Harry Potter love Story Pt 2

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This is part two!! I highly recommend taking part one first, but whatever you want! YOLO I guess. This quiz is meant for girls only but if your not a girl I can't stop you from taking this quiz. I added Neville to the mix now. You can get Harry, Ron, The Twins, Cedric, Oliver, Snape, Draco, or Neville now.

Please read the entire passage when you take this. It helps a lot. I'd appreciate your ratings and comments. Im a newer user and I want your feedback!! Please help me get my quizzes on the top of the charts! Thanks a billion!! Jtsquared4

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  1. The hat had placed you in Griffendoor. Snape escorted you to the Griffendoor table. You thought that was rubbish cause McGonnagall is the Griffendoor house head. But you followed Snape through the windy corridors that you were sure you'd get lost in if you were on your own. You were looking around at the castle, and you didn't notice that Snape had stopped. You smashed into him. You mumbled sorry Professor, then ran past him and into the Hall.
  2. You ran into the hall, pushing past older students. You wanted to be as far from Snap as possible. While you were running you crashed into Cedric. You were to frazzled to even say sorry. That was the third time that day you smashed heads with him. "I told you we have to stop meeting like this," he said with a smile. You nodded. To Cedric it was clear something was bothering you. "What's the matter?" He kindly asked. You didn't want to tell him about Snape, so you told him about Griffendoor. "I wish I would have been there to see you get sorted. Congratulations on Griffendoor, they have some really nice people there." He seemed upset. Was he mad you two weren't in the same house? You'd never know, cause just that very second, Snape ran into the hall bellowing "DETENTION!!! DETENTION FOR YOU _______!!" Cedric put his arms around you and pulled you into a warm embrace. At least you have a friend.
  3. You finally let go of Cedric after what felt like hours. You sat down next to Oliver, across from Hermione, and to the left of Ron, who was staring at his plate as if food was going to magically appear on the plate. Oliver saw the tears in your eyes. "What's wrong _____?" He asked. You looked into his eyes, and you really wanted to tell him everything. "Can we talk later?" You asked. Oliver agreed. The first year students got sorted. At first you were disinterested, but then you heard a familiar name called. Jane Williams. She was your stupid know it all cousin.
  4. Jane was the person you were always trying to escape. But no matter how hard you tried, she always found you in the end. There was no escaping her. You couldn't help it, you cried. You felt a soft, gentle hand rap around you. You looked up at Oliver. You felt like an idiot, and looked like one too. Yet Oliver still cared about you. He had no idea why you were crying, but took you into an embrace. You faintly heard the hat yell Ravenclaw through your sobs.
  5. You barely remember the feast. You talked to Oliver, Harry, Hermione, Ron, the twins, Ginny, and Neville. Oliver was the quiditch captain for Griffendoor. He thought you should try out, though you politely declined the offer. Flying objects tended to land on your head. But Oliver was persistent. In the end you agreed to try out. Harry didn't talk to you too much. He clearly thought it was best if you avoided him. You didn't bother trying to make conversation. Ron didn't talk much either. That was because his face was stuffed with chicken on the bone and pumpkin juice. The twins were the chattier of the table. They told you about a crazy prank they were gonna pull on Snape. You agreed to help then with it. Then there was Neville. He seemed nice, but he really didn't talk to you. After the feast you went to the griffendoor common room to talk to Oliver
  6. Oliver pulled you aside once you were in the common room. "Why'd you start crying?" He asked. He didn't sound mean, he sounded concerned. You told him about Jane. But you didn't stop there. You went on to tell him about Snape and the detention you received from him. Oliver listened to you. He wasn't pretending to listen, he really was listening. Then, right after you said "this day has been a total disaster!" He kissed you.
  7. The kiss seemed everlasting. When you finally pulled apart, there were two voices that sounded exactly as one. "Oooohhhh!! Love is in the air!" They appeared from behind the door. Fred and George looked pleased with themselves. Oliver was shocked, but you really didn't care. You were tried. It was a long day. You smashed into Cedric three times, go a weeks worth of detention from Snape, your cousin goes to school here, and Harry potter won't even say hi to you. This was nothing. "Don't tell anyone," Oliver said to the gingers. "Please, I'm begging you." They only laughed. "The almighty Oliver is begging us for something? The universe is altered." Oliver wasn't playing games, "Look, I can explain-" they stopped him "no explanation needed. You two are in love." They waltzed out of the room together.
  8. Oliver chased after them, but you stayed where you were. What had just happened? You really didn't know. At least you'd talked to Oliver. It felt like the weight was lifted from your shoulders as you talked to him. Eventually, you went to your dorm. You shared it with Hermione and a girl named Ally Jones and a girl named Rebecca Quinn. They seemed nice enough. You found your bed and drifted into a long dreamless sleep.
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