Hogwarts love story part seven

This is a fanfic quiz on Harry Potter, if you don't like it, don't take it but I hope you do. If you like Harry Potter this is the quiz for you. Who is your Hogwarts love? Harry? Ron? Or someone else- you'll soon find out"

Since I've got this space I'd just like to say that I'm sorry that I haven't been on in a while and hope you all forgive me. Please comment and like, I love all the feedback. Also comment if you think I should actually write a fanfic, I'm slightly undecided haha!

Created by: lostinlove13
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  1. Draco stands on the top stair like a deadly angel,who's just fell out of heaven. " Your late" He says' a snide venom voice. " Well, sorry. But I had to sneak out, what do you expect and more importantly. What do you want or need?" Detirmined to get right to the point. "Well,then. Look's who's coming in, guns ready to fight." " It's actually wands." You say sarcastically. An owl hoots next to you and you jump. " I want you to put an end to your and Oliver's relationship. I want you to start ours." You think:
  2. " You like me? Awww, how sweet of you!" Slyly, you say. " You won't be saying that when I tell everyone your dads a death eater," You gasp," Yes, I found out your dirty little secret, and whats more if you don't agree to go out with me I'll release that. never mind the pitcure." You feel a hand touch your back and confidence fills your body. " Tell them, show them the pitcure, I don't care but I will NEVER EVER go out with you!" You almost shout. " Yes you will, don't you worry, it's going to happen." You react.
  3. You start to walk away when Draco grabs your wrist, you turn round and see with a start that he's pointing his wand at you. " I'll make you go out with me." You look at him in confusion. " How desparate are you?" Suddenly his wand is knocked out of his hand and a ghostly howl echoes through the chambers. His face turns white and he runs. You double up in laughter. " Thought you'd like that" said the Twins. You say:
  4. "So, how are you?" George asks. " A bit shaken up if I'm honest, what I don't get is why would he wanna go out with me? I have a funny feeling now." You reply. " Well, its ermm... probably because... Your quite Beautiful and you know funny and stuff." The twins suddenly cough and pull their collars a bashful blush spreading up their face and yours. " Well... ermm. Thank you."You cough in the awkward silence. " Can I ask you a question?" You say tentatively, they just nod. " I kinda haven't gotten of on the right foot with Harry and I wanna apologize, do you know where he is?" They cast a secret look between themselves, a silent conversation. " He'll be on the quidditch pitch." You nod and start to walk away, doubts filling your mind. You think:
  5. "______" You turn round to see Hermionie and Ginny sprinting after you. " Good thing we caught you. Fred? George told us where you were going so we thought it was good to come with you. Ginny tell her/him (?) what you heard" The pretty ginger girl opens her big eyes and takes a breath. " Draco has made a love potion and he is going to try to make you drink it. So we thought that you shouldn't be anywhere alone and decided to, well I dunno. Follow you?" She giggles timidly and you join in, glad for the company and the protection." So, who's your favorite boy Ginny asks." You say:
  6. You arrive at the quidditch pitch just in time to see Harry and Oliver walking past, your just about to say Hi when Ginny pulls you back. " Eavesdrop!" You don't feel comfortable but you do. " I Like her, Oliver, and I know you do to. I just wanted to tell you that she does like you, she doesn't like me." Harry says mournfully. " Hey! It's the Hogsmeade weekend soon why don't you just ask ______ instead of making assumptions?" Oliver says. " Come of it, the only person that likes me is Ginny and you know it, anyway your better for her." Oliver just shrugs and they walk off, their voices fading. You turn and see Ginny run off, Hermione after her. You react:
  7. You start your walk to the commons room, not realizing how fast your walking when you suddenly catch up with Harry. " Oh, Hi _______" He says. " Hi Harry, ermm, about the other day.... erm..." He just shakes his head. " It doesnt matter it didn't mean anything." He says with a dejected look on his face. " No, it did but I don't need that write now, I just need a friend." He stops suddenly. " Wait, it meant something?" You nod. " That's cool, the thing is though I seen you make out with Oliver and he is so much cuter so, yep." You just look at your feet, Oliver is different. He's speical you think. " Ermmm.... anyway. Are you going to the Hogsmeade weekend?" Harry and you talk till you get to the commons room were everyone is scrunched up over a newspaper. SIRRUIS BLACK HAS ESCAPED! it read. You look around and see people quaking in their boots. When A Hand suddenly grabs yours. You think:
  9. Thanks for taking this quiz, it's in a different style than my others so please comment and tell me what you like best and how to improve.
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