An ending at Hogwarts part 4

All characters (except Annalise and Kyle), spells, objects, and anything else pertaining to the Harry Potter books/movies are all J.K. Rowlings ideas. I just added my own character in my version.

So for this part today, I have decided to do a little background info. because I like background info. I know a writers supposed to give pieces little by little, but I just had some good ideas. So just bear with me, I'll give you Seamus and Draco and Kyle next part. Thank you, enjoy.

Created by: bananabread
  1. Please read the top paragraph, I don't want to explain it again. :)
  2. My time at Hogwarts has been a rollercoaster of up's and down's. My first year was great, actually it was one of my best years.
  3. I'm a muggle born witch, so finding my way to the train was harder than I thought it would have been. I saw a boy with his parents, walking straight towards a wall. I thought this was peculiar but when I saw them break out into a run and disappear inside it, I was perplexed. I decided to follow, no parents to follow after me. And surely was I glad I followed.
  4. After pushing my way through the crowd and finding a car, I see the boy again. We sit and talk, I learn that his name is Kyle and we became fast friends. The whole year we were referred to as one person, Kyle and Annie. It was the perfect first year anyone could have had. At least for me it was.
  5. Second year started out swell. Yet again we were like one person, being the bests of friends. Then suddenly Kyle had new friends, who were cruel to both him and me. But for some reason he chose them over me. That was a terrifying year, especially with Hogwarts almost closing down because so the opening of the Chamber of Secrets. I was alone and constantly scared of being petrified while walking around.
  6. One day when I was feeling especially lonely, Peeves floated up to me and started making fun of me, then started throwing pieces of chalk at me. By the third piece, I broke down and that's when Fred and George found me. They picked me up and made me better. And I've been under their wing ever since.
  7. Third year was definitely better. Despite the fact that Sirius Black, mass murderer was trying, and succeeded, in breaking into the castle. That year no one picked on me, the only hurt I received was seeing Kyle hang around with thick blokes, when he could have done so much better.
  8. Fred and George showed me the whole inside and outside of the castle. They showed me the nooks and crannies, the forbidden halls, the floors that not many third years would know how to get to. Those twins made me feel like I was on top of the world.
  9. Fourth year was definitely exciting, with the tri wizard cup and what not. Fred and George were totally upset about not being able to participate, so I came up with the idea of an aging potion. They took to it like a moth to a flame. I got in a little trouble with them, but they easily forgave after a while.
  10. That was definitely a year for the history books. Not only because Harry Potter was somehow chosen to participate, but because I actually danced at the Yule ball. I talked George into dancing with me for a song, but besides him, some Drumstrang boys asked me to dance all night long. Finally I had to just to go to bed happy and smiling.
  11. And then fifth year came along, that was a very confusing time for me. People kept asking me if I believed that You-Know-Who was back and I didn't know what to say. The twins believed it, other people thought they were lying, but I just remained impartial. Same with Umbridge. She was a vile teacher and I hated her the second she spoke, maybe it was just all the pink. I hated her with a passion, yet I never wanted to get in trouble, just in case I got expelled.
  12. That year only got worse when Kyle showed up in my life again. I had finally gotten over him, and he just popped back up with his God-forsaken friends. One day when I was semi-blissful, I forgot to lock up my journal. Some how, Kyle ended up with it. He enlarged the pages and posted them all around the common room. I cried for a day then turned all my frustration towards DA meetings.
  13. They were fun, until Umbridge found us out. Every scratch of the pen, the more frustrated I became. I was kept at the castle under Draco and his lackeys keen eyes, only later did I find out that the most of them fought death eaters, saw Voldemort, and got rid of Umbridge. I couldn't allow myself to get angry at them because it was all over. All I had to do was get through two more years at Hogwarts.
  14. I think of the past years and can only hope for the best that there can be.

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