An ending at Hogwarts part 3

All characters (except Annalise), spells, objects, and anything else pertaining to the Harry Potter books/movies are all J.K. Rowlings ideas. I just added my own character in my version.

Quick recap; Annalise had an unexpected kiss on the train ride to Hogwarts, and we met a new character, Kyle. I didn't really get a chance to put Seamus in this one, just wait until next time (or the after that time).

Created by: bananabread
  1. "Today is going to be great, make some friends. You'll have to pass our legacy down to someone else eventually. Hope you enjoy the gift. P.S. Stop moping, we know you are. Yours always, Fred and George."
  2. I put down the letter an owl just brought me. A small package was attached to the outside. I opened it hurriedly and see a Comb-a-Chameleon brush. I smile and put it in my bag for a later use.
  3. I eat quickly and leave the dining hall before I can think about how alone I am. While on my way to Astronomy I run into someone I don't see. We wobble for a second but end up with both feet on the ground.
  4. "Sorry," we say at the same time. "Well whosever fault it is, were both sorry then," He says and sticks out his hand. "Lewis, you are?"
  5. "Annalise," I shake his hand and smile at him. 'Hey this could be a possible new friend,' I think as we start walking in the same direction. "So, are you a seventh year?" I ask as we walk. "No, actually I'm a sixth year, but your the third person today to ask me that,"
  6. "If you're a sixth year and I haven't seen you before, what house are you in?" I ask. May be he can be a possible new friend. I could never think of having a girl as a friend. As thick as guys can be, I'd rather have that then a twice as annoying person than me.
  7. "Slytherine," he says nonchalantly. My first instinct is to run away, but that is too harsh from a girl who has no friends. "Oh, cool I'm a Hufflepuff. A sixth year too if you were wondering."
  8. "Ah, thanks for that," he said as we continued. "For what?" I have a feeling I already know what he's talking about but I don't want to assume. "About me being a Slytherine. Most people would run away screaming." He looks at the ground while he says this. "Well I'm not most people,"
  9. He starts to head for a different hall while I keep walking. Quickly I say goodbye and walk towards the astronomy tower.
  10. "Oi!" I turn around to see someone standing just a few feet behind me. The tallness and dark hair give it away. Quickly, I turn away and start fast walking to the tower.
  11. All too quickly does he catch up with me and I'm ignoring his comments. Suddenly he grabs my arm and stops me. "Will you just listen to me!" he exclaims. "Let go of me! How dare you do that to me again, make me a fool for your friends. You disgust me, just leave me alone," enraged I smack his hand away from me and walk off.

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