Hogwarts love story part eight

This is a fanfic quiz on Harry Potter, if you don't like it, don't take it but I hope you do. If you like Harry Potter this is the quiz for you. Who is your Hogwarts love? Harry? Ron? Or someone else- you'll soon find out"

Please comment and rate, I love all the feedback. Also comment to help me improve and if you think I should actually write a fanfic, I'm slightly undecided haha!

Created by: lostinlove13

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  1. The main hell is decorated with snowflakes in a mist peculiar and beautiful way. You enter it and sit down next to the kind and uncomplicated neville. " Hi Neville, have you heard about all the commotion with Sirius black lately?" You ask. " Yeah, I'm worried, especially about Harry." You look at him questionably but he clams up. " Why are you worried about harry Neville?" " Oh, only because Sirius Black my Godfather." Harry appears out of no where. Sitting down, he pushes his black hair out of his eyes to give Neville a glare that could kill.
  2. You turn your back to where Neville was sitting only to find Ron in his place. " _____ I would like to apologize for the way I've been acting lately and propose a truth?" He bashfully holds out a hand, red spreading across his cheeks. " Yeah, sure, whatever." You say. He offers you a piece of muggle gum and you take it gratefully. " How are you anyway?" You and Ron talk some more before the bell goes and you lean down to grab your bag and leave. As your leaving a familiar figure brushes past you and you swivel round to get a better luck. Oliver Wood grins cheekily back at you. A red blush spreads Across your features as you remember the night before..... You think:
  3. Flashback time!! * In the commons room everyone's scrunched over the newspaper "SIRIUS BLACK HAS ESCAPED!". read the title. You look round in a worried fashion, noticing that people are quaking in their boots. Suddenly, a hand grabs yours and you look around slightly. Only to see neville, his arms by his side. Your started to pull backwards through the fat ladies portrait and deeper into the castle. " Stop!" you yell but no one relies. you pull your arm back sharply and a tall, brown haired boy tumbles into you, knocking you off your feet. He falls on top of you. You react:
  4. You open your eyes to see Oliver Wood's big glassy, twinkling, brown eyes staring at you. Catching you off guard like a deer in his headlights. "Sorry I was pulled" He says, a playful grin lighting up his face. You start to notice how handsome he actually is. " are you going to get off me?" You say, hoping him and his sweet smell won't. " Only if you say please.." You say:
  5. You whisper " please" as quiet as a mouth and his mouth pots " I'm sorry, I didn't hear that." He leans in closer, till his mouth almost touches your collarbone. You feel his breath on your skin sending shivers down your body. Some of his chocolate brown colored hair tickles your cheek, contorting your face into a serene smile. * I could get used to this* you think. You whisper " Please" again and this time he hears and relents, but not before he applies a gentle pressure to your collarbone. He pushes himself up and starts to stand. You think:
  6. He pulls you up and you giggle. Covering your mouth before any more girlish giggling comes out of your mouth. " So, _______ What are you doing in the Hogsmeade weekend." " well.....eurgh....ermm....blah....meh!" You put your hand over your face and smile, trying to stop all the rubbish coming out of your mouth.You shrug , not trusting your mouth to speak. Oliver runs a hand through his hair and blushes " Didn't know I could do that to a girl." You just grin and stand there helpless in his gaze. " Well, do you want to go on a date with me? How about half twelve in the three broomsticks?" You just nod and he laughs. Suddenly, someone calls your name and you wave gingerly to Oliver before running off.* End of flashback. You think:
  7. Fast forwarding to DADA and its your turn to go against the Bogart. You think of what the others had. Neville's was Snape. Ron's was a spider. What would yours be. You walk up and the Bogart turns its attention on you. It morphs into a figure, long green cloak. Long hair like yours. The pixie face. " Dad" You whisper, the room suddenly goes quite. He points his finger at you. " You will be like me." He shouts,. Just s your courage is failing you imagine him as a baby and shout " Ridikulous!" Tears stream down your face and you numbly walk to the door and walk out. You hear your voice being call;ed but you don't reply, just walk to your next class to wait.
  8. While everyone is in Trewlayls tea leaves class you wander around. You end up in the owlery where a familiar figure sits at the top step, ice blonde hair and pale skin. Your about to turn around when he speaks,. " I'm, sorry." " For what?" " For doing what I was told." You sit opposite him and look questionably into his ice blue eyes. "Your Dad told me that I had to go out with you. Change your mind. make you meet. Get you to be deatheater like you." You gasp and tears form in your eyes but Draco looks just as heartbroken., a perfect crystal tear runs down the length of his face and you notice a bruise under is eye. One that wasn't there before. " It's okay, he can be pretty convincing, I'm sorry for judging you so wrong it's just everyone's been on at me and I didn't think. I'm guessing he did that to you." You nod at the bruise and he nods back. You take his hand, " Look, lets just stay here for a bit. We've both got Daddy issues and I'm sorry about them but they can't hurt us here." So you sit with Draco, holding his hand till the sun goes down. You think:
  9. Fast forwarding to the next day and your walking with Harry and Ron to the common room " So,are you going to the Hogsmeade weekend?" You ask with a smile. " I am Harry's not." You smile sadly at Harry but decide not to pry,. " What are you doing at about half twelve." Ron asks. " Oh... erm... I'm kinda going on a date with Oliver." You brush a hand through your hair, unaware of the boys thunderous faces. " Why are you dating him? He's like 4 years older than you? Isn't that just a bit strange." Ron says in a disapproving voice. " Yeah, I'm sure your parents wouldn't approve, anyway there'll always be someone else." Harry joins in and you look at the boys in surprise. " It's my choice and I've said yeah so I'm going, whats the problem anyway." You walk away and head faster to the commons room were there's a huge commotion. You think:
  10. The fat ladies portrait was slashed open and her voice cries out. " It was SIRIUS Black!" Suddenly Dumbledore appears and shouts that ll students must go to the main hall. So you walk with Fred&George. " So, the big date soon, what are you gonna wear?" You laugh at shrug your shoulders, determined not to talk about it. " What are you guys going to do when school's finished?" You ask to start a conversation. " Probably a joke shop." Fred says before launching a rocket into the air that explodes just above old Snapes head and sings a merry tune. " Snape stinks of dung bombs." It chanted letting off a huge dung bomb every few seconds. The hallway soon began to smoke. Someone pushes you and you suddenly land face first in the hallway. The twins grab an arm and haul you up, half dragging you to the Gryffindor table. You react:
  11. " Students, quieten down. I have an announcement for you all. Tonight you will have to spend in this hall. Beds will be allocated an room will be made, do not worry." You look around you other friends faces and grin. A sleep[over how fun!
  12. LUCKY DIP!!
  13. That is probably my longest quiz so far, am proud. Please rate and comment. Part 8.2 will be out soon and hopefully the Hogsmeade trip will be out next week and then a Christmas special!!

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