Part 3 Hogwarts Game of Love

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This quiz is only for girls! There's lots of boys in the Harry Potter books. Most of them are unimportant. A few of them are, though. Those few will be in this quiz.

Which one is yours? In this story-quiz, you'll meet them all. Don't forget to take the 'What Hogwarts House are You In?' and 'Part 2 Hogwarts Game of Love' by me (Rhiannon2000/bananarama14) and take part 4 after. :)

Created by: webkanz
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  1. All of a sudden, you are torn from your sweet dreams from an annoyed voice saying over and over again "Wake up! Wake up!" You drowsily moan and rub your eyes, staring up at the ceiling. Where are you? Then you see Madame Pomfrey, hovering over you. "FINALLY." is all she says. You sit up in bed. You:
  2. Neville looks over at you. "She woke me up too," he said, once Madame Pomfrey turned her back. You nod and rub your eyes. "This bed is hard as a rock!" "I know, right?" replies Neville. "So's mine." Madame Pomfrey walks over to you. "Time to go, Miss [your name]. Don't want to be late for class now, do we?" "But..." I protest, stretching my legs. "No buts. Come on now, Chip chop." she says, coming and pulling you out of bed. You walk toward the door. You:
  3. Once you are out of the door, you get caught in a rush of Slytherins that are heading towards the Quidditch field. You:
  4. Suddenly you see Draco. He doesn't seem to notice you, though. You:
  5. He sees you. "Oh, hi, [your name]!" while turning a deep crimson. "Hi, Draco." you say. "Are you headed to Quidditch?" "No," he said. "Where to then?" you ask. "Potion's class." he replies. That reminds you - there's potions class at the same time as quidditch! Will you go to potion's class with Draco or go to quidditch and see Oliver?
  6. You will do both, you decide. You can handle it, right? "Where are you headed?" asks Draco. "Um, well..." you start. But luckily, a boy comes in between you and Draco and seperates you. Phew, you think. That was close. Finally, you reach the quidditch pitch but it's a struggle to get out of the flow. But suddenly, a strong arm helps you out and you come face-to-face with a handsome boy. "Thanks!" you say. "You're welcome." he replies. "I'm Cedric Diggory. Who're you?" You:
  7. He smiles at you. "Are you headed to Quidditch?" You nod, rather reluctantly. "I'll see you in there then." he replies, smiling at you one last time and turns around and walks into the boy's quidditch changeroom. You:
  8. You feel an urgent desire to follow him into the changeroom. You decide you'll try it, and you sneak in the entrance. So far so good. Then you see a shirtless Harry Potter. Your eyes widen and suddenly he sees you. "Hey!" he yells. "There's a girl in here!" You:
  9. A stream of boys come in to Harry's call. They see you, and you suddenly realize this was a bad idea. You make a run for it, and reach the other side of the door, panting. Cedric won't like you now. You see Draco walking toward you in the distance. But he isn't looking at you. He's looking at the door to the changeroom. He gets closer, and it would almost seem like he was going in there. He gets close enough, and you say "Hey, Draco. I thought you were going to potions?" He realizes that you are there, starts to blush, and continues to the changeroom. You:
  10. He dissapears into the doorway and you decide you continue to the stands before they get all filled up. When you arrive, you see several boys flying around on broomsticks - you see Fred, George, Ron, Oliver and Harry on the gryffindor team, Draco on the slytherin team, and Cedric on the Hufflepuff team. You choose to look at:
  11. You sit down. Then you hear "Hi, [your name]." You look over and see Neville beside you. "Neville! You got out of the hospital wing?" He nods. "And you want to come see QUIDDITCH of all things after that? Quidditch is what got you in there!" you exclaim. "I have to be here to cheer on my house." he says. You nod. "I see." "Who are you cheering for?" he asks you. You reply:
  12. He nods. "Cool." He turns back to watching the players fly around. You look at Ron. He sees you and waves, but that causes him to lose his balance and fall partway off of his broom. You:
  13. Neville looks at you. "What?" he asks. You point at Ron. Neville shrugs. "He does that all the time when he waves at Lavender." You:
  14. Harry flies over to Ron and helps him get back onto his broom. Once Ron is back on his broom he looks sheepishly at you and then keeps flying around. You:
  15. You decide to leave. It's about time you left, anyway. You:
  16. You walk away, down to Potion's class. That goes on for an hour, and then you go to Herbology. You:
  17. You arrive at Herbology, and you find yourself sitting beside none other than Neville. "Hello again, Neville." you say. "Oh, hello, [your name]! Nice to see you again." he replies. You:
  18. You go through Herbology without another word, and then you go down to Hagrid's for Care of Magical Creatures. On the way, you see Harry, Ron, and Hermione a little ways ahead of you. You:
  19. Ron looks up at you. "[your name]! Hello there!" Harry and Ron stop and look up at you but Hermione keeps walking, ignoring them. You catch up with Harry and Ron. You:
  20. "Walk with us." says Harry. "What's up with Hermione?" you ask, though you know perfectly well what. "Oh, nothing." says Ron. "She's fine." You raise your eyebrows, but say nothing more. You arrive at Hagrid's and part your ways, but you are still thinking about:
  21. Finally Care of Magical Creatures is over and it's getting late. You head up to your dormitory, and on the way you bump into an Asian girl. She looks at you for a moment, and then says "Don't mess with my man." and keeps walking. 'What the heck?' you think. 'Who the heck is her man?' You have suspicions, but you think it might be Cedric. You continue on your way to the dormitory. Once you're there, you feel so tired that you hop straight into bed. You dream about:

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