Hogwarts Part 32

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Find out in this quiz. Starting in your third year, you will get the opportunity to become friends and more with Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, George Weasley, and Oliver Wood.

*Recap* After Draco revealed the secret about your mother, you and Ron broke up. Fred and George cheered you up by including you in a prank that involved shooting off fireworks off around the castle. You spoke with Neville about Ron and revealed your secret to him as well. We left off when the Weasley twins left the castle for good after pulling one last massive prank, but not before George got a kiss in as well.

Created by: music826

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  1. “You did what?” I exclaimed to Harry, attracting a few curious glances from students practicing their spells in Charms class. “I snuck into Umbridge’s office and used her fireplace.” “Umbridge? You snuck into Umbridge’s office?” I repeated in disbelief. Sometimes it simply amazed me that he hadn’t been expelled from Hogwarts already. He nodded. I shook my head in wonder. “Harry Potter, someday your luck is going to run out and then maybe you’ll learn not to be so reckless,” I reprimanded him lightly. He just smiled teasingly. “I’m Harry Potter. I don’t need luck.”
  2. The day of the final Quidditch match, emotions were running high. The Slytherins were rooting for Ravenclaw, obviously, and the Hufflepuffs, friendly as they were, were somewhat divided on the matter. But Ravenclaw had a good chance despite Gryffindor's formidable reputation. Their star player, Harry, had been removed from the team, as well as their two veteran Beaters. I glanced at Ron, who looked determined to stare at anything but me. He seemed quite hopeless, however, as if he had already doomed his own team. On the other hand, the Ravenclaw team was as whole and complete as ever. We had quite the reputation in Quidditch as well, and the Gryffindors knew it. I noticed Ginny was playing Seeker for the Gryffindors. I waved to her, and she grinned. “Good luck,” she mouthed across the field, giving me a thumps up. I turned back to my team. “All right, team. We’ve been training for months for this. The Gryffindors are scared, and for good reason. They’ve got their star player missing, the Weasley twins are gone, and their Keeper is a complete joke,” Roger snickered. “He just gets nervous.” The words escaped my mouth before I could stop them. Everyone turned to look at me strangely, but then turned their attention back to Roger to my relief. “Anyway, this shouldn’t be too difficult. Just play like we’ve been practicing and the Gryffindors won’t have a chance.” Roger finished and the team went to get into position. As he passed me, he leaned down to my ear. “Remember to keep your eyes on the Snitch, Levell,” he said pointedly, his eyes flicking to Ron across the pitch. I nodded curtly and he moved off to join the rest of the team. A few moments later, the balls were released and all fourteen players rose up into the air. Right from the start, the Ravenclaw chasers were scoring goals left and right. Ron was constantly going in the wrong direction, or missing the ball, or getting distracted by the rousing chorus of “Weasley Is Our King” the Slytherins had started again. I felt sorry for him, despite all that had happened. I shook my head to snap myself back to the task at hand; he wasn’t my concern at the moment.
  3. I circled around the pitch, scanning the air for any sign of the Snitch. Perhaps a flash of gold, or the fluttering of tiny wings. Nothing. Ginny was doing the same thing at the opposite end, looking quite determined. I could tell she wasn’t going to let anything distract her. Winning the Quidditch Cup for Gryffindor was her one and only goal at present. I tried to block out the sounds of the Slytherin’s mocking song and the announcer once more saying, “Ten points to Ravenclaw. Weasley almost had it that time!”, but I couldn’t concentrate. Across the field, I spotted a glimmer of gold. My heart raced. The entire game was resting on my shoulders, and all I had to do was catch that tiny little ball before Ginny did. I accelerated madly, seeing that Ginny was already racing hard to get it first. Two hundred feet, one hundred feet, fifty feet. And still the song went on, and the announcer suddenly shouted, accompanied by a roar from the crowd. “And the Quaffle goes in…and Weasley’s down! Ouch, that can’t be good – somebody catch him!” I glanced back at Ron. Nobody else seemed to be helping; they were all too focused on the game. He was falling fast, his broomstick spiraling out of control to the ground. But the Snitch was so close; it was practically in my hand. I contemplated the decision for only a second of time. I knew I had already made my mind up, though.
  4. I caught Ron’s arm just twenty feet from the ground. It wasn’t a graceful landing, but it did keep Ron from breaking any more bones. He was already unconscious. It appeared a bludger had hit him right behind the head. Oliver came running over along with Madam Hooch. He winced. “Ouch. That happened to me at twice when I was Keeper,” he said with an awkward laugh. He then seemed to realize that then wasn’t the time to reflect on his glory days as Quidditch Captain. “I’ll, er, I’ll take him to the Hospital Wing,” he said, and then picked him up Muggle-style and carried him off the Quidditch pitch. I wondered if I should suggest he use magic, but he was already long gone. “He’ll be all right, won’t he?” I asked Madam Hooch. “He’ll be fine. That was a brave thing you did there, Miss Levell. I’m sure Professor Flitwick is very proud of you,” she said approvingly. Everyone had reached the ground by then. Roger came storming over to me. That couldn’t be good. “Are you mad? Ravenclaw could’ve won the Quidditch Cup if you had caught the Snitch, but you had to run off and save your precious little Weasley, didn’t you?” he said scathingly. He looked ready to start yelling, but Madam Hooch came to the rescue. “That’s enough, Davies. I suggest you return to the changing rooms with your team,” she said sternly. He glared at me, and then let his fellow Chasers lead him away. “You’ve got the makings of a Quidditch Captain, Miss Levell. Perhaps you would be more sensible than Mister Davies over there,” Madam Hooch said with a wink before striding off. I let the words sink in for a second, but then disregarded them. I couldn’t lead a team if I got so easily distracted, and she was probably just trying to cheer me up regardless. But still, it wasn’t all that unappealing…
  5. With the exception of Roger, my fellow Ravenclaws seemed somewhat supportive of my actions. The very next day, Professor McGonagall awarded Ravenclaw thirty points just for answering a question correctly, and Professor Flitwick awarded Ravenclaw fifty points for performing a spell correctly for the class. It was just their way of rewarding me for giving up the Quidditch Cup to do the right thing, even if Umbridge couldn’t care less. Ginny expressed some guilt to me for not being the one to save her brother, and didn’t feel the game was fair, but there was nothing either of us could do about it. It was over and done with and Ravenclaw went down fighting anyway, only losing by twenty points. The next obstacle to face was approaching quickly, so I didn’t have to suffer through the Gryffindor’s victory for long. The O.W.L. exams were looming over all the fifth years like the impending apocalypse. Rarely was any fifth year found outside relaxing in the nice spring weather. We were all shut up in our common rooms, studying for hours at a time. Ron was all patched up in the Hospital Wing in no time and was soon studying with the rest of us, but he managed to mumble a thank you to me one day in the Great Hall. It didn’t completely fix things between us, but it was a very small start in the right direction.
  6. At last, the day of O.W.L.s arrived. I felt quite nervous, but after realizing that there was no possible way I could fail after all of that studying, I flew through the exams with flying colors. I was a Ravenclaw for a reason, after all. I saw something odd during the Astronomy exam, though. A group of six people approached Hagrid’s house and attempted to take him away, from what I could see. Professor McGonagall arrived at the scene, but was Stunned by four red jets of light. She crumpled to the ground and didn’t move. From what I could see, Hagrid had escaped unscathed. I looked away and wondered if I should tell someone, but it seemed everyone else was looking at the spectacle as well. The man in charge of the exams simply told us to return to our exams, though, so I did just that. It was still tugging at the back of my mind that night, though.
  7. The rest of the exams finished up quite smoothly as well, except for a brief incident that occurred with Harry when he collapsed during the History of Magic exam. I just passed it off as nerves, though, and soon, I was walking out of the Great Hall, relieved to finally be done with the exams. I walked out and started exchanging various answers with Hermione, ignoring Ron’s presence beside her. “For number twelve did you get – Harry!” Hermione exclaimed. He came up to us out of breath and quite panicked. I certainly wasn’t expecting what he said. “I need to get to the Department of Mysteries.”
  8. *music826* I’m cutting it off there. This edition would go on forever if I continued to the next part, so that will have to do for now. Oh, and I promise these will be the last blank options for a while. Until next time :)

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