Hogwarts love story part six

This is a fanfic quiz on Harry Potter, if you don't like it, don't take it but I hope you do. If you like Harry Potter this is the quiz for you. Who is your Hogwarts love? Harry? Ron? Or someone else- you'll soon find out"

Since I've got this space I'd just like to say that I'm sorry that I haven't been on in a while and hope you all forgive me. Please comment and like, I love all the feedback. Also comment if you think I should actually write a fanfic, I'm slightly undecided haha!

Created by: lostinlove13
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  1. Okay!!! So whats happened so far is, you argued with Ron because of Draco then you slapped Draco, then Harry kissed you and Oliver and your just a tad bit confused...
  2. "Eeek!" you squeal and jump out of Oliver's hold. " What are you all doing here?" You curl a strand of your hair round your finger and try for a smile, its not returned. You turn and run!
  3. fast foward to the next day. Its poitons first and after a night or crying into your pillow you have to see them all again! * tear* You stand outside the large potion doors, taking a deep breath before entering- Draco malfoy sits smugly at your desk fanning himself with a photograph. " Hello _________" He says politioly, too good to be true you think. " I have something that might intress you." He slkowly, like a snake, slides the photograph across the table, you pick it up and gasp.......
  4. " Where did you get this?" You say glancing down at the photo; it depicts you and Oliver the night before, your lips locked together in a passionate caress. " I caught it just before the others barged into you, How do you think it'd look, all over the school. Perfect, golden boy Oliver Wood with a measly third year. What will people think?"He smiles slyly and winks. you look at him, your expression a mixture or revulsion and shame. " What do you want?" You say a minute or two after. " Well......."
  5. " I want many, many, many things. But all I ask of you, for now, is to meet me in the owlery after dark. I just need to speak to you, i suppose is the word." His voice slithers up your spine making you shake. " Why?" You ask but he doesn't say anything, except smiles. The bell rings suddenly, making you jump. You grab your stuff and quickly dart for the door, just as you reach it Draco whooshes past you. " Remember the deal _____" He whispers. You walk on for a bit, determined to clear your head and suddenly change direction, heading for a rather unusual place.
  6. " Hi." you say to Neville, who's talking to a plant in the greenhouse. " Oh, Hi _______" He turns his back from you and you take a breath. " Neville, I really need your advice." Your rushed speaking gets his attention and he turns around.With an inquisitional nod from him you go on to explain. " I have this friend and because of something I did or well he did. Were both in danger of getting in real trouble. There is a way to get out of the trouble but it leads to going to someone alone, that sounds so creepy but I just need advice." You look at him and he nods. " Well, why don't you get one of your friends to follow you and look out in case something bad happens." You grab his arms and smile " Thats an amazing idea!" " It is?" He says back. " But who?" you ask. " Well, what about Fred or George there both older and quite strong, they'll watch out for you" You nod, giving Neville a quick peck on the cheek before rushing out.
  7. " Fred or George? Come here!" I shout at the first red headed boy that appeared in my vision. I get closer and he turns his head, its Ron. " Yes?" He asks. " Oh, I was just wondering were your brothers are?" He sniffs and chortles " Why, wanna snog them to?" You Sigh and just whisper. " Draco has something on me, he's asked me to meet him and I wanted one of your brothers to follow to keep an eye on me. okay?" You say annoyed. " I'll do it." He says with such a malice grin in your eye you just nod before you turn and walk the other way.
  8. Fast forwarding and its nearly dark, you get your cloak and sneak out of the Gryfindor Dormitory. Checking behind every few minutes to see if Ron and the invisible cloak was there. Suddenly a hand pulls you out from nowhere. A hand that pulls the cloak down to reveal Oliver Wood,tall, handsome, beautiful. " You didn't think you were going in there alone, did you?" He smiled a cocky smile and you pull him in for a hug. " How did you know" You whisper." Ron told me. Now come on were gonna be late" And with that his body then slowly his head disapered, leaving you to work the steps of the olwery alone, but not alone. Draco stands on the top stair like a deadly angel,who's just fell out of heaven.....
  9. What'll happen next time? What do you want to happen? I hoped you liked the quiz, please rate, comment and if you liked this take them all. Hope you enjoyed them.
  10. Lucky Dip?!

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