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  • Story Anyone? :)
    "I thought it was brilliant! I don't really have much to add for ideas, though. Is this another story project of yours?"
  • "Name: Marissa Halder Age: Fifteen Year: Fifth House: Slytherin Blood Status: Half-blood Physical "
  • harry potter
    "I loved the books, but I only liked the first four movies."
  • Soap
    "(I have to go, too. Homework...ugh.)"
  • Soap
    ""Hello," I tried, and he appraised me coolly. "I'm Adara. Adara Levell," I said in introduction. "Scorpius Malfoy," he said after a momen..."
  • Soap
    "At last, the train arrived in Hogsmeade. Instead of going to the carriages with the rest of the students, all of the first years piled into..."
  • Soap
    "Roxanne and I talked most of the way about Hogwarts. We went to go change into our robes once it began to get dark. I immediately bumped i..."
  • Soap
    "He ducked out of the way and disappeared into another compartment down the corridor, shooting a mischievous smile my way. "Is he always tha..."
  • Soap
    "A brown-haired boy with dark skin poked his head into the compartment. "Roxy, you forgot your rat," he said mischievously, depositing a scr..."
  • Soap
    ""I'm not sure. My mum was in Ravenclaw, but my dad was in Slytherin. Probably one of those," I said ponderously. "Well, I think I'm going..."
  • Soap
    "(Sorry, can't think of anything) "I'm Adara Levell," I said, shaking her proffered hand. "So what house do you think you'll be in?" "
  • Soap
    "(I'm going to be terrible at this) I hopped onto the train, waving to my parents one last time. I dragged my trunk down the corridor"
  • Soap
    "Okay, so I just make a character? Name: Adara Levell Age: 11, year 1 Wand: Larch, 12", phoenix feather core"
  • Soap
    "Oh, wait, I'm here."
  • Soap
    "Yeah, I'm here."

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