Hogwarts love story part 8.2

This is a fanfic quiz on Harry Potter, if you don't like it, don't take it but I hope you do. If you like Harry Potter this is the quiz for you. Who is your Hogwarts love? Harry? Ron? Or someone else- you'll soon find out"

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  1. You look around the hall in awe as Mrs. Mgonagull and some of the other teachers transform the tables into tents and sleeping bags. " There using transfiguration." says a voice from behind. You incline your head slightly and see that it is Hermione. " Were getting taught the more complex aspects of it soon." You smile at her and she grins back. " What did you do in Prof.Trelawyls class?" You ask. " Oh, some stupid storytelling through tea leaves. It obviously doesn't work because it said Harry was going to die. For Dumbledore sake!" She huffs out, clearly annoyed at the oddball teacher. Her eyes squint becoming slightly scarier than normal in her angry state. You say:
  2. " Hey _________ " Oliver says from behind you. " Oh, hey Oliver . Are you okay?" " Yeah, but can I talk to you for a minute?" He takes you by the hand and pulls you over to a corner of the great hall, that's decorated in Gryffindor banners. " About the other night," He brushes one hand through his brown hair, " I'm really sorry I think I may have pushed the line then. I'm really sorry. Were not officially dating anyway, so it was a bit to far. Are we still on for Hogsmeade?" You look at you feet for a long moment, thinking about it. " Okay, but I'm not promising anything will come of it. I mean it's only one date." He nods and treks back to his friends, a hopeful smile playing on his lips. You glimpse a red headed girl coming towards you and laugh. Ginny strides to speak to you. Dragging whatever boy she was with along with her. " Every boy is after you, girls are getting jealous as their crushes are being stole right under their noses. I like you so I thought I's warn you and just say that jealous girls do drastic things." A devilish glint is in her eye. " I wish they didn't, I don't even know who I like to be honest I just know I like one of them, I'd rather be the loner I was...." She nods and then suddenly remembers that she's holding someone's hand. A light bulb goes off in her head and she darts to a dark corner of the room. The boy behind her. You think:
  3. The beds are set up and your told to find a place to sleep. You decide that next to the gigantic fireplace is as good as any , and there's no boys there to bother you. " Want any help with moving your bed?" Two friendly voices inquire in unison. You stand up and give them a ' Go on then' look. They fish their wands out from their pockets and utter a spell.The red and green sleeping bag with the Gryffindor emblem on it, appears in the exact place you wanted it to. " Ronald is very annoyed with you." " Over the date with Oliver" " It annoys him" The twins take turns in saying. " Why he doesn't care?" you state. Looking over to where he was sitting, flirting with some Ravenclaw girls. Your heart pangs. You think:
  4. " Oh, he just likes you. " " IS all" " A lot of people do." The twins again do their creepy talk thing. " Do you?" The twins just laugh the question off but a slow red blush spreads up their faces. * Cough* says a voice from behind and they separate to see Ron standing there glaring at his older brothers who quickly scarper. Along with Ron. You think:
  5. You set up camp quickly, laying out your space for everyone to see. " Well, aren't you the little player?" Pansy Parkinson smirks snidely down at you from her vast and giant like height. " Jealous are we?" You say back. " Oh, I'd watch out if I were you ________ " " Is that a threat Parkinson. You stare her coldly in the eye. " Leave her alone, another girl says. Cho Chang comes up to stand between you. A Chinese girl in Ravenclaw. A year older than you. Pansy quickly backs down and walks away. " Are you okay?" She asks when the Slytherin girl is gone. You say:
  6. " Thanks for sticking up for me, I really appreciate it." " Yeah, well I'm only half your problem Pansy now hates you, and she will do ANYTHING to get back at you so watch your back. She's such a jealous creature. " You nod at Cho and she jut walks away. Leaving you alone with your thoughts. wondering why everyone's warning you today. It's positively annoying. You glance around the hall and see clumps of girls everywhere, whispering, planning. No it's just you being paranoid you say. A particular trio catches your eye and you wander over. You think:
  7. " Leave her alone." " I only wanted to say Hi." " Yeah, well she deserves better than you." " What like Oliver?" " Well at least he isn't Slytherin." " _______ deserves better than all of us, even you can admit that!" Draco and Harry notice you there and stop arguing automatically. " _________" Harry says, reaching out to you but you flinch back. " " What is it with all of you? Why is this year so different than the rest, I hate all this stupid love stuff. All I want to do is get through my exams and go of to do what I want, not be thwarted at every step by unruly boys. From over the top seventh years to just plain weird third years. I'm taking a stand and if you can't live with each other in peace then I won't talk to anyone! And I'm not going to Hogsmeade!" You look at their shocked faces. " Happy?" You whisper, tears streaming down your face. You think:
  8. " I'm gueesing that means are dates cancelled." Oliver quietly says behind you and you nod. shaking your hair over face to hide the crying. You all styand there for a moment before numbly walking away, getting to bed just before Percy shouts. Lights off! You fall into a tiresome and uneasy sleep. You feel:
  9. The rest of the week plods on without you making any contact with the boys. You sit with the girls, you dine with them. You go to class, you do homework. You don't live, you don't laugh. Early sleep every night but your plagued by nightmares. Hogsmeade is tomorrow and you just don't care. Walking around as numb as a zombie. You think:
  10. Lucky dip!
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