An ending at Hogwarts part 14

All characters (except Annalise, Kyle and Lewis), spells, objects, and anything else pertaining to the Harry Potter books/movies are all J.K. Rowlings ideas. I just added my own character in my version.

Holy cow this has been the longest wait by far and you stuck through it! RE-CAP: Annalise got a study group together with all her buds, well minus Draco, though we did see him.

Created by: bananabread
  1. I hate my birthdays. Too many times a year do I dread upon the thought of my upcoming birthday. February in general is a month that I could live without, but every year it reappears. Joy.
  2. And with it being my birthday today, I woke up in a crappy mood. Though Lewis tried to cheer me up with a present he got over the break for me. A pretty little ring that molded to different shapes depending on my mood. After putting it on, the silver band changes itself into a red band with an X on it. "Whoa, I didn't know you were that unhappy about your birthday," Lewis observes the ring.
  3. All I can do to be kind about it, is give him a flat look and walk away. The rest of the day, my birthday is avoided by any of my other friends, even Seamus knows not to say anything. I don't even know how he knew to avoid the topic, but he didn't know to steer away from Valentines day.
  4. "So Anna, got a Valentine this year?" he asks with blushing cheeks. With a shake of my head, I try to keep my slight anger at no one in particular hidden from him. "I don't and even if someone asks me I won't accept their offer. In my view, Valentines Day shouldn't even be a holiday. For those with love can celebrate it everyday, not just on one particular day," my simple reply wanders away from me.
  5. Seamus' face seems to fall and a wave of guilt over takes me. "Though I do appreciate the offers, I just don't participate in this particular... holiday," I add as if I could make it better. Before things could get anymore awkward, Kyle joins up with us. "Well, hello there Seamus, didn't see you there," Kyle says with a smile. His happy demeanor is off-putting and unusual. 'Oh no, what is he going to do?' I think to myself.
  6. There's a brief silence that hangs over us before Seamus speaks. "I need to talk to Harry, see you later Annalise. Kyle," I say a goodbye to him as he walks away, then I cast a glance over to Kyle. "What did you do to that poor boy?" I ask.
  7. We head towards our common room, him bumping me slightly with his shoulder and a grin across his face. His silence drives me into madness and makes me lash out with ferocity. My hand flies, a sharp clap sounds off, and a pained groan follows soon after. Kyle grips his shoulder while I grip my hand. "God, you don't have to be so rude. I was just about to tell you what I was thinking when you slapped me," he says peeved. "Sorry, now will you just tell me before I fly off the broomstick again," I apologize quickly, wanting to know why he was being so weird.
  8. "I've been doing some... shall we say searching, and I've found something rather interesting," He ends off smiling ruefully to himself. I just stare at him waiting to hear what he has to say. "What? What are you smirking at? I swear I will smack you again if you don't start talking again," I threaten, even put up my hand to hit him again. "Alright, alright! As it turns out, number one undesirable is fairly interested in you," He laughs as he says this.
  9. Heat flashes across my face as I look away, trying to compose myself. "That doesn't really answer why Seamus bolted once you showed up," I state in my most neutral tone. Kyle stops himself and pulls me to a halt with him. He puts his pointer and thumb on my chin and pulls my face to meet his. "Are you seriously blushing at what I said? You have to be kidding me! I thought you would've gotten all disgusted on me, not oddly quiet and change the subject," Kyle exclaims and looks at me bewildered. "Shut up. I'm just... flustered, that's all," I mutter, truly embarrassed. I try to look down but Kyle's grip keeps our eyes locked.
  10. His gaze entrances me then brings me back to the first day of the year, on the train ride to Hogwarts. Our kiss. I pull my face away from his and walk away, unsure of anybody's relation to me now-a-days.
  11. His gaze entrances me then brings me back to the first day of the year, on the train ride to Hogwarts. Our kiss. I pull my face away from his and walk away, unsure of anybody's relation to me now-a-days.
  12. Kyle quickly catches up to me and we walk in silence to the common room. He taps the rhythm and the door opens, him going through first. "Are you coming?" he calls to me from the gaping hole. "Um... I actually have to talk to Slughorn about an assignment. So just get started with homework and I'll be back shortly," I lie backing away from the entrance, not wanting to be with him any longer.
  13. Needing fresh air, I walk to the bridge. The beauty it shows in the chillingly beauty of nature in winter. Stopping at a random point in the bridge and take the deepest breath my lungs can manage. My head is just such a mess.
  14. "Are you okay there? You seem a little upset," a familiar voice observes from behind me. I spin around in a hurry, scared as all hell at the random person behind me. "Draco, you scared me," I say stupidly. He just nods and rubs his neck.
  15. "Yeah, sorry about that but there's just one thing I have to do..." He say softly before walking right up to me and grabbing my face in his hands and meeting our lips together in a kiss.

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