An ending at Hogwarts part 12

All characters (except Annalise, Kyle and Lewis), spells, objects, and anything else pertaining to the Harry Potter books/movies are all J.K. Rowlings ideas. I just added my own character in my version

Recap: Annalise went to the Slug Club Christmas party with Lewis and basically spent the time without Lewis. While she's there she help Hermione escape Cormac, and ran into Draco outside of the party.

Created by: bananabread
  1. I awake to a quiet common room, free of other students that have packed their bags to go home. Slowly, I stretch and appreciate the beauty of quiet. Eventually I get over it and sit up to see presents at the bottom of my bed. There isn't a large stock, there never is, but this year it's unusually fuller.
  2. Casually I pick the present closest to me and start to unwrap. It reveals itself to be a box of chocolate frogs with a tiny plain card. 'Thanks for toughing the party through with me. If there's anything you need, you know where to find me. Yours, Lewis'
  3. I put his aside for later enjoyment and turn to grab another gift. As I rip through the packaging I immediately know who it's and roll my eyes at it's ridiculousness. The bottle of pink Flirting Fancies had a letter attached on it.
  4. 'Anna, we hope you enjoy this lovely bottle and make some boy love you as much as we do. P.S. We are still waiting for more brilliant ideas of yours. Your mastermind teachers, Fred and George.' A smile can't but help itself onto my face all while I read this. Even though the thought of them writing me this makes me happy I'm suddenly reminded of how much I miss them around, cracking jokes and playing pranks.
  5. The next two presents I open up is a plush badger toy from my father, which my eleven year old self would've enjoyed, and a sugar quill from Seamus. I look at the pile that has now dwindled to three presents. They are all relatively small, but I choose the smallest one of them to open.
  6. The moment I realize what the gift is I drop it on the ground and bring my knees to my chest. A drawn picture of two people with wands making buildings appear and disappear lay on the floor on top of its envelope. I stare at the picture I drew for Kyle during our first year, and feel a distant attachment to the thing that should be long thrown away.
  7. The wall that I've mentally built to hid from him strengthens and I pick up the paper and shove it in the very bottom drawer of my nightstand. Emotionless I grab at then next present at random opening quickly, hoping to get this morning over. This one perks me up a little when I see a metal ball of flame held up by yellow silk. 'To match your earrings and your fiery heart,' written neatly on the back of the necklace. Even though it doesn't have a name I know who it's from.
  8. Getting to the next gift I'm not as upset but still not as blissful as when I first woke up. My first thought about the gift is confusion. It's a small plastic bird, a blue jay. I look through the wrappings, but there is no note, only a heart scratched on the side of it.
  9. I put all of my gifts, excluding the drawing in the drawer, at the head of my bed to sort through when I come back to relax. I dress comfortably and take my time through the common room. Before I can even reach the door someone seems to be waiting for me. Immediately I turn around head back to my room, grab the drawing and walk right back out to him. I run right up to him and slam the drawing into his chest. "You can keep this, it was meant for you anyways," I say sharply and go to walk around him.
  10. "Would you stop being a bloody prat, and listen to mean for once! This whole term I've been trying to make amends and all you do is run away and yell at me," Kyle says angrily, following me away from the common room. "Insults aren't helping your case. Only proves me right," I say coldly back. "Will you just shut up for once, and hear me out! You think you have the right to totally shut me out, but you don't even know my side of it," He gets sick of me walking away, not looking at his face and he jumps in front of me.
  11. Just as I'm about to say something else he cuts me off, "I just-" He takes a deep breath before continuing. "When second year started, my dad started acting strange and my mom... She must have found out why because she moved out and took me with her. The time was just so tough for me, and I didn't want to tell you, and I just wanted to feel in charge of my life, like how I felt with the rest of the guys,"
  12. I stay quiet as I soak in his words. "Why didn't you just tell me? I could've helped you through that," my words are only whispers between us. "I don't know I was a stupid kid, just let me try and make it up to you," he pleads and grabs my shoulders. I think about our past years apart trying to think of something that could sum up the hurt he caused me into something he could do. "I honestly don't know. You've hurt me so much, not only when you chose those tykes over me, but when you displayed my private thoughts to every body in the Hufflepuff common room. I don't know if I can ever forgive you, but you can try if you want to be friends again,"
  13. Kyle leans in to give me a hug but I stop him before he could actually do it. "Not right now. But thanks though," I say lightly and walk around him. My stomach is no longer hungry, and I start to wander away. Looking for somewhere to think in peace.
  14. I reach the third floor, shuffling along slowly taking in the hall itself. A sound of door closing grabs my attention, pulling me around the corner. A flash of white hair and dark cloths catches my eye, intriguing me more and making me walk faster.
  15. When I round the corner there is nobody there. 'Maybe it's just my imagination. I need to get him off my mind,' I shake my head and start back to wandering. 'Happy Christmas, Anna. Happy Christmas,"

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