Part 4 Hogwarts Game of Love

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This quiz is only for girls! There's lots of boys in the Harry Potter books. Most of them are unimportant. A few of them are, though. Those few will be in this quiz.

Which one is yours? In this story-quiz, you'll meet them all. Don't forget to take the 'What Hogwarts House are You In?', 'Part 2 Hogwarts Game of Love', and 'Part 3 Hogwarts Game of Love' by me (Rhiannon2000/bananarama14) and take part 5 after. :)

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  1. You wake up to the chiming of the giant clock. You drowsily moan and roll over onto your side... and see a girl sitting on the edge of the bed next to you, staring at you. You:
  2. She says "Hello." Then she goes up close to you. "You should really stay away from Ronald." The girl has long, curly blonde hair. You:
  3. She leans back. "Whatever." Then the asain girl that warned you to stay away from her man walks over and says "You stay away from Lavender." You:
  4. The asian girl steps back. "You don't want to get on my bad side, loser." Lavender stands up. "You mess with Cho, you mess with me." A redheaded girl - you think it's Ginny - walks over. "Stop picking on [your name], you guys." "Shut up, Weasley." says Cho. You:
  5. A dreamy blonde girl walks over. "You really should stop fighting," she says lightly, absentmindedly. "Stay out of this, Lovegood." Cho sneers. You:
  6. You quietly leave the room after giving your hair a quick runthrough with your brush. You can still hear Ginny and Cho squabbling, and the Lovegood girl and Lavender arguing. They didn't seem to notice you leave. You are walking down to the common room. You see Ron there, sitting in an easy chair. Harry and Hermione are sitting in two around him. You don't feel like disrupting them and setting Hermione off, so you continue down the corridor. Then you hear "Hey!" and feel a strong hand come down on your shoulder. You turn around. It's Cedric. You say "Hey, Cedric." He smiles at you. "Where are YOU headed at this early hour?" You reply:
  7. He looks at you. "Well then, would.... Do you...Do you think you want to come watch the Hufflepuff team practicing Quidditch? I'm their seeker." You:
  8. He looks dissapointed. "Alright, then. See you later." He walks away. You feel sorry for him. He seemed awkward when he asked you. 'Oh well,' you think. You keep walking, then you see the two Slytherin prefects carrying something... You think it's a:
  9. And it was indeed a stretcher. There is a crowd forming around it. You push and thank the gods that you're so short and thin so that you can push your way through the crowd. You finally get to the stretcher and the prefects, and you see that it's Draco Malfoy on the stretcher. He's got gashes all over him, and blood stains the white fabric of the stretcher. You:
  10. ... You moan. Your head is sore. Everything is sore. You feel worried. And guilty. You open your eyes. You are staring at the familiar whitewashed ceiling of the hospital wing. You try to sit up, but the effort is too much. You close your eyes and sink back down in the pillow. You hear a voice say "Madame Pomfrey, I think she's awake." You hear footsteps. "Mr. Longbottom, I told you five minutes ago to clear out! I have to attend to Mr. Malfoy, and I don't have time to watch over you." "You don't have to watch over me." "Yes, I do. You are a klutz and I can't trust you in here." There was silence. "I could watch her for you, Madame Pomfrey." "No. Out, out I say!" There is a sigh and a squeaking of a chair being pushed back, and then you hear footsteps retreating. "I guess you're not awake after all," whispers a voice, and then you feel a kiss on your cheek. There is another set of footsteps retreating, and then you hear a door open and close. You open your eyes, too surprised to even think. Neville just kissed you! Neville was here visiting you! Your hand flies up to the kiss that tingles on your skin. You sit up, and you see curtains surrounding the bed across from you. That would be Draco's bed, you think. Then you remember Draco. Who do you like better - Neville, who kissed you and cares about you, or Draco, who carried you all the way to the hospitail wing when you fell and hurt your knee?
  11. You look at the end of your bed. There is a chest there, with fresh robes on it. There is also a box of chocolate frogs. 'Mmm, chocolate!' you think, and you lean forward to grab the box. You open it, and a brown frog jumps out. You have been told about chocolate frogs before, and you have been told that they are extremely realistic. So you pick up the frog and put it in your mouth. Eww... that's no chocolate frog! You spit it out into the box. Luckily, you usually suck your chocolate instead of biting it, so you hadn't actually bitten the frog. You see a piece of paper on the bottom of the box, so you pick it up. It reads: Hey [your name], hope you liked your 'chocolate frog'! Ha ha. From Fred and George. You smile. Of course, it was them! They were here! Then you think 'Which Weasley do I like best?':
  12. You look up at the sky. It's already evening! Impossible! You see Madame Pomfrey come out of the curtained bed and see you staring at the Chocolate Frog box. "Those Weasley twins brought that over." she said. "I wasn't sure whether or not I should let them give it to you - you can never tell, with those Weasley twins. But I though 'What can go wrong with a chocolate frog?'" She walks over to you. "Do you think you are well enough to leave now?" "I don't know..." you lie. You sort of want to stay, because:
  13. She looks at you. "You look fine. Up with you, then." She helps you out of bed, and then sends you off. You are walking out the door, and you smash into a running body. BAM. You are both on the floor. "Oww..." you moan. You barely recovered from fainting! "Pansy Parkinson!" you hear Madame Pomfrey shout. "What are you doing, knocking over patients?" Pansy Parkinson, the girl who knocked you over, looks at the ground guiltily. "I... I was in a hurry. I only barely heard..." She casts a look in Draco's bed's direction. "That is no excuse." says Madame Pomfrey. "I'm sorry..." Pansy says. Pansy has olive skin and black eyes and long curly, luscious, caramel hair. You:
  14. She gets up and walks to Draco's bed and dissapears into the curtains. You continue on your way out, and decide you resume your way to the common room. But on the way, amongst all the students you see Harry, Ron, and Hermione sneaking out. It's after hours! So you decide you follow them. You look at:
  15. You follow them out. They are walking down the stone staircase to Hagrid's hut. You wonder why. They knock on Hagrid's door. Hagrid opens it up. "'Arry, Ron, 'Ermione. Watcha doin' 'ere?" he asks in his gruff voice. Then he sees you. "Is she with ya?" Harry turns around, and you scurry back up the path, and just as you are going back in you bump into Oliver. "What are you doin' out after hours?" he asks you in thick Scottish accent. You:
  16. "Hm..." he says as you walk away, back to the common room. Once you are there, you sink down into a chair. You find Fred and George sitting across from you. "How'd you like your chocolate frog?" asked one of them, laughing. You:
  17. You decide to leave them and you walk up to your dormitory, put on your pajamas, and climb into bed. You dream about:

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