An ending at Hogwarts part 8

All characters (except Annalise and Kyle), spells, objects, and anything else pertaining to the Harry Potter books/movies are all J.K. Rowlings ideas. I just added my own character in my version.

I thought I might mix it up and get out of the monotonous, hope you enjoy! RECAP: Annalise used her Chameleon comb for Halloween, Lewis was acting a little strange, and we had a weird moment with Draco.

Created by: bananabread

  1. I wake up in a sense of serenity and peace. Then I realize that my alarm isn't what woke me. 'My alarm didn't go off!' I think as I jump out of bed and rush to get my robes on. I trip as I put on a shoe while walking to the door. The thud resonates in our dorm and a sound, not made by me, calls back. "Who is that?" A voice thick with sleep asks. Quickly I get up and take in the room, beds full of sleeping girls. "Why aren't you guys up?" I ask wildly. "It's Saturday, now go back to bed," Hanna says before plopping her head back down on her pillow.
  2. A sigh escapes me as I walk out of the dorm room. I know myself all to well to try and fall back asleep right after waking up. Walking through the common room, I notice a bright parchment tacked on the bulletin board.
  3. **ATTENTION ALL SIXTH YEARS** Apparition classes will start after Christmas break. Eligible students must be 17 or older to take an Apparition test and get a license. Lessons will be given in the Great Hall, taught by Mrs. Twycross.
  4. I start back towards the door after reading the announcement paper. I ponder when I can start taking classes because my birthday is in February. At the thought of my birthday, I cringe. That day has always been a bad one.
  5. According to my father, my mother ran away on my birthday when I was only two. Many times before, have I been wronged on my birthday. Not because of my father, but because it's February 14th. Every year since I've been little, I imagined having a Valentine for my birthday yet it never happened. After a while I gave up on that dream, not only because I was little but the disasters of each birthday became too much.
  6. I think about the time all of my family got me Valentine related gifts. And another time where everyone didn't come to my birthday party due to the fact that they were all on dates.
  7. I find myself at the entrance to the Covered Bridge. This flabbergasts me, since I've explored this part of the castle. My sub-conscious must be eager to do something new, while I distracted myself with non-favorable birthdates.
  8. A figure halfway down the bridge catches my eye and captures my curiosity. I walk quicker, wondering who I may meet this early in the morning. The figure starts to come into view as I get closer. Tall, skinny, white blond hair, and when I conclude that it's Draco, I try to run away. Of course with my luck, the bridge creaks as I start to turn away, notifying him of my presence.
  9. "Are you following me?" He asks slightly disturbed. A laugh bubbles from my chest and I can't stop it from happening. "Not a chance. You're not the only one who likes to walk the grounds," I defend myself. I expect him to say something snide back but he just turns to look over the side of the bridge.
  10. His quiet protest strikes me odd, making me more curious. I join him at the side and look out at the grounds. It's a pleasing sight, peaceful and quaint. Something I would never associate with Draco. After a few minutes I forget that he's there and feel the sleepiness pull at my eyelids. I bask in the suns early rays, breathing deeply, and enjoying the moment.
  11. My head starts to bob and my knees to weaken. "Go back to bed before you fall over the rail," Draco's comment makes me jump, reminding me that he's there as well. I rub my eyes and look at him. The bags under his eyes stand out at me first, before I even look at his eyes. "Make me," I tease.
  12. Yet again my eyes closed and I started to slump. I my head bobbed forward but I yanked it back up. Slowly my head leaned to the side and rested on a shoulder. My head cleared the second I feel my body start to rest on him. 'This is the guy who caught me when I tried to help Dumbledore's army, the one who's called me mudblood more times than necessary.' "I'm going back to my dorm,"
  13. "I'm going back too, I'll come with you," He says calmly. I start to freak out inwardly, not knowing what to do with myself. 'Alright you did this to yourself, now just roll with it.' I say trying to calm my nerves. "Why are you wearing robes, it's Saturday?" Draco asks. I look down and remember how I woke up. "Well, er... kind of thought we had school today," I explain.
  14. I look him over and appreciate his outfit. A dark turtle neck sweater and black jeans, it made him look taller and slimmer. I see a smirk pull at his lips. "What?" I inquire. "I see you checking me out," he says satisfactorily. "What! No I Whatever." I blush and hid my face with my hair. 'Now I'm being flustered by him.'
  15. Once I reach the kitchen I stop and wait for Draco to walk away. He stops and looks around. "Um... this is my stop. See you later, I guess," I say searching my mind for a way to get him to leave. He nods and rubs his neck. "Yeah..." Is all he says before swaggering off. I roll my eyes and go into the dormitories.
  16. Back in my room I change and go to my night stand for chapstick and found the note from my first night back. I look it over and build the courage to rip it in half. A pressure released itself off my chest and a free feeling washed over me. I lay down and fall asleep feeling like nothing could tear me down.

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