Come with me. Please,” she pleaded, tugging on my arms lightly. One thing I was thankful for in that moment was that she couldn’t Apparate out of the castle. Unless she wanted to drag me singlehandedly to the border, I wasn’t going anywhere with her. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” I said disbelievingly. After everything she had done before, she still thought I was just going to follow her into the unknown. “The Dark Lord. He’s growing impatient with me. You mustn’t continue to resist,” she continued, pulling me forward with a sudden burst of strength. I was forced to follow or I would’ve landed flat on my face “Then just accept that I’m not going to join you. It’s that simple,” I said angrily. “I can’t keep making excuses for you, Cassandra. The Dark Lord is clever. He already grows suspicious of where your loyalties lie,” she hissed. “Well, good. He should be,” I said cockily, and broke out of her grip in a sudden break for a door to the outside. Knowing she was close behind, I broke into a run, fleeing all the way down towards the Dark Forest and Hagrid’s hut. As I was approaching, searching for sanctuary, the hut suddenly burst into fire. I reared back, feeling the heat of the flames on my face. The Death Eaters that had just caused the sickening act cackled in celebration. I veered off in the other direction, careful not to go out of the Hogwarts boundary. I saw Harry struggling with Snape farther off, but since he seemed to be in no mortal danger, a different figure caught my attention.
  6. Draco was running straight for the boundary, clearly eager to vacate the scene. I fought to catch him, but he was just too far away by then. Snape came running as well, and Draco briefly stopped at the top of a hill, waiting for the professor. He caught sight of me, but all I saw there was fright. I was still several yards away when Snape met him at the top of the hill. “I’m sorry,” I heard Draco yell as they Disapparated, off to who knew where. I let my feet carry me a few more steps forward, and then stopped, lacking the determination to move on. I stood in a silent mourning for a second. I didn’t know what Draco had done, but I had a feeling he wasn’t going to be returning to Hogwarts next year. And thus ended my very rocky friendship with Draco Malfoy.
  7. I stumbled down the hill again, the effects of the Felix Felicis long gone by then. I no longer felt confident, or even useful. I just felt small and insignificant. My mother must’ve left with the rest of the Death Eaters, for even as unprotected as I was just then, I walked all the way back to Harry unscathed. He was with Hagrid, using his wand to help put out the fire. I joined them, watering down the last few flames as best I could. Few words were exchanged as we finished up, and I hung back as Harry and Hagrid walked back to the castle. I made my way along at my own dejected pace, knowing that whatever I was going to find back at the castle wasn’t going to be good.
  8. I went back up to the grass right below the Astronomy Tower, where a crowd seemed to be huddled. There was no question why – the Dark Mark was high above the tower, ominously marking the place where someone had been murdered by one of Voldemort’s Death Eaters. I gently pushed towards the front to see who it was, and saw Harry knelt by the body. Dumbledore. I felt my hand inch up to cover my mouth in horror. I hadn’t known the headmaster very well, but most everyone knew him to be the kind, incredibly gifted man he was. Of all people, I couldn’t believe he was the one that had died. The crowd was dead silent for once, and I numbly moved my feet to kneel beside Harry. I took his hand and gently pulled him to his feet after a few moments. “Come on,” I urged him gently, and we made our way into the castle again. Ginny joined us as we moved away and informed us that Bill had been attacked by Fenrir Greyback and was in the Hospital Wing. Seizing the opportunity to go somewhere, anywhere but where Dumbledore was lying like a broken statue, we made our way up to see if everyone else was okay. It seemed everyone but Bill had suffered only minor injuries. I vacated the scene soon after the Weasleys showed up, feeling like it wasn’t my place to stay.
  9. Dumbledore’s funeral took place just before term ended. People were flooding in from all sorts of places to pay their respects. It was hard to sit through. Many of the students were leaking tears, and I was no exception. I sat next to Harry, who couldn’t seem to hold them back. I grasped his hand for support, knowing he had been on a trying ordeal the night Dumbledore died. But I knew he was still holding something back from me. It was something that seemed to involve Dumbledore, but I didn’t press for information. However, as he joined Ron and Hermione, I could tell that they were in on the secret and couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy. Maybe I was Harry’s friend, but I was never going to be a part of the Gryffindor trio.
  10. I looked away from the three best friends, feeling oddly empty. Harry always had Hermione and Ron by his side, and I knew they weren’t returning to Hogwarts again from what I had heard. But what did the future hold for me?
  11. *music826* I have one year left to go now! I know this year was a little (or a lot) rushed, and seventh year is a bit as well, but I hope it isn’t so obvious that it isn’t worth reading. I also apologize for any typos or oddly structured sentences. I wrote these all in a row and didn’t bother to read through it all. As far as my posting schedule, I’m going to start posting one, two, or three editions every week (probably during the weekend). I’m at Part 50 right now, so I just don’t want to catch up too fast. Until next time :)

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