An ending at Hogwarts part 10

All characters (except Annalise, Kyle and Lewis), spells, objects, and anything else pertaining to the Harry Potter books/movies are all J.K. Rowlings ideas. I just added my own character in my version.

Sorry I was gone, I was in Florida and I got to go to Wizarding World of Harry Potter! RECAP: Not gunna lie it was pretty lame, but she slept in, ate lunch with Lewis and had a weird black out thing at the end.

Created by: bananabread
  1. Blackness blinds my sight, a few seconds before all thoughts disappear too. And I'm plunged into a cold, lonely darkness. Only for a second before I am brought back to life, sitting in front of a scared Lewis.
  2. His face had paled and eyes bigger since last I saw him before the vision. I sit quiet, waiting for him to say something or maybe run away. No all he does is sit there in either bewilderment or fear.
  3. I clear my throat and look down at the table, "I- What did I say?" I ask quietly. My question is greeted by silence which forces me to go with the latter response.
  4. "A spy amongst the innocent, forced into his fathers mold. Though his mind may be changed, the task shall carry out." Lewis relays, surprising me. "Is that all?" I ask taken back by the short, mystery of it.
  5. "Yeah... So I take it that you have the Sight," he says matter of fact like. I nod and rub my forehead, hoping to end the incessant throbbing. "That's cool, I bet professor Trelawney is all over you about going into Divination," He jokes and starts to eat again, as if nothing ever happened.
  6. Through the rest of lunch he wonders all about having the Sight. I clue him in on all its painful after affects and the non-recollection of anything I say in the moments I'm incapacitated. "Lewis I'm sorry but, I think I need a nap. I've only just started getting these things and they wear me out," I apologize as I see his face fall, but if I stand any longer I might just faint.
  7. I walk into the common room and cringe at what would usually be a comforting light, but now piercing. I stagger to the common rooms and bump into someone on my way. "Just the person I was looking for," he says and I groan in exasperation. Immediately I turn around and head out of the common room, wander and look for a quiet corridor to lay undisturbed. Finally I come across a large hall way with a fire place and statues, and curl up by the fire place.
  8. I lay in a half aware state of torture and warmth, trying to get comfortable on the hard ground. Footsteps sound around the corner but I ignore it, hoping they will just walk past me. Though they probably wont, if I saw a girl lying on the floor I'd try to see what was wrong with her.
  9. Just as I predicted the sound of footsteps stop right next to my head yet I don't acknowledge whoevers standing there. They clear their throat before they question, "What are you doing on the floor?" the voice barely registers as Draco without it's condescension.
  10. "Trying to get rid of an exceedingly painful headache," I explain without opening my eyes and looking at him. He doesn't say anything, yet he doesn't move to leave, just stands there, picking my interest enough to look at him. Draco sighs for a minute than sticks out a hand to me. "what are you doing?" I ask as I gingerly place my hand in his. "Doing something I shouldn't,"
  11. As he pulls me up my vision gets blurry and black causing me to buckle my knees. I notice his arms come around me, catching me from falling back to the ground. I put a hand to my head and even as the spots fade, Draco still keeps his arms around me, holding me close to him. Heat creeps onto my face, I keep it down so he doesn't notice.
  12. "Funny, isn't it?" he laughs. "What's so funny? I don't get it?" I ask confused, not only at him, but at myself, the feelings that stir at his touch. "Running into each other twice in one day," I don't find it as amusing but I do find it as an intriguing thought, "Yeah, curiouser and curiouser,"
  13. Draco lead me down corridors, out the castle, and down to the Black Lake. He sits down a safe distance away from the shore, never looking at me. I join him and lay on my back covering my eyes from the light.
  14. After a brief moment of rest I open my eyes and feel as if my migraine is gone. I sit up and look around, finding no Draco, just the Black Lake and a sinking sun. Well that was a day wasted away, I didn't even get to any of my homework, and I slept most of the day. Worst of all I ate only once!
  15. On my way back to the castle I notice a small object in my pocket. When I pull it out it's revealed as small dragon pendent. I have an inkling who it may have been from but I quickly stuff it down. No way. It's impossible. He's evil. He always will be. How could that change? It can't.

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