Hogwarts Part 10

In this quiz, you can become a part of Hogwarts. Join Harry’s adventures and meet the beloved characters of Harry Potter, along with some new ones as the story progresses. Starting in your third year, you can experience Hogwarts life for yourself.

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Find out in this quiz. Starting in your third year, you will get the opportunity to become friends and more with Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Oliver Wood.

Created by: music826

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  1. Wow, double digits! I honestly didn’t think I would get this far, so I thank you all for the support. It really helps when I have doubts about my writing. Also, I have a whole Christmas break ahead, so I’m going to try to get out as many parts as possible before I go back. Without further ado, Part 10! *Recap* In the last edition, you spent most of the summer getting to know your half sister Arianna. Towards the end of the holidays, you went to the Burrow with Ron and Harry before the Quidditch World Cup. At the match, you ran into Oliver for the first time since you left Hogwarts, watched Ireland win the game, and got into some trouble with some Death Eaters that attacked the campsite. Draco managed to save you, though, and Oliver attacked him with a spell in the forest. Eventually, you made your way back to the Weasley’s the next morning and went to King’s Cross Station to board the Hogwarts Express at the end of the summer.
  2. The train ride was rather uneventful for the most part. I found a compartment with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Ginny and Arianna seemed to have hit it off well, so I no longer had to keep a constant watch on my sister. Over the course of the ride, many of our friends stopped in, including Neville. As soon as he poked his head in, I jumped up from my seat and threw my arms around his neck in greeting. “Neville!” I exclaimed delightedly. I hadn’t seen him all summer, and we had only exchanged a few letters. “Oh, hello, Cassandra! I didn’t know you would be here,” he said happily, brightening up considerably. Blushing slightly, he smiled and sat down beside me, joining in our conversation eagerly. He seemed less nervous than usual, and a little more talkative. He tuned into our talk of the Quidditch World Cup enviously. I showed him my Omnioculars while Ron displayed his figurine of the Bulgarian seeker Viktor Krum. As Neville gazed at them in amazement, a drawling voice sounded from the compartment door.
  3. Draco was standing in the opening. As usual, he started to insult Ron the moment he appeared. After a moment or two, he suddenly seemed to notice my presence with the Gryffindors. He stiffened up for a moment, but then regained his superior demeanor. “I see you’re still hanging around with this lot,” he said contemptuously. I glared back at him with a stony expression. “And I see you’re still hanging around with these two idiots,” I retorted, gesturing at his Slytherin minions, Crabbe and Goyle. It was a little rude, but he deserved it. My Gryffindor companions snickered in appreciation. “I still think Slytherin suits you,” he said with an annoying smirk. I could feel almost everyone in the compartment tense up at his statement, particularly Neville. “Slytherin house is for cowards. Cassandra’s as brave as anyone in Gryffindor, if not more,” he said protectively, but it seemed to have taken all of his courage to stand up for me. Draco grinned maliciously. “That’s not saying a lot coming from you, Longbottom,” he said with a smirk, but seeing the wands that had appeared in almost everyone’s hands by then, he apparently decided it was time to leave. I turned to Neville gratefully. “Thanks, Neville, but I think you got it wrong. I’m not brave,” I said with a faint laugh. He looked at me earnestly. “I think you just don’t know it yet,” he said, his cheeks going a faint shade of pink. I still had my doubts, but I mumbled my thanks anyway.
  4. The rest of the way went quite smoothly. I went to see my friends Padma, Parvati, and Lavender at one point, just to show them they weren’t forgotten. Eventually, we arrived at the castle and I sat down at Ravenclaw table, once more aware of the division that separated me from my Gryffindor friends. As the first years started to get Sorted, I remembered that Arianna was among them. Suddenly alert, I watched as she sat on the stool, the Sorting Hat on her head. The hat took a short time to debate, but eventually decided her house. I waited for the decision impatiently, and a bit fearfully. “SLYTHERIN!” the Hat announced to the Great Hall for all to hear. I was a bit dismayed. I never had anything against Slytherins, but they always seemed to turn out the most Dark wizards. I watched her sit by her fellow housemates regretfully, feeling the eyes of my friends burning holes in my back. My attention was soon diverted, however. Among other things, such as the late arrival of our new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, Professor Dumbledore announced that the Triwizard Tournament was taking place that year at Hogwarts. I had read about it before, and immediately became interested, but he announced that there was a new age restriction on the tournament.
  5. I settled into another year at Hogwarts quite seamlessly. I had turned in my time-turner due to an extremely full schedule the previous year, and Hermione followed suit. I no longer saw my sister on a daily basis, but she had settled into the school fairly well. Soon enough, another change occurred at Hogwarts. Two other schools were taking part in the Triwizard Tournament, and they arrived in quite memorable fashions. The students from Beauxbatons came in a gigantic flying carriage pulled by equally large golden horses, while the Durmstrang boys came in a ship that appeared from under the water of the Black Lake. A grand feast welcomed them to the school, and the students from Beauxbatons sat at Ravenclaw table, while the Durmstrang students gravitated towards the Slytherin table. A girl with silvery blonde hair sat next to me and introduced herself as Fleur Delacour in a heavy French accent. She did much of the talking, generally complaining about Hogwarts, but despite her rather rude opinions on the castle, I found her somewhat likeable.
  6. Dumbledore soon announced who would be choosing the champions for each participating school and unveiled the Goblet of Fire, which was the “impartial judge” he had referred to before. He reiterated that no student under seventeen years of age would be allowed to enter, and soon after, we returned to bed. The days leading up to the drawing of the names were quite interesting. I headed down with Padma to see who was entering their names, and ran into Harry, Ron, and Hermione. “Oh, hello, Cassandra,” Harry said cheerfully. “Hi, Harry. Er, what are they doing?” I asked, gesturing towards Fred and George, who were standing by the Age Line around the Cup, looking even more mischievous than usual. “They’re trying to get over the Age Line with an aging potion,” Ron said informatively, looking almost enviously in their direction. I snorted skeptically. “That will never work. Dumbledore isn’t fooled that easily, and he drew the Age Line,” I said confidently. Hermione nodded with approval, and we shared a mutual look of superiority. “You’re just like Hermione. I don’t know, if they make it work, I might want to enter,” Ron said dreamily, as if imagining the sort of glory he could attain as champion. Harry nodded his agreement. “What about you, Cassandra?” he asked curiously. “Oh, me? Well, I don’t know. It is breaking school rules…” I said uncertainly. The two boys laughed. “Oh, come on, Cassandra. Like Neville said, be brave,” Ron said jokingly. I went slightly pink, but by then, Fred and George had taken the Aging Potion and stepped over the line. The crowd seemed to be holding its breath, waiting for them to be blasted back. At first, it seemed to work. Then, the two redheaded Weasleys were thrown back across the line, and for good measure, had sprouted identical white beards. Ron practically doubled over with laughter, unable to stand up properly. Harry and I laughed as well, and even Hermione couldn’t keep in a giggle. Fred and George took it quite graciously, laughing at themselves with everyone else.
  7. Just a short while later, it was the night of the drawing of the names. I waited anxiously for the champions to be chosen, curious to know the competitors. Cedric Diggory was chosen for Hogwarts, Fleur Delacour was drawn for Beauxbatons, and Viktor Krum was selected for Durmstrang. I was quite satisfied with the pickings until the flames changed color for a fourth time and spewed out yet another name. Dumbledore announced Harry Potter as the fourth champion. The whole Great Hall went silent, and then burst into a buzz of angry muttering. I watched Harry walk down the tables with a stunned expression on his face. I sent him a sympathetic look as he disappeared with the others. As if it wasn’t enough, the Goblet of Fire spewed out a fifth name. At that, Dumbledore was beginning to look distinctly aggravated, to use a mild term. He announced the name loudly and clearly. Somehow, I already knew what he would say. “Cassandra Levell.”
  8. Hogwarts students seemed to take my announcement as champion more positively, but only because most conversations consisted of questions of “Who’s that?” Padma jabbed an elbow into my side sharply. I jumped and got to my feet, tripping over my seat as I got up. I felt my cheeks go pink as I stood up, stumbling down the lengthy walk between the Ravenclaw and Slytherin tables. I saw Arianna watching with a stunned expression, and Draco even had a shocked look on his face. At last, I reached the end of the aisle and entered the chamber where the other champions had gone. Harry barely managed to squeeze out “You, too?” before a group of adults burst into the room behind me. “Dumbledore, I assure you I will leave this school if you do not remove two of your champions! Not one Hogwarts champion, but three! Surely you do not believe this would go unnoticed!” the headmistress of Beauxbatons, Madam Maxime, exclaimed angrily. The other headmaster, Professor Karkaroff, had much the same thoughts. The arguments went on for quite a while, but it was soon decided that Harry and I would have to compete, as well as Cedric, Fleur, and Viktor. The group of people dispersed, and I exited the chamber with relief.
  9. I walked with Harry towards our common room, still shocked with disbelief. Harry broke the silence first. “Did you enter your name?” he asked quietly. “No!” I exclaimed, almost defensively. “I didn’t either,” he said, his face twisting into a look of confusion. “Well, someone had to enter our names, just like Professor Moody said. I can’t imagine who would, unless they want us dead or injured,” I said grimly. We arrived at the Gryffindor common room, and I looked at Harry with a disheartened expression. “Good luck,” I said simply, and then walked to my own common room, ready to face whatever ridicule awaited me.
  10. My welcome was anything but negative. My fellow Ravenclaws had thrown a raucous party in my absence, putting their books aside for once in celebration. I was tossed around like a Quaffle the entire night as everyone offered me his or her congratulations and demanded to know how I managed to get my name in. I retired to my room after what seemed like days, my head still spinning with the events of the day. I was right – fourth year was going to be interesting.
  11. *music826* I think I’ve finally started speeding things up. Just to clarify, yes, you are a part of the Triwizard Tournament. There is a reason, of course, but you’ll find that out later. If you have any questions or suggestions for me, I’m happy to answer in the comments. I would love to hear any ideas you have, or if you just want to see more of someone (without overdoing it, of course). I’ll stop boring you with my talking now :)

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